Shilo Wallace
Shilo Wallace
Fandom Repo! The Genetic Opera
Gender Female
Date of Birth December 31st, 2039
Age 17
Aliases Shi
Place of Birth San Francisco, CA, USA
Occupation N/A
Known Relatives Nathan Wallace (father), Marni Wallace (mother; deceased), Magdalene "Blind Mag" Defoe (god mother)
Significant Other N/A
Known Abilities Piano, singing
First Appearance Shilo's Intro

Caitlin is too goddamn lazy to do anything more than the basics right now. Brb sleeping.


Probably the most notable thing about Shilo is how incredibly fragile, almost doll-like she looks – she is of average height, very slim build, and pale skin. She doesn’t look like very much, or like she could do much physically – if anything, she looks rather sickly. Her skin is incredibly pale, though, as she has spent a lot of her life locked away inside her room, and the world outside is dark. Her hair and eyes are both dark – her hair, smooth, long (to around mid-back), and without bangs; however, it is fake. In reality, she is bald, and the hair is merely a high quality wig that she always wears. She is often also wearing a mild amount of dark makeup – primarily eyeshadow and black painted nails.

Clothing-wise, she is clad in clothes that are caught between Victorian and modern. Her dark brown vest-like t-shirt opens up in the middle, a V-shaped split to her midsection, to spill out soft white ruffles and frill of her undershirt, upon which sit her mother’s gold and blue necklace – that looks something like a portrait – and over which is tied a black ribbon, around her neck. The brown shirt doesn’t quite make it all the way down to her waist, thus revealing the bottom of the white shirt, as well. She wears a lighter brown skirt, which goes her mid-thighs – exposing only a small portion of flesh before her black stockings take over, until her knee-high black boots take the rest, ending in spiked heels of an inch or so.

On her left wrist she wears a metallic wristband that is several devices in one, and on the same side she wears a ring on her index finger. She has a gold hoop earring in each ear, but her hair usually covers them. She also carries a large, green carrier type bag over her shoulder.


Shilo, in some ways, is younger than she is, personality-wise, but in other ways, she is definitely her age. She is quite sheltered, having rarely left her room all of her life, and thus is rather naïve at times. There is a lot about the world and about people and things that she doesn’t yet know, so yes, naïve would certainly be a way to phrase it. She is something of a dreamer, too, and an idealist – and quite curious and eager to learn about the world outside her bedroom, reading about it and even trying to sneak out, on occasion. She is also a bit of a ‘daddy’s girl’ – she takes her dad’s word for many things, and tries hard to please him, taking it to heart that she should be staying inside and taking her medicine. Being a dreamer, she longs to go outside – to discover the world, and spend her life as she wants to, to its fullest. So she can be somewhat adventurous, as well – wanting to live life to the fullest extent she possibly can. That is her main reason for wanting to escape her current life…

On the other hand, she is quite obviously bitter – toward both of her parents. Her mother earns resentment for the genetics she inherited, giving her the crippling blood disease; leading into her feelings toward her father. While quite dear to her, he has locked her away her entire life, preventing her from seeing the world, and never letting her leave, which is quite possibly what she wants the most in the world. Partly due to her age, the seeds of rebellion have been planted in her young mind, and she has the clear desire to escape her dad’s total control of her life. She also full well knows that the world is a cruel place – it is one of the things her father made clear to her, and perhaps one of the reasons (aside from illness) why she isn’t able to go outside.

All in all, though, she is a kind and compassionate enough girl, and well she does mind her own self-interest quite a bit (sometimes to the point where her rebellion can be somewhat selfish), it’s not like she wants to see other people suffer or get harmed, in the process.


Shilo doesn’t have a whole lot going for her, as far as strengths and abilities go – she has been completely sheltered and so hasn’t had the opportunities to learn many skills, or otherwise, to benefit her. She has relied mostly on her father’s care.

However, she does have a fair amount of intelligence – especially on bugs, her main hobby – as she did have a lot of spare time to spend watching TV and reading in her room. So she has an okay amount of knowledge in the way of trivial knowledge, etc. One more basic skill she has learnt through reading and the like, though, is how to pick locks – and how to sneak around, escaping from her room when her dad is out.

Luckily, she also has her electronic wristband and two bottles of her medication on her (an extra as a 'just in case'). The wristband works much like a combination of a communicator (though it wouldn’t work in the house) and an electronic medical bracelet – it monitors Shilo’s health, and has a red light that flashes as it warns her about her health – an automated female voice droning out the words 'blood pressure warning' and 'medicate immediately'.


