Sekai Saionji
Sekai Saionji
Fandom School Days
Gender Female
Date of Birth December 7th, 1992
Age 16
Aliases N/A
Place of Birth Japan
Occupation Student, part time waitress
Known Relatives Youko Saionji (mother)
Significant Other Makoto Itou (ex-boyfriend; deceased), Jonouchi Katsuya (boyfriend)
Known Abilities Cooking, waiting tables
First Appearance We are not Amused

Matchmaker extrordinaire! Played by Jailbait Caitlin.


Sekai is of relatively average build and height, standing at 155cm tall, with a relatively thin figure. It’s obvious that she’s not exactly that accustomed to hard work (her exercise consists of waiting tables and P.E. class), based on the lack of muscle on her frame. At the same time, however, she is obviously a healthy (physically) young woman, who takes care of herself. She has relatively short, dark brown hair, falling to just below her shoulders, with bangs to just above and around her blue-grey eyes, and a single, long strand sticking up from her head.

Typically she is wearing her school uniform, which is composed of a black and white shirt (the sleeves, chest and collar are white), accented with a red bow, a short black skirt, thigh high black socks and white running shoes.


Sekai, in three words, is ‘full of energy’. She is often bright, and cheerful, almost to the point of being loud and obnoxious – and many consider her to be so. She’s brash, friendly, good-natured and teasing, as well – she greatly enjoys teasing and tormenting her friends, but never really means any sort of harm from it.

On the other hand, she can be surprisingly serious at times. If the situation brings it upon her, she can sober up, or even become overemotional. When blinded by her emotions, she can sometimes become impulsive and unable to make decisions based on her moral values; she often goes with what she wants, not with what is best, even if it tears at her. Sometimes when she is in these states she can become almost manipulative, lying to get things her way.

Lately, Sekai has also shown a tendency toward that second side of her personality, as well as a bit of an obsessive side; mostly over Makoto and their ‘child’ together. Surely, though, she may begin to relax from what she has been put through, and begin to act more like her old self, instead of trying so hard to be a good girlfriend, and acting so reliant on her emotions and so obsessive.


Sekai’s only strengths are that she is fairly cunning (though usually it is best put out in the form of teasing friends and understanding them), and that she can sometimes manipulate people, based on this ability. Somewhat related to both of those abilities, Sekai fancies herself to be quite the matchmaker.

She also happens to know her way around a kitchen knife.


Sekai’s biggest weaknesses are her normalcy and her emotions. As an average girl, she isn’t very strong, and her grades have only ever been average. She wouldn’t be very good at defending herself, and she would be just about helpless in a place like Dollsy.

She tends to fall back and rely on her emotions far too often, as well, and can easily get lost in the struggle between her desires and her conscience. Because of this, she can be very weak at times, trying to just make the right choice. She is easy enough to manipulate, if you can take advantage of her emotional states.


Sekai is afraid of plenty of things – she is a regular teenaged girl, with regular anxieties. She worries about school, friends, boys…all of the normal things.

So she is afraid mostly of the things that would scare just about anyone – especially death, being left alone, betrayal and abandonment.


It all started when Sekai Saionji traded with her best friend and classmate Setsuna for the seating next to Makoto Itou, in class three, at the beginning of the second term of their first year in high school. Sekai noticed Makoto trying to delete a picture of a girl off of his cell phone, and instantly realized what it was – a cell phone charm, where if you took a picture on your cell phone of your crush, set it as your wallpaper and kept it unnoticed for three weeks, your wish would come true. Naturally, her noticing broke any chance of the charm coming true – and she teased Makoto about following the trend.

It didn’t take long before she approached him on the issue, however. She made the decision to become friends with Kotonoha, the girl that she determined her classmate liked, based on the charm. When their classes joined together for Phys Ed, Sekai acquired a ‘strange disease’ in order to sit off to the side with the other, sickly, girl and socialize with her. Later on, she brought Makoto up to the roof of the school – her ‘secret place’ that she’d gained a key to by deciding to become the head of the non-existent astronomy club – to talk to him. She showed off to him that she had become friends with Kotonoha, proclaiming that it had been just for him. To make up for ruining his good luck charm, Sekai decided to take it upon herself, as ‘representative of the girls’, to take care of the problem. Essentially, she decided to take responsibility to set Makoto and Kotonoha up. He would just have to ‘leave it to Sekai!’ – and if he didn’t, she could always tell his secret to everyone else~

After dubbing herself friends with Makoto, she left the school, heading home, where she called Kotonoha and talked to her and got information for the future boyfriend – and invited her to come have lunch with them on the rooftop the next day. She forced and bribed Makoto to come, using information on who and what Kotonoha liked to lure him. Sekai helped them break the ice, before leaving to the ‘restroom’ and wishing Makoto luck and giving them space.

