Fandom Saya no Uta.
Gender Female
Date of Birth N/A
Age N/A - looks to be around 12
Aliases None.
Place of Birth N/A
Occupation N/A
Known Relatives Masahiko Oukai (adoptive father)
Significant Other Fuminori Sakisaka
Known Abilities Modifying brains/bodies
First Appearance Link to first thread goes here.

Saya is Dollsy's local cannibal plant monster loli.


To anyone who sees her as a human, Saya is a petite, pale-skinned girl, the tone of which has been described as coming close to being "an albino state of white". Her hair is a dark blue-green color, although lighting can make it look closer to either color at any time. Off to the sides it forms what almost resembles two drooped "ears", while shorter bangs fall just below her eyes, parted more off to one side. Shorter portions of her hair fall over her chest, a few inches over her shoulder, while the rest ends only some inches above her ankles. Her eyes are undeniably green. Her outfit consists only a simple, white sundress with a small, dark blue ribbon attached just below the collar and a pair of white sandals.

At least, that’s what it looks like as long as she’s modified your vision. Without it there’s not much of a difference. One might notice that her eyes appear to have tapetum lucidum, causing them to glow in the dark, amongst other things. A closer inspection would reveal that the portion of her hair that forms "ears" is a clever cover for the two individual leaves that grow there. Leaves also run down the length of her back, as well as a few that have grown partway down her thighs, easily obstructed by the dress she wears. The leaves themselves almost look kelp-like, ranging from somewhat small to significantly larger, and start as a vibrant green that fades into white about halfway through. Vines also grow from her back, which is curled in more than any normal humans. This is so the leaves and vines themselves can safely tuck away into it, filling the gap and allowing her to temporarily put on a human guise. Her vines and leaves tend to fan out and surround her, the leaves of which drip a sticky, almost-mucus like substance when injured. It tends to obscure the whole "human" thing and make her appear much more frightening for those who see her when these things occur.


Saya is an incredibly clever girl, having enough knowledge to read and understand MRIs and other medical records and modify the body, but all the same she still tends to be very childish. Her demeanor is generally cheerful and rarely falters and she’s rarely entirely serious, preferring to look at the bright side of things and find joy in the smaller ones. It is for this reason that while she is conflicted about the way people tend to see her, as a terrible monster, she rarely lets it affect her mood, at one point even using it to entertain herself by scaring hospital patients that she knew wouldn’t be believed. She can also be quite mischievous, really, particularly when she grows bored.

Saya does want people to accept her, even expressing the desire to have others think of her as being "cute", it isn’t something she tends to mope about or that she’s tried to change up until recently. She maintains a childlike innocent about the world, knowing people are afraid of her but is unaware as to why and to a lesser extent, how fragile they are. For example, she doesn’t expect modifying someone’s senses to see the world as Fuminori does to drive them insane as it does. Her nativity about human relationships is probably why she’s gotten along so well with Fuminori and even gone out of her way to try to replicate "the perfect housewife" for him at home.

She doesn’t find many people who like her and for that reason has formed few meaningful bonds, but once she has grown attached to a person she is willing to do anything for them and can easily ignore their faults. She does often worry about being rejected by those she cares about due to her own more unique traits. Saya also has what Fuminori has described as her own moments of “shyness”. She doesn’t want those she cares about to see her as a monster and fears them doing so, something that can lead to her outright refusing to let them see her. Gore and violence generally don’t bother her, although it’s a little more frightening when that violence is directed towards her…


Saya has the unique ability of being able to modify the human brain and body as she pleases so long as she has enough knowledge to do so. If she had the willpower to, it’s likely she would be able to modify her own body as well. Her vines and leaves offer more protection than she would otherwise have as they are rather resilient, the vines which can be used offensively. In addition to speaking Japanese, she’s fairly good at English.


Saya often has a hard time keeping her leaves and vines from fanning out, which can keep her from keeping up the façade of a person without physically modifying a person’s brain, which serves as an inconvenience. Similarly, she can mimic a human voice, but it doesn’t come naturally and becomes increasingly difficult after long periods of time (this won’t be too much of a problem normally, but once the translator is shut off…). She generally lives off of the flesh of humans and small animals, she’s quite fond of organs as well, which will present an interesting problem given what Dollsy kitchen provides. She cannot fight ghosts, which has the potential to be problematic in the house. Her stamina levels vary significantly and so while at times she might have the stamina of an adult at one point, it’s easy for her to fall back into the range of a young girl.


Saya’s biggest fear is probably being rejected by the people she cares about, a fear that’s instilled so strongly into her that she refused to see Fuminori in one ending because he didn’t want to deal with his horrified reaction to her appearance. Aside from that, her fears are never well explored, but it can be assumed that anyone or anything that would assault her would be scary to the young girl to varying degrees.


Little is known about Saya’s life before she met Fuminori, only that her “father” is Professor Masahiko Oukai. He apparently raised her, filling her with knowledge with the intention of her eventually "spreading herself" through the spores she creates during reproduction. In his final note he mused about whether or not this might have been because she understood too much, knowing that she was missing the step of falling in love. Because of this there was no one for her to sacrifice herself for and so she could not reproduce, but he hoped that if there was such a person that she could love and be loved by that she could find them. It was after writing this note that he disappeared with Ryouko unable to stop him and Saya appearing to be ignorant to his final request and the reason as to his disappearance.

So she went searching for him at the hospital he previously worked at, staying there for a few months and hiding from nurses, going around and scaring patients at night to cure her boredom. It was during one of these attempts to scare a person that she found Fuminori, who wasn’t scared of her at all! Saya found the lack of even a scream to be boring, but also interesting. After a brief period of conversation she agreed to visit him every night instead of scaring patients. The two quickly became close because was Fuminori was the only person not to be afraid of Saya and Saya was the only person he could see as a human, eventually to the point where he decided to ask for her to come and live with him the day before he was to be discharged.

The day after he was, he found her sitting on his bed, asking if she could really stay. Of course he allowed her to and the two quickly became an item. They fell in love and Saya started going out of her way to try and become the "perfect housewise". She would cook for him, even picking up recipes from TV and trying something new everyday while hiding her own dietary habits. This was only revealed when Fuminori caught her eating a person who had invaded her house. She was pleasantly surprised to find that he also enjoyed the taste of human flesh due to his warped senses. Somewhere inbetween all this riding of the pole ensued.

One day Saya disappeared, coming home with and proceeding to read over Fuminori’s medical papers in preparation for an experiment that would be conducted on the neighbor. Soon after this she modified his brain to perceive things similarly to the way Fuminori would. He would see her as “cute”, but the rest of the world as hideous. This led the man to kill his family and then assault her, wanting to rape her to try and fulfill his sadistic urges. So perhaps that she fell into the Dollsyhouse once he’d pushed her down was for the best, after all it did spare her at least one horrible fate…


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