Tatsumi Kanji
Tatsumi Kanji
Fandom Persona 4
Gender Male
Date of Birth January 19, 1996
Age 15
Aliases none
Place of Birth Yasoinaba, Japan
Occupation student
Known Relatives mother, father (deceased)
Significant Other Naotonone
Known Abilities Persona, smashing things with furniture, epic sewing skills, cooking
First Appearance Not Quite a Television

Kanji's a hardheaded delinquent who enjoys sewing and cute fuzzy things. He will beat you into the ground with the nearest piece of furniture if you mock him.


Kanji looks like a typical delinquent: his hair is bleached blond and dyed silver, making it look almost platinum, and he has several piercings--a few in his ears and one in his nose. He wears mostly black--his jeans are black, his jacket is black, and his shirt is black with a skull on it. This is in part because it happens to be a school uniform, but also he's just fond of the color. He has dark brown boots and just generally doesn't look like someone you'd want to meet in a dark alleyway alone. He has a crewcut and a scar above his left eye. He also carries what appear to be sunglasses, although he doesn't wear them often.


The first impression you might get of Kanji--of a delinquent punk--is indeed the first part of his personality one is likely to see. He's brash, not terribly booksmart, and is quick to anger. He doesn't like it when people mess with him, so he puts up a tough front to push people away. And, in part, he really is that tough delinquent he likes to present himself as. Beneath that, however, is the shy boy who was raised to inherit the family textile shop. Kanji loves sewing and making stuffed animals, having an eye for color and almost inhuman talent at making crafts. This, however, has never been a particularly masculine trait, and his insecurity causes him to often deny this part of himself. He's better about it than he was, due to events in the game, but it's still a sore spot.

Kanji is a bit afraid of girls, having spent so much time expecting to be mocked and being already shy. He tends to face away from them if he can manage it, and is generally poor at dealing with them. His quick temper gets him into trouble with boys as well, and he doesn't often take jokes at his expense well. He likes kids, though, as much as he's loathe to admit it, and will go out of his way to help them out. If someone manages to remind him of himself, especially if it's a kid, he's more likely to be nice to them. He knows what it's like to be mocked, after all.


Kanji is strong—he's got a lot of brute force and muscles to back up a lot of his threats. As a result, taking a hit from him is going to hurt, and his tendency to use large objects (chairs, desks, shields with spikes on them…) as weapons only makes it worse. His Persona, Rokuten Maoh, has a lot of extra strength-based attacks as well, as well as lightning skills (though Kanji isn't terribly proficient in magic). Because of his persona's lightning affinity, Kanji blocks electric attacks.

Kanji is post-game, so his Persona's skills will be as follows:
Elec Break Nullifies an enemy's void, repel, and absorb skills towards electricity element. 10 SP
Ziodyne Inflicts heavy elec damage to one foe. 12 SP
Vile Assault Inflicts heavy physical damage to one foe. Bonus damage to a knocked down foe
Matarukaja Increases attack to all party members. 24 SP
Maziodyne Inflicts heavy elec damage to all foes. 22 SP
Primal Force Inflicts severe physical damage to one foe.
Elec Amp Increases elec damage by 50% (passive, so it's always on)

SP skills will follow the same pattern as Yosuke's; the ones that use HP (the physical attacks) will damage Kanji as well: the stronger the attack, the more it hurts.


A lot of Kanji's fears are weaknesses: fear of girls, not particularly good at school and book knowledge, hypersensitive to potshots about him not being masculine… Aside from that, Kanji is more of a brute force fighter than one who uses finesse or much planning; he tends to rely on Seta and others with better minds for that sort of thing. As such, when separated from the group, if you can get him angry and charging blindly, it's easy enough to defeat him.


As previously stated, Kanji is just a bit scared of girls. He's trying to deal with that, though. Aside from that, tests and the like aren't things he likes thinking about, and he's not likely to react well to ghosts. Monsters, at least, are a bit more normal for him. Even though he's come to terms with it to some degree, Kanji is still sensitive to shots at his masculinity as well. Kanji is also terrified of rejection, and often pushes others away before they can do the same to him.


Kanji was born and raised in Inaba, Japan, the son of the family that owned the textile shop in the small town. He was raised to appreciate sewing and the like, and was a sensitive boy--which didn't make him many friends amongst boys or girls. What's more, his father died when he was young, and his last words were that he wanted Kanji to become a real man. Not knowing what this meant, Kanji decided he'd act as manly as possible. He started acting the part of rough delinquent, pushing everyone away out of fear of rejection. He started pushing around biker gangs in the area and as such there were rumors of him being in a biker gang himself, although these were only rumors.

These rumors, however, earned him a spot on television when the biker gangs came under the interest of the populace, and that put him as the next target of a mysterious serial killer who was targeting people who showed up recently on television and throwing them INTO aforementioned televisions, where their shadows (dark sides of themselves) would show up and kill them. Kanji's shadow-created world is a bathhouse, representing his fear of rejection and conflicted sexuality--he was afraid of girls, but didn't have as many problems with guys, after all. After the investigation team (at this point consisting of Seta, Yosuke, Chie, Yukiko, and Teddie) rescued him and he came to terms with that part of himself he joined the team as another persona user.

The group rescued Rise--a pop idol taking a break--and Naoto--a brilliant girl detective pretending to be a boy to gain more respect (also one who interviewed Kanji back before he was kidnapped--Kanji was rather flustered around her even then)--adding them to the team as well. As they drew closer and closer to the truth, however, they attracted unwanted attention from the killer. Nanako, Seta's eight-year-old cousin, was kidnapped, and they found out it was Namatame, a deliveryman, who had been shoving people into televisions. After rescuing Nanako and having Namatame arrested, it seemed like the case was over. But Namatame thought he was rescuing people by throwing them into televisions, saving them from the murderer. Who, then, was behind the killings? It was Adachi, a policeman and the partner of Dojima, Seta's uncle. He thought the whole thing was a brilliant game and enjoyed watching the investigation team try and figure out what was going on.

The team, of course, wasn't going to let him get away with that--they tracked him down and captured him, saving the world from being covered in fog and everyone from turning into shadows. They could finally relax until it was time for Seta to go back home in spring. There was still one more piece of the mystery, though: just who had originally given Namatame, Seta, and Adachi the ability to go into the television: the conductor behind the whole thing. This was revealed to be Izanami, a goddess. They defeat her as well, and Seta leaves Inaba. Everything goes, more or less, back to normal. Until, that is, Kanji slips leaving home one day…


  • Coming later :|


  • "I'M GONNA RENOVATE YOUR ASS!" -in-game quote
  • What was he going to do, sew shadows to death? -Not Quite a Television


  • Kanji is the Macgyver of crafts. Give him a pile of miscellany, and he will make surprisingly elaborate things with it.
  • Although he doesn't advertise it, Kanji is also a good cook.
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