She got a call from Makoto that night, telling her it all went well, and thanking her – she joked that it wouldn’t be interesting for her, anymore, since everything had gone so well. She wasn’t sure how she liked the thought of Makoto deciding to confess to Kotonoha, but she wished him good luck with sincerity. And the next day, during Phys Ed, she was told that the boy had gone through with it after all – and that she had given him the okay. Sekai was surprised, but expressed her pleasure with the situation.

Afterwards, Sekai met up with Makoto at the train station, where he was waiting for his new girlfriend, congratulated him, and jokingly warned him not to rush things. While waiting for her own train home, she admitted with glee that she was doing all of this for him because it was ‘fun’ and ‘interesting’ to her, especially being able to push love in ‘the right direction’. Makoto ended up telling her he’d do anything to repay her – so she stole a kiss just as her train arrived, wished him luck, and dashed off, beginning to cry only once the train was leaving the station.

That was where it all began to go downhill.

Sekai continued to scold and advise Makoto on his relationship – aiding her two friends in their love from behind the scenes, focusing her attention solely on that task, ignoring everything else, including her own feelings. She gave Makoto two movie tickets, for example, to get a better date scene with Kotonoha, even though they had originally been bought to invite him to go with her. She watched, hurt, as she saw Makoto and Kotonoha conflict, but still she made sure that Kotonoha went to the station to give Makoto a chance to make things right – talking sense into her friend, even when the other girl seemed to guess exactly how Sekai herself felt about Makoto.

So she cheered them on from the sidelines – even as all of Sekai’s closest friends began to think that she was the one dating Makoto, and that he was fooling around with other girls – even as Makoto admitted to her that he found being with Kotonoha tiring.

As Makoto tried (and failed) to further his relationship with Kotonoha, Sekai made him a special offer – to let her teach him. She would give him ‘special training’ in ‘girl things’. She sought out a private place where the mood could be just right, and she could teach him how to go about doing perverted things – all acting, despite her own feelings on the matter. When she told him to say ‘I love you’, he used her name, forcing her to pause and scold him, telling him he should have said Kotonoha’s name instead. After she allowed him to touch her chest, he proclaimed wanting her, and after whispering his name, he pinned her to the bench despite her shouting and protest – she eventually gave into her feelings, though, and said it was okay – it was only ‘training’ after all. But as soon as he began to undress her, his cell phone rang, having received a text message from his girlfriend. And when, on the way home, he asked if they could continue the training, later. This time, however, she denied him. He asked again, when they all went to the pool together, and they talked about how she looked in her bathing suit – but in the end, she just reminded him once more that he was dating Kotonoha.

At lunch, however, when people complimented Kotonoha on being a good girlfriend, Sekai couldn’t help but feel hurt.

Later on, though, Makoto seemed upset about being with Kotonoha, and Sekai scolded him – in part for taking their previous ‘training’ so seriously. She teased him, before she grew serious, and reminded him that they were only friends, put on a smile and left.

Later on, while she was at home, resting, she suddenly got a text message from Makoto, asking if he could call her – she merely told him to call Kotonoha instead, to ‘up his intimacy level’, brushing it off as if it were nothing, even though she felt horrible. Shortly later she got another text saying he wanted to see her right away, but she chose the better judgement and ignored it. She had no right. She tried to ignore the continuous messages (they hurt, after all) but she eventually gave in, and went to meet him, even if only to cry and yell at him for being so stupid. He caught her off guard, however, when he suddenly embraced her. And told her he loved her, this time without the acting. She got upset at him, though – as he said he didn’t care about Kotonoha. That it had to be Sekai. It wasn’t fair, though. He’d told her he liked Kotonoha, and so she had supported him.

But then she kissed him, dropping her umbrella to the ground to wrap her arms around him, before they went back to her apartment, and continued from where they’d left off with the ‘practise’. Makoto continued to insist on these activities, and Sekai continued to convince herself they were just for practise, even if it hurt and tore her in two. One morning, after she spent the night at Makoto’s home, he let something slip, at school – Setsuna judged Sekai’s reaction, and guessed that she spent the morning with him, before assuming that Kotonoha and Makoto broke up.

Unsure of what else to do, Sekai said that they had.

But she couldn’t take what she was doing – she was torn between her feelings for Makoto and her conscience and her loyalty to her friend – and so she suggested that they tell Kotonoha what they were doing. She realized it really wasn’t ‘practise’ any more, and they had to tell her. She knew her friend would be angry, but that just confirmed that she had to tell her. She felt guilty.