Shilo’s most obvious weakness is probably her health and physical – she is constantly being medicated, and at risk of high blood pressure, black outs, and general weakness, all as the symptoms of her. She is somewhat fragile, on top of this, from having little exposure to anything but her own room.

Second, would be her definite naivety – she has a lot to learn about the world at large, still, from being sheltered for so long. She also tends to put a little bit too much trust in her father’s word, instead of opening her eyes to the world around her, despite how much she wants to escape her father’s control into the world around her. She is probably also lacking in a lot of the basic skills in life, due to her sheltering.


Shilo, in a way, is afraid of the world at large. She doesn’t understand it, and there’s a lot out there that could terrify her. They say that people are afraid of what they don’t understand – and that is true, to an extent, and it affects Shilo, considering her limited understanding of the world outside her bedroom.

Shilo is also afraid because of her sickness. She’s afraid of the blackouts, the pain, and the shock – of all the symptoms that come along with her blood disease, and the reactions her body have when she happens to miss her medication.

She is also a bit afraid of the concept of the 'Repo Man', whom she just recently learnt about.


Shilo Wallace has never known her mother – or much at all besides her father. Her mother died in childbirth, and so she only had her father when she was a child. He was a surgeon, and so even acted as her doctor when she was young…

She was only a couple of years old when her father told her she was sick – she had inherited the blood disease that killed her late mother, and so she was in poor health. Her father got her an electronic medical bracelet of sorts. It worked both as a communicator between her and her father, and as a medical alert, telling her and father when she had a medical problem. He also began to make sure she was medicated regularly and confined her to her room – it took her a while to realise that he was locking her into her room, though she never did realise that her medicine was poisoned, the medication the real cause of her sickness.

She was alone for a lot of her life – her father was often away, due to his job, and she was locked away. She learnt how to pick locks, and began to steal away from her room, to sit in her mother's tomb at the bottom of the house, where she would spend her time reading and capturing bugs for her bug collection.

One day, while out doing just that…the bug she had her eyes set on escaped from the tomb, outside into the graveyard outside her house. She figured she could go and capture it quickly, and get in before it was too late. Right after she caught it, though, she took notice of some guards monitoring, looking for grave robbers – a crime that now called for execution on sight. Hiding behind the tombstones, she saw a grave robber pulling out a corpse, and withdrawing some kind of substance, using a needle. He eventually called notice to himself, and the guards came, calling a lock down. The door to her own home locked, and she was forced to follow the Grave Robber as he called her to follow him – they hide away in something like a mass grave, despite her protests, until the guards came along and grabbed her, pulling her back outside. A voice ordered her release, and her medical bracelet began to beep as it became hard to breathe, a strange black figure appearing to help her before she lost consciousness.

She woke up, and her father told her that she had missed her medicine and fallen unconscious – implying that she had simply hallucinated the whole thing. Her dad yelled at her when she insisted, before explaining that he would stop at nothing to keep her safe, and she promised to take her medicine. He gave it to her before leaving the room, locking the door behind him. Later, she was watching TV, when she suddenly got a message on her communicator, from Rotti Largo (the man behind GeneCo – the company that basically ran everything, selling organ financing and controlling the market) asking her to meet him at her mother’s tomb for her cure. Cautiously, She went to go meet him, and he got his henchwomen to seize her and brought her to his car. After she calmed down and got her medicine, he explained that he had a cure – "The GeneCo fix to all blood diseases" – and she could become the first try it. He invited her to come to the GeneCo Renaissance Fair, and insisted it would be fine when she said that her dad would worry.

Once there, she was introduced to Blind Mag – the most famous singer of all, whom Shilo herself was a fan of – though the woman was going to be doing her final performance that night. After Mag’s press conference with Largo, Shilo was whisked away by the henchwomen. She was whisked away to a tent at the fair, where she ended up getting a call from her father – after explaining that everything was fine, and explaining away the noise outside the best she could, her fears about being unable to find her way home were solved. The Grave Robber from before arrived, and she followed after him again. He took her to some back alleys a ways away, where she made the Zydrate Support Group, and she learnt more about Zydrate (the addictive painkiller that the Grave Robber had been taking from the corpses in the graveyard), Amber Sweet (Largo’s daughter), and…finally, she found out about the Repo Man – being given a magazine about him, and having it explained that when Mag left, later that night, after her performance, GeneCo might send a 'Repo Man' after her. A hired (and legal) assassin to take back the eyes that GeneCo gave to Blind Mag years ago, essentially killing her in the process.

The Grave Robber snuck Shilo onto the back of a garbage truck with him, and they hitched a ride on it back to Shilo’s home. She hopped off as the man bade farewell to her, and entered her house. But as she moved into her mother's tomb, she slipped on the damp floor, falling…


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