Day 001
-Larxene, Zero (Mega Man), and Rikku arrive in the Dollsyhouse. [Thread]
-Sasori and Suigintou arrive in the Dollsyhouse. [Thread]
-Naminé, Zetsu, and Machi arrive in the Dollsyhouse. [Thread]
-Anita, Alice, and Rorschach arrive in the Dollsyhouse and meet Zetsu. [Thread]
-Jonouchi Katsuya, Honey Kisaragi and Kiryuu Zero arrive in the Dollsyhouse. [Thread]
-Naminé explores, Kallen and Narugami arrive, and they all meet. They also meet Jonouchi. [Thread]
-Namine claims a bedroom. [Thread]
-Machi Tobaye, Honey Kisaragi, Jonouchi and Kiryuu Zero interact in The Grand Room. [Thread]
-Larxene claims a bedroom and meets Rorschach. [Thread]
-Suigintou explores the mirrors and takes some dolls. [Thread]
-Rex XIII and Courtney Crumrin arrive in the Dollsyhouse. They meet Anita and Zetsu. [Thread]
-Alice explores. Rain arrives in the Dollsyhouse. They meet. [Thread]
-Kiryuu Zeto claims the Dark Bedroom. [Thread]
-Zetsu and Jonouchi meet and strike up a friendship of sorts. [Thread]
-Zero (Mega Man) and Honey meet. [Thread]
-Jonouchi claims a bedroom. [Thread]
-Fiona Belli and En-ou Shoryu arrive in the Dollsyhouse. [Thread]
-Machi claims a bedroom. [Thread]
Night 001
-Zetsu and Sasori run into some monsters and meet up. [Thread]
-Tony Tony Chopper arrives in the Dollsyhouse, and runs into Kallen and Rayne. [Thread]
-Kiryuu Zero is attacked by the creatures in the Dark Bedroom and is saved by Sasori and Zetsu. [Thread]
-Alice and Rain claim a bedroom. [Thread]
-Jack Ferriman arrives in the Dollsyhouse and meets Rayne. [Thread]
-Sonozaki Mion arrives in the Dollsyhouse, runs from monsters, and meets Zero (Mega Man). [Thread]
-Honey and Larxene fight monsters together. [Thread]
-Machi goes crazy and shoots at Zetsu, who them takes his gun away and bites his hand. [Thread]
-Fiona sees a monster in a mirror and meets Courtney and Red XIII. [Thread]
-Courtney, Fiona, and Red XIII raid the kitchen. [Thread]
-Kiryuu Zero, Anita, and Nozomu Itoshiki meet in the kitchen. [Thread]
-Nozomu claims the attic to sleep in. [Thread]
-Shoryu, Fiona, and Nozomu meet in the Mother's Study. Nozomu disturbs a ghost and is killed. [Thread]
After Midnight
-Jonouchi cleans up in a bathroom, and is interrupted by several characters. [Thread]
-Ichigo Kurosaki arrives in the Dollsyhouse and meets Anita. [Thread]
-Rayne cleans up in a bathroom. [Thread]
-Rayne and Namine bond. [Thread]
-Nataku bandages his wounds and meets Nozomu. [Thread]
-Mio Amakura and Tomoo Manaka arrive in the Dollsyhouse. [Thread]
-Koizumi Itsuki explores, has a bit of a breakdown, and disturbs a ghost. [Thread]
-Kiryuu Zero succumbs to bloodlust and attacks Kallen. Then hellhounds attack. [Thread]
-Nataku meets Zetsu. [Thread]
-Rorschach meets Machi. [Thread]
-Tomoo meets Jack. [Thread]
-Nataku meets Larxene. [Thread]
-Anita and Rayne fight things. [Thread]
-Edward Elric arrives in the Dollsyhouse and meets Sasori. Then they both meet Nataku. [Thread]
-Shinji Ikari arrives in the Dollsyhouse. [Thread]
-Rikku catches up runs around the house and is terrorized. [Thread]

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