1) This RPG is for ages 16 and up only. Sorry, kiddies, but this game is going to have horror elements in it, and we'd rather not scar you for life or anything and get sued, okay? We're not asking you for your age, so we're going to just have to trust that everyone respects this; please don't disappoint us.

2) We like our characters like we like our players—reasonable. That means no Mary Sues, no godmoding, and no powerplaying. And given the setting of this place, we can very easily smack you down ICly, should it become necessary to do so. So for your own sanity, and your characters' safety, don't try to be The Ultimate Best Character/Player Evar. If you don't know what any of those words means, try Wikipedia, and I'm sure you'll find more than enough on them.

3) We also like our characters to be ones that can be recognized. This is a multi-fandom RPG, emphasis on "fandom"—no original characters, please. I'm sure your made up character James Dumbledore Merlin Weasley-Potter who is also a Jedi is very interesting, but we'd much prefer someone we already know and love.

4) Of course we love you and want to see more of you. That's a given. But there is such a thing as too much of a good thing, too—if you take too many characters, you stretch yourself too thin. That's why we're setting the maximum at 5 characters per person, so each one can get the attention they deserve from you.

5) It's not much fun if you do nothing but play by yourself, is it? Playercesting, or posting with yourself, might be unavoidable on occasion, but we don't want it to become a habit. So to keep that from happening too much, you're only allowed to have 2 characters per fandom.

6) We do want to make sure you're reading this, so to prove you have, please put "Welcome to the Dollsyhouse" at the bottom of your application.

7) Lurkers can be nice, sometimes—if you're reading this place but haven't joined yet, we encourage you to look around and dive in if you think you'd have fun here. But for those of you who are or will be actual members, we want to see your bright shining faces here often. One post a week please, at the very least. I know this won't be strictly enforced, but we'd really like to keep this place from stagnating with inactivity.

8) To further stress the fact that we want you to participate once you're here, we're going to be holding monthly activity checks, in which you give us links to the threads your characters have most recently posted in. Yes, this is a pain in the ass, but it also is both a nice handy tool for us mods, and it's a good incentive to stay active—if you miss two checks in a row without being active and checking in, you're likely going to get a pretty pink slip. And who wants one of those?

9) While this is a more mature RP, we still don't want anyone stumbling upon really graphic scenes. Make sure you provide proper warning for posts with excessive violence or sex, tag them as mature, and friends lock them.

10) Another important thing to remember here, is that ICA = ICC. For those of you not familiar with this particular acronym, it means In Character Actions = In Character Consequences. This applies to all characters, nice or naughty. Your characters can do what they want and what is in character for them, (though naturally, we want muns to run anything big or important by us before the fact) for the most part, but remember that they aren't going to get away with it scot free. If they decide to rush a monster headlong and try to waste it with their "kewl majik powarz" or whatever, and succeed? Great! Then they're totally badass, I'm sure, and more power to them for earning bragging rights. But if they fail, they're probably in for a world of hurt. And if they haven't given other characters a reason to like them, then they don't have much reason to expect the others to risk saving their bacon.

11) On the note of respecting the repercussions of in character actions, I'd also like to address the fact that there is a very real seperation between the character and the mun who plays them - IC does NOT equal OOC. PLEASE respect this. I don't care if somebody plays…. I don't know, a racist misogynistic homo-pedo-pyro-necro-bestiality-urine fetish-rapist character—that doesn't AT ALL influence the fact that the actual mun themselves could be the sweetest, nicest person you'll ever meet. IC actions, behaviors, and drama should not affect OOC interactions. Similarly, OOC actions should not affect IC interactions; even if you think some other mun is a nasty jerk, please don't take that out on said mun's character if there is no IC reason for that treatment. Get another mun or a mod to mediate things for you, or work it out outside the main RPG community, or something. In short? Play nicely in both sandboxes, kiddies, and don't throw toys at each other from one to the other.

12) Again with the harping on activity, huh? But really, it is important to us that you all participate and enjoy this game to the fullest—the more you put into it, the more you get out of it, and when every person contributes as much as they can, then everyone interacting with them has more fun, too, and is inspired to further heights. To that end, hiatuses have a two month limit, maximum. Anything further will have to be discussed with a mod, and will need a pretty good excuse.

13) You aren't allowed to leave chat. Ever.

14) Mio isn't allowed to strike-through my rules. can strike through any rules she wants.

15) Neither Mark nor Chris are allowed to drop. Ever. >:c

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