Fandom The Nightmare Before Christmas
Gender Female
Date of Birth unknown
Age unknown
Aliases none
Place of Birth Halloween Town
Occupation maid, cook, seamstress
Known Relatives Dr. Finkelstein (creator)
Significant Other none
Known Abilities sewing, detaching limbs
First Appearance Everyone Hail to the Pumpkin Song

Sally is a shy rag doll and has the most common sense out of anyone from Halloween Town. Poor dear.


Sally is a rag doll comprised primarily of light blue cloth held together with black thread. Her hair is made of red yarn, and she wears a patchwork dress of many different patterns and colors, white socks with black stripes, and black high heeled shoes. She is always carrying needles and thread, often tucking a needle behind her ear for use when she needs to sew herself back together. She can remove her limbs, revealing that her body is filled with dried up leaves. Her motion is a bit wobbly, especially if she has just sewn herself back together or if the stitches are quickly or shoddily done.


Sally may come across as shy initially, as she has lived a rather sheltered life. Of course, this life being led in Halloween Town, she is not disturbed by the strange. She is a bit quiet, and very polite, but does enjoy the company of others. She can be courageous when she needs to be, but has trouble at times speaking firmly against those she admires, and does not always trust her own judgement. She also has a bit of a rebellious streak, and if she really wants to do something, she'll do it, even if she has to be sneaky about it or resort to drastic measures.


Sally can remove her limbs at any place where there are stitches going all the way around the limb, and once detached, she can direct the limbs from afar or they can act on their own. She can use these to free people, distract them, and generally go where she can't. By this same token, if she is trapped and a window is available, she will jump out and simply sew herself up after she lands. It's very hard to injure her in a way she can't fix, Sally is very good with a sewing machine or needle and thread, both on her own body and on projects such as clothing. She's also a good cook, with herbs especially, so she knows her way around a garden. Sally has mild precognitive powers, especially when it relates to those she cares about.


Sally was not made for a fight--she's primarily made of leaves and cloth, and her movements are not always entirely coordinated. Just as her removable limbs are an advantage, they can work against her as well--a strong enough tug can pull out the stitches, and she won't be going far without legs. Her shyness sometimes gets the best of her, leading to beating around the bush, speaking up too late, or not saying anything at all. She also can be stubborn, and will jump into things to fix them herself even when she might be in over her head.


Sally is afraid of her friends, especially Jack, being hurt or--well, not killed exactly, but destroyed. She is, to a lesser degree, afraid of being forced into situations where she has to deal with a lot of people at once, and also does not like small spaces.


Sally's earliest memory is of being strapped down to a metal table as Dr. Finklestein watched her expectantly. Created by the mad scientist to help with housework, she generally stayed in the lab, cooking and cleaning. Very shy at first, she watched the town from afar. Eventually, she befriended Jack when she worked up the courage to introduce herself to the Pumpkin King. The two would often converse when Jack was in the lab and Dr. Finklestein distracted. They became good friends, and talking to Jack when he came became the highlight of any day.

It wasn't long before Sally began to long to explore Halloween Town. Dr. Finklestein refused to let her, however, and she was trapped within the lab, growing restless. She used her knowledge of herbs to create a sleeping potion, put it in Dr. Finklestein's soup, and began sneaking out regularly. At first she continued to watch from afar, but as she grew more confident, she became more involved. Still, her main interactions were with Jack. She did become an at least semi-regular around town, and most of the citizens could say they had at least seen her, although very few knew her very well.

Sally admired Jack's confidence and poise very much, and developed a crush on the skeleton, although she has yet to work up the courage to tell him. She was looking forward to watching Jack in the upcoming Halloween festivities and gathering herbs in the graveyard when simply tripping over a tombstone sent her into the Dollsyhouse.


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  • Sally was once a human, but her soul was bound to the rag doll body. That's why it's easier for her to wrap her head around non-Halloween things.
  • Her soups are almost always made with things that would make normal people very sick, or kill them.
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