Satonaka Chie
Satonaka Chie
Fandom Persona 4
Gender Female
Date of Birth July 30, 1994
Age 16
Aliases none
Place of Birth Yasoinaba, Japan
Occupation DISPENSING JUSTICEstudent
Known Relatives mother, father
Significant Other Yosukenone
Known Abilities persona, lethal kicks, poisonous cooking
First Appearance The Dollsydemic Continues

Chie is a persona user and lover of martial arts; she delivers a mean kick. …And don't try her cooking unless she's had help and it's been redone at least twice.


Chie stands at about 5 feet tall, with short brown hair and brown eyes to match. She's almost never seen without her green jacket, which has three buttons on it. She typically wears her school uniform's skirt, which is a pleated grey affair and falls to mid-thigh. She wears long white socks and black sneakers, unless she's switched them out for something more painful. The glasses she wears within the television that clear up the fog for her are yellow, somewhat thick-rimmed, with almond-shaped lenses.


Chie is an outgoing, athletic girl whose personality has made her fairly popular in school. Always willing to meet new people, she'll be the first one to approach someone new. She's obsessed with kung-fu, from movies featuring it to practicing it herself, and is actually quite good at it--her kicks are certainly deadly weapons if she wants them to be. Her temper, however, is short, especially around Yosuke, and she's likely to get into arguments without thinking it through first.

Speaking of not thinking things through, she doesn't do that often. Often she just says the first thing that pops into her mouth, no matter how out there it might be or if it even makes much sense at all. She's the first to admit she's not all that smart, although it's really more a matter of not really thinking things through. After all, "don't think, feel" is her motto.

Chie's best friend is Amagi Yukiko, the heiress to Inaba's inn. She's far more outgoing than her quiet friend, and sees herself as somewhat of a protector of the other girl, both inside and outside of the television. She tends to be protective of all her friends, and even people in general, though, even if it gets her into trouble. Unfortunately, it has been known to drag others into trouble trying to prevent some injustice.


Chie is strong: you don't want to be on the receiving ends of one of her kicks, especially the Galactic Punt. Her tendency to say whatever pops into her head can act as a strength, meaning she'll say things that may help others simply by saying things no one else would think to say. Her persona is Suzuka Gongen, which blocks ice skills.

Agneyastra Inflicts heavy physical damage upon all enemies 1x-3x. 136 HP
God's Hand Inflicts severe physical damage upon one enemy. 125 HP
High Counter 20% chance of countering a physical attack. Passive Ability
Power Charge Doubles physical damage on the next turn. 15 SP
Bufula Inflicts medium ice damage upon one enemy. 8 SP
Mabufu Inflicts minor ice damage upon all enemies. 10 SP
Ice Boost Increases ice damage. Passive Ability
Arrow Rain Inflicts heavy physical damage upon one enemy. 114 HP

Her HP is 568 and her SP is 273. Also, she can't cook. She's learning, though.


Chie is quick-tempered, and this makes her vulnerable to attacks on her sense of justice or morals. She's never been one to think things through so isn't really one to outthink someone, relying more on her physical prowress to help with the investigation. She's not very good with magic, again preferring brawn, so the few attacks she does know aren't that strong.


Chie fears the death or injury of her friends, especially if she feels she didn't do enough to help them. Fear of being unable to do anything is another big issue with Chie, as she likes to be self-sufficient and tries to defend others more than be defended. As a more typical fear, she's terrified of bugs.


Chie is an Inaba native, having grown up in the town. Her best friend is Amagi Yukiko, whose family owns the local inn, and they attend the local high school as second years. At the beginning of the school year Hanamura Yosuke joined the class, his family having moved in to manage the local Junes superstore. Despite his family being somewhat vilified for personifying the store that was ruining local businesses, Chie and Yukiko spent time with him. Six months after Yosuke arrived, another transfer student from the city, Souji Seta, moved into town. She immediately acquainted herself with the new kid, offering to show him around town.

Not long after Seta's arrival, the first in what was to be a case of serial murders occurred: the death of Mayumi Yamano, found hanging upside-down from a telephone pole. This was unusual in any case, especially in a quiet town like Inaba, and the whole town was abuzz about it. Several people had seen the woman in a show called the Midnight Channel, only visible in the rain at midnight. She told Seta and Yosuke about this, and the next time they saw it, it was Konishi Saki, a high school student, daughter of the owners of the liquor store, and part-time worker at Junes. This prompted the three of them to decide to figure out who killed her, and led to them going into the television. When Yukiko showed up on the television, they really got serious, and rescued her before she could be killed by the strange TV world. As time went on they also rescued Tatsumi Kanji, Kujikawa Rise, and Shurogane Naoto, all of whom joined the team. During this time, they thought they captured the killer, but it turned out to be a copycat crime.

Eventually Nanako was taken, leading them to Namatame, the former lover of Mayumi Yamano, now a deliveryman. They chased him through the television to rescue Nanako and bring him to justice, but it turned out he thought he was saving the people he threw into the television (everyone who he threw in, after all, survived). In trying to figure out the man behind the man, as it were, they were led to the police investigator Adachi Tohru. He ran when they confronted him, and once again they chased a killer through the television, leaving him for the police to deal with and saving Inaba from becoming covered in fog forever.

The following spring, when Seta is about to go back home, they realize that there was a man behind the man behind the man. Well, a goddess: Izanami. They decided to put a stop to her antics as well, and keep Inaba safe permanantly. After one last adventure through the television, they could say goodbye to Seta with a smile, finally having settled all the loose ends of the case.

And then Chie had to go and fall into the Dollsyhouse.


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  • Chie has been fighting evil since elementary school! …With varying levels of success.
  • Chie has a dog; she met and befriended Yukiko over said dog.
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