Fandom One Piece
Gender Male
Date of Birth March 2
Age 19 / 20 (supposedly Sanji's had a birthday since the start of the series but I can't find a source)
Aliases Mr. Prince, Black Leg Sanji
Place of Birth North Blue
Occupation Pirate Cook
Known Relatives Red Leg Zeff (foster father - for lack of a better term)
Significant Other Canon? None. In game? Story (Lady in the Water)
Known Abilities ???
First Appearance With a Trip and a Fall

A member of Monkey D. Luffy's infamous Straw Hat Pirates, Sanji serves as the ship's cook. His dream is to find the legendary sea, the All Blue, a place where fish from any of the oceans in his world are said to be found.


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Day 008

  • Sanji enters the house and meets Sekai. Thinking the rest of his crew might be here as well, he takes off to find them after giving her a parting gift. Enter the Chef

Night 008

  • Thinking he hears Brook, Sanji wanders into the Grand Room and briefly interupts Machi and Jonouchi This Broken Jaw of Our Lost Kingdoms
  • Sanji walks through the dinning room and finds Sekai watching Hikaru Hitachin get kidnapped by a monster. Sanji tries to intervene but ends up getting taken as well.hold your breath til it's over

Day 009

  • Sanji wakes up locked in the panopticon with the other prisoners and some strange "golem" creatures as cellmates. Although Sanji gets along well enough with Fletcher, things don't go quite as well with everyone else. Amidst all the trouble, Sanji realizes - much to horror - that he's almost out of cigarettes. Good Morning Panopticon!
  • About halfway through the day, Sanji and the other prisoners wake up in the middle of mutilating their cellmates, which now look an awful lot like someone they love. Sanji discovers he's in the middle of destroying the hands of his mentor, Zeff. Vanquished cellmate
  • Sanji runs out of cigarettes and begins the withdrawal process. Withdrawl

Night 009

  • The prisoners in the panopticon are released, but Sanji doesn't feel like leaving. Goodbye Panopticon!
  • Usopp, after traveling through the tunnels under the house with Jennifer and Baki, discovers Sanji in his cell. ACTUALLY in the Tunnels

Day 010

  • Although not threaded at this time, Usopp left Sanji alone long enough for Sanji to wake up and wander off without even really knowing who rescued him.

Night 010

  • The house disappears, and Sanji contemplates life after smoking - part of a multi-person log. When the Walls Fall
  • Sanji spots Story shortly after her arrival and decalres himself her protector. After meeting Axel, he decides some hellhound asskicking is in order. Breathing is impossible
  • While trying to get food to the other residents, Sanji is phantasm-napped and goes under the knife. Scream through dreams that cut your voice off

Day 011

  • Still getting used to being mute, Sanji finds Story alone and weak in the Grand Room and ultimately becomes a little more than just her protector. Small like a China doll
  • Sanji learns Usopp is in the house and, with Story and Usopp's friend Watanuki, they plan how to survive the coming night.
  • Looking for more notebook paper in the study, Sanji is found by Portgas D. Ace, his captain's older brother Study Hall!

Night 011


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