Akasuna no Sasori
Fandom Naruto
Gender Male
Date of Birth November 9th
Age 35
Aliases Akasuna no Sasori
Place of Birth Sunagakure
Occupation artist, ninja
Known Relatives mother (deceased), father (deceased), Chiyo (grandmother)
Significant Other none
Known Abilities ninjutsu, taijutsu, chakra strings, mind control
First Appearance of craft and crafter

This is Sasori. He hates you.


Sasori appears fairly normal at first: he has short red hair and brown eyes that almost always look bored. He wears a long black cloak with red clouds, and black sandals. His fingernails and toenails are painted purple. Aside from a surprisingly stoic appearance, looking at Sasori when he is like this reveals nothing peculiar. Remove the cloak, however, and the seams and ball joints are revealed: Sasori is a living puppet. He wears blue pants underneath his cloak, but is shirtless. Where his stomach should be there is a wound cable which usually has a poisoned blade at the end. On his back are the scrolls for his many puppets, as well as two metallic winglike structures that can spin and slice. On his chest where his heart is is a circular structure--it's actually a cylinder if pulled out--with his name written on it.


Sasori is not the easiest man to get along with. Unemotional at best, temperamental at worst, he does not hold much stock in the worth of others. To him, what matters most is art, and anything that gets in the way of this pursuit is regarded with distaste. A very controlling individual, humans are the same as puppets to him: useful as pawns, but not anything worthy of notice beyond that. He may come across as polite at times, but he is good at hiding what he truly feels. It takes a certain kind of person to get along with him at all: Deidara, his partner, manages something like friendship with the puppeteer, but it is still frought with arguments and violence.

Beneath this exterior, however, is a man who does not want anyone to do anything unplanned because he does not want to be abandoned. Having lost his parents, he makes puppets out of humans as a bid for control over everyone, even in death. No one will leave him unless he decides they will; he will not allow it. He is a control freak in every sense. Still, there is a part of him that longs for affection, even as he pushes others away. In those he trusts, he does have a tendency to hope for their approval and love, although he does not express this.


Sasori is a capable fighter, using chakra strings to manipulate his hundreds of puppets and other people, if needed. He is a master of chakra strings, able to control up to one hundred puppets at once, something no one else is able to do. He is also a master of poisons, and if it's a weapon Sasori has made, it's almost guaranteed to be dripping with the stuff. As a puppet himself, Sasori cannot feel pain: while they may impair his functioning it is not possible to torture him in the normal sense. As he is not exactly alive, he cannot get sick, be poisoned, or be killed easily. The only part of his body that is still alive is his heart container; injuries to any other part can be repaired as with any other puppet. He also does not need to eat or sleep.

Sasori is also very hard to read: he keeps tight control on his facial features, the only emotions he readily expresses being anger and amusement (and combinations of the two).


Sasori's life force is tied to the heart container in his chest; if it is pierced or otherwise destroyed, he dies. He is not physically strong, instead relying on his puppets and modifications to defend him. Without these he is much weaker than usual. Sasori can also be taken apart, as he is a puppet: while he can call the parts back to him with the strength of his chakra, it is still an inconvenience.

Sasori is also very reliant on his chakra to keep himself alive and moving properly; his chakra system is what has replaced all of his organs and normal human systems. If he allows this to run low, or is otherwise forced to continue moving when he is tired, his movements become slower and more mechanical as his chakra drains, eventually leading to him passing out and being unable to move or function until his chakra returns to a level at which he can function. He also does not like to wait, or be kept waiting.


Sasori fears abandonment of those he cares about, although this is hidden beneath a grouchy exterior. His tendencies to control others is proof of this. Sasori also fears loss of control; he is a control freak to the highest degree, and if he were forced to accept a situation where he knew he had no control, this would terrify and unbalance him.


Sasori was born in Sunagakure, a ninja village in the desert. He was a quiet child, and very close to his parents and grandmother, Chiyo. As ninja villages were often at war, eventually his parents had to leave to fight against Konoha. Sasori saw them leave and waited patiently with his grandmother for their return. They never did. Now an orphan due to war, Sasori was raised by his grandmother, who taught him the art of puppeteering and making poison.

The loss of his parents was traumatizing for the young boy, and would change the course of his life. He became obsessed with learning puppetry, and was revealed to be a genius at it, naturally progressing faster than any other student. He created wooden puppets that were to be used for years to come in battle, marking them with his signature: a picture of a scorpion. He even made puppets after his parents at a very young age, as an attempt to bring them back.

Of course, he couldn't really bring them back. And so he decided that no one would leave him ever again. He began creating hitokugutsu--puppets made out of living humans. These puppets still had their chakra, and thus Sasori could control their jutsu with his strings. He even went as far as to gut and preserve himself, making himself as close to immortal as he could get. He then left Suna with his hitokugutsu, leaving the results of his horrific experiments to be discovered, and himself to be marked as a highly dangerous missing-nin.

Sasori travelled for some time before coming into contact with Akatsuki. He was recruited, and worked with Orochimaru for some time, until the other man left. Sasori has made it a goal to kill Orochimaru for leaving Akatsuki. After that, he was partnered with Deidara, another artist. The two disagreed on the nature of art, and the arguments often ended with Deidara forced to dodge an angry attack from Sasori. Still, they got along as well as could be expected. The pair were travelling to Suna so Deidara could capture his jinchuuriki when Sasori slipped and fell into the Dollsyhouse.


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  • "And I am Akasuna no Sasori," he said simply. "You will never be able to even come close to destroying me." -of craft and crafter
  • "I really didn't care." -Ninja Do Not Care About Locks
  • And then he went back to his work, a scalpel in one hand and a firm grip on the monster's heart with the other, maintaining the chakra system and keeping the creature alive even as he proceeded to neatly separate it from its remaining digestive tract. -Invasive Exam


  • Sasori never uses anesthetic. This includes when he made himself into a puppet. He has no sympathy for your pain.
  • Sasori does not sleep, cannot taste, can only feel pressure vaguely, and cannot smell.
  • Yes, the weapon he just used on your character was poisoned. It doesn't matter what it is.
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