But, somehow, they didn’t tell her – and Makoto lied to her about his reason for not being able to go shopping with her, instead asking Sekai if he could go to her home. He insisted they could tell Kotonoha later – it wasn’t the right time. And Sekai, once again torn, complied.

Sekai continued to pretend to be happy, and insisted Makoto be with Kotonoha, whenever she could. Makoto’s continued text messages only hurt more. One day he brought her to the roof where, beginning to undress her, she shouted to him, confessing her feelings; which he openly returned. And things remained the same.

Setsuna did, though, one day decide to announce that Makoto and Kotonoha had broken up, in front of a group of her and her friends, and say that he was dating Sekai, despite her protests. Setsuna continued her efforts to help Makoto and Sekai, even going as far as blocking Kotonoha’s number on Makoto’s phone.

But later she started hearing and realizing – Makoto went after Kotonoha even when Setsuna tried to stop him, and Makoto unblocked her number. And despite all of her insistence that what they were doing was bad for Kotonoha…it still hurt. Especially overhearing the couple talking. Kotonoha talking about them never having broken up, and how she’d always been his girlfriend, and Makoto agreeing to think about dancing with her at the festival – all while he knew Sekai was in the next room. Enraged, now, she decided to leave, not even caring that she and Kotonoha would surely run into each other. And they did – Sekai froze as Kotonoha slowly approached her, told her it wasn’t fair, and slapped her straight across the face. Kotonoha, in tears, asked her why – and Sekai could only really apologize, close to tearing up herself, explaining that Makoto ‘needed her’. But Kotonoha reminded her that she had been the one who’d given her the courage to get with Makoto in the first place. She said she’d thought of Sekai as a ‘good person and a friend’, and begged her to stay away from her boyfriend.

Later on, Sekai met Setsuna in the park, and finally admitted to her what was going on. That Makoto had not, in fact, broken up with Kotonoha, and that she knew what she was doing was wrong. When she insisted that Setsuna not worry about ‘confirming’ Makoto’s feelings, she admitted that it was for her, and that there ‘wasn’t much time left’ – much to Sekai’s confusion.

But the girl was still hurt and torn.

She stayed home from school, upset, but in the afternoon got a text message telling her Makoto was outside her apartment. And when she checked, he was. They talked about the situation with Kotonoha, Sekai insisting it was bad, before Makoto grabbed her and kissed her, pinning her to the floor and knocking the tea she had just served over. She shoved him off, insisting on dealing with the tea before him, moving to clean it up. That night, when Setsuna came over, she lied about how the talk went, saying that Makoto was going to break up with Kotonoha. The next day she went to school, trying her best to act cheerful.

During the festival, Sekai had plenty of fun – but toward the end, Makoto went off with a friend of his from junior high, another girl who appeared to have a crush on him, and then Kotonoha’s sister came to visit…unsettled by the girl announcing how Kotonoha was looking forward to the dance, Sekai pushed Makoto into promising to dance with her, as well, and he agreed.

Sekai was invited to the girls’ basketball team’s party, just two days after the festival. At the festival, it was revealed that the team had set up a camera within the “lounge” of the festival – where couples were recorded having sex. Right before she took her now humiliated friend out of the room…a clip of Makoto kissing another girl was played – the same girl he’d been going around the festival with. Shocked and angry, Sekai began to run to his apartment, phoning him constantly as she hurried. On her way across the bridge near his home, though, she saw Kotonoha, walking slowly toward her, unresponsive, at first. She explained that Makoto was probably with Setsuna, looking up, and Sekai was shocked to see the almost dead expression in the other girl’s eyes.

Later on, Sekai got a text message from Setsuna – explaining that she was moving away to France.

Sekai stayed home from school the next day, feeling utterly depressed and alone. When she tried to confront Makoto about what he had done with the other girl, he simply denied it, but even when she pleaded with him, he was unable to comfort her.

She continued to stay home, Makoto not bothering to even come see her. So she instead skimmed through old messages from Makoto, especially the ones from when he first went to her. She made it to a photo Setsuna took of Sekai and Makoto dancing at the festival, and began to cry…before she suddenly felt sick to her stomach.

Getting up, she rushed to the bathroom, vomiting, and holding her stomach…and then she began to realize.

She was pregnant.

Unnecessarily long history is unnecessarily long.


Day 005


  • "…these things are really real, then?" she asked, moving a bit closer to the strange man, first. She reached up, pressing onto her toes to try and reach his unusual ears, tugging on one before dropping back to her feet. - Sekai and Leo (We are not Amused.)
  • "…are you some kind of monster?" - to Red XIII (Dollsy Days.)


  • No, she's not rly pregnant.
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