Selim Bradley
Selim Bradley
Fandom Fullmetal Alchemist
Gender Male
Date of Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Aliases Pride
Place of Birth Amestris
Occupation Evil thing
Known Relatives King Bradley (adoptive father), Mrs. Bradley (adoptive mother)
Significant Other ALPHONSE ELRIC lolol
Known Abilities Tentacle rape
First Appearance Hasn't appeared yet



Selim appears to be an average ten-year-old boy. He has black hair, dark eyes, and generally wears either a suit, or a preppy-style school uniform; his appearance is very much that of a high-class kid. For those who see him, it's not hard to believe that he's the son of the fuhrer. Almost nobody would guess his true identity. He's average height for his age (about four and a half feet) and average weight, as well.

Somewhere on his body, there is probably the mark of the oroborous (a snake eating its own tail), which all of the other homunculi have, but its location has not been given.


On the outside, Selim is an ordinary kid. He's happy much of the time, easily excited, and very naive. This, of course, is a cover. In actuality, he's pretty much the embodiment of "pride". He's haughty and considers himself far superior to others (except for perhaps Father), and won't hesitate for a moment to sacrifice even his own comrades to further his creator's goal. After all, they're expendible, and Pride isn't, he figures. He cares nothing for anyone but himself, with the possible exception of his creator. (In the most recent chapter, he admits to Alphonse that he is "intrigued" by the concept of having a mother and that he is "fond" of his adoptive human mother, who is unaware of his true identity, though it's not clear exactly what he means by this.)


As a homunculus, Pride is very difficult to do damage to. In the event that he is hurt, he can easily heal whatever wounds he sustains, even those that would be fatal to a human. In addition, he has control over his shadow and, by extention, any shadows touching his own. He can make eyes (through which he can see) appear in the shadows, as well as creepy sharp-toothed mouths that he uses to devour victims. In addition, he can cause bits of the shadow to creep outward from the main shadow, generally in the form of thin arms. In some ways, Pride is no less creepy than the Dollsyhouse itself.


Though Pride is near immortal, if he is killed enough times, he will remain dead. His other powers can be nullified by either light (for example, shining enough light to eliminate shadows) or by complete darkness (since shadows can't exist without light).


When pretending to be an ordinary human being, Selim would act as though he was scared of… well, his own shadow. In actuality, though, Pride fears very little. His greatest fear, since he is "pride", would be finding himself in a situation he couldn't handle. As "Pride", though, he wouldn't let on that he was scared; he would pretend that he wasn't bothered, even if he was.


In the nation of Xerxes, hundreds of years ago, there was an accomplished alchemist. Now, since this was hundreds of years ago, slavery was apparently common. One of the slaves of this particular alchemist, known only as Number 23, ran across one of his master's projects one day while cleaning up. This "project" was an artificially-created being living in a flask, which had been created using some of Number 23's blood. The created life, which called itself "Homunculus", teamed up with Number 23, giving him the name "Van Hohenheim", and taught him to read and write, as well as the basics of alchemy. With the help of the homunculus, Hohenheim set to work creating a vastly powerful alchemic amplifier: The Philosopher's Stone.

And he succeeded, because the homunculus had neglected to tell him the most important part: In order to create the Philosopher's Stone, one must sacrifice a vast number of human lifes. Xerxes was wiped out overnight. The only survivors were Hohenheim and the homunculus, both of whom had, in fact, <i>become</i> Philosopher's Stones. The homunculus used his newfound power to shape a humanoid body for himself in the likeness of Hohenheim. From there, Hohenheim and the homunculus parted ways. Hohenheim went to the east, to the nation of Xing, and the homunculus went west, where he managed to gather armed forces and founded a country called Amestris. For the next several hundred years, Amestris expanded its land by subjugating its neighbors in very particular locations. The locations of the massacres correspond to points on a transmutation circle, the conduit of alchemic power. The entire point of the country's existence was to sacrifice countless more lives and create another Philosopher's Stone.

Calling himself "Father", the homcunculus created new homunculi, fashioning them out of parts of himself, almost as though they were his children. The first of these was Pride, whose true form resembled that of Father's when he was living in that flask: A being of shadows. He had another form, however, and was able to pass himself off as a young human boy. Pride actually was the embodiment of Father's "pride", just as the other homunculi — Greed, Envy, Lust, Sloth, Gluttony, and Wrath — were the embodiments of the other six deadly sins.

Now, several hundred years after his creation, Pride is living as a human boy named Selim Bradley, posing as the adoptive son of another homunculus, Wrath. Under the human name of King Bradley, Wrath is the head of state of Amestris. Specifically, his title is fuhrer. Despite their public roles as father and son, their positions are actually reversed; Pride is higher-ranked than Wrath, though almost no human is aware of his true identity. Not even his adoptive mother, "King Bradley's" wife, knows what he really is.




  • In the FMA manga, Selim (a little boy) is Pride and the fuhrer is Wrath. However, in the anime, the fuhrer is Pride and a little boy (who is not Selim) is Wrath. LOLOLOL coincidence?
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