Rosette Christopher
Rosette Christopher
Fandom Chrno Crusade
Gender Female
Date of Birth 1912
Age 16
Aliases N/A
Place of Birth NY, USA
Occupation Sister/Exorcist of the Magdalene Order
Known Relatives Joshua Christopher (missing)
Significant Other N/A
Known Abilities Exorcising demons, sharp shooting, breaking things
First Appearance London Bridge is falling down...

Fiery, gun-toting, demon exterminating nun~ Played by Jailbait Caitlin.


Rosette Christopher is of average height, and sleight build – standing at a bit over five and a half feet, and looking generally like a young woman should look; simply pretty and slender. If one looks closer, they will notice some evident muscle on her frame though, and it is obvious that she is no stranger to a degree of physical activity. She has medium length orange hair, falling to just past her shoulders, bangs just to her vibrant blue eyes, and framing her face, though it is often mostly hidden under her veil.

She most commonly wears the uniform of the Magdalene Order – a blue nun's outfit. It was a blue headdress fringed with white, and the dress itself is blue, save for the golden decorations on the sleeves, and the white bodice. Uncustomary for a Sister, however, her skirt has slits on both sides, allowing for easier movement. She also wears a pair of thick brown gloves, thigh high white stockings, and brown boots. She tends to carry around guns and weaponry with her, most notably a Colt M1911 pistol. Besides the pistol, her other most notable possession is her pocket watch – it not only looks nothing like a regular one, but one may be able to tell it is of great importance. It is blue in the centre, the exterior mostly brown, with gold ends. Rosette constantly wears it around her neck.


Rosette Christopher, at first glance, can be described as arrogant, clumsy, brash, loud, obnoxious, impulsive, unreliable, reckless, and temperamental. And most of this, to an extent, is very true about her. She is not the sort to always think he action through thoroughly, or to handle situations with great care. She often ends up breaking things, or acting with a temper.

However, she has only the purest of intention behind her actions. While there is the occasional simple drive of curiosity and her own motives, she is an incredibly loyal person, and most of her actions – even the ones that are driven by her own motives – are all for the sake of her friends, family, people she cares about, or anyone that needs protecting. While she may sometimes act in a stupid way, it is usually because she genuinely believes it is the best course of action to benefit others. She is not afraid to sacrifice herself for the people she cares about, and the innocent.

Generally, despite her visible flaws, she still displays a caring, compassionate side, as well as a definite optimism and honesty, and when the situation truly calls for it, she can handle it with a reasonable level of calm and level headedness – sometimes.


Rosette is an honest and reliable person – she even prays for forgiveness when she lies. She is hard working and dedicated, and can be trusted to get the job done, some way or another, even if not always with quite the desired results.

She can also defend herself quite well – she is well trained with firearms, and has an excellent shot, with her weapon of choice being the pistol mentioned before. With her she carries several clips of the order's standard fare bullet – called 'Sacred', and have holy properties from the holy water contained inside. She also carries five bullets called 'Gospel', the more powerful alternative to the 'Sacred', made from alchemised silver, as opposed to standard materials. These bullets are more powerful, but have more kickback.

Her pocket watch has the ability to release the true power of her partner, Chrono, but is useless with him absent.


Rosette's biggest weakness is the same as her biggest fear – the people she cares about, and the innocents. She can't stand the idea of them getting hurt, and would sacrifice herself in order to protect and help those who need and deserve it.

She is also sometimes reckless and clumsy. In the Order, she is notorious for breaking things when she goes on missions, whether it's the cars she's leant or the buildings she's investigating – though the stories are often exaggerated.

And the pocket watch is the key to her major physical weakness – whenever the powers of the watch are activated, it drains away at her life force; weakening her body and shortening her life span. As it stands, she will likely not live past the age of thirty.


Rosette's most obvious fear is of the people she cares most about getting hurt. She would do absolutely anything to protect those close to her – especially her younger brother, Joshua. Though she is growing used to it, because of her profession and her best friend/partner, things like satanic rituals, and demons still leave her a bit unsettled; especially the people who abuse such things for their own gain, only to cause serious harm to themselves and others. Madness in others also causes her to grow a little frightened…

Also, in light of a recent incident, she won't be incredibly fond of puppets for a while.


Rosette Christopher and her younger brother Joshua Christopher were orphans from a young age – they could not remember their parents, and the orphanage and the people there had always been home and family to them.

They were happy like that, but Joshua was sickly – and unique. Eventually, when Rosette was eleven, a man called Minister Remington began to visit frequently; he had an evident interest in Joshua, and wanted to take him in with him, to the Magdalene Order. And Rosette, of course, would have none of this. She snuck Joshua away, planning to hide him in the forest with her, hoping the Remington would give up, go away, and the leave the happy siblings alone. They were fine the way they were, and even if Joshua was sick, he didn't need anyone to protect him besides his older sister.

While out in the forest one day, though, the pair accidentally stumbled upon an ancient, underground tomb – and a strange you man that sat within it. He ended up explaining, to them, that he was a devil, and that they should be frightened of him, and leave him. The two, however (and especially Joshua, who was interested in things like the occult), were hardly scared at all. If anything, they were curious about him. The siblings made fast friends with the devil, who was called Chrono. And they were happy like that.

Until everything went to Hell.

Nearly literally.

First, Joshua – getting even sicker all of a sudden – decided on his own that he would go with Minister Remington. He didn't want to worry her anymore; he wanted to become strong, for her. And it turned out that Remington wasn't the only one after Joshua. A devil from Chrono's past called Aion appeared, and proclaimed that he had given Chrono's horns (the source of their power, he explained to Rosette) to someone else – and told her that her brother was wonderful. Chrono grabbed Rosette, and rushed her back to the orphanage, where Joshua remained. Chrono collapsed when they returned, but Rosette rushed forward, finding everyone in a panic – something was happening to Joshua, and Chrono made it forward, shouting at her to stay back. There was a sudden burst of light – and everyone froze. They turned into something like statues, literally frozen in fear.

And then Joshua came out – he was covered in blood, and two horns were protruding from his skull. He spoke of stopping everyone – and how good it felt to do it. He said things that scared her – but when she shouted at him that it wasn't like him, something seemed to change for a moment. He seemed unsure and afraid, and began to cry; but as soon as she grabbed his blood covered hands, he began to scream – asking for the noise to stop, and shoving Rosette away, telling her to get away before he stopped her, too.

A whirlwind started, and Chrono whisked Rosette away while Joshua 'stopped' everything, and tried to explain. Rosette would hear nothing of it, and tried to get Chrono to help, but he was too weak to do much any more – even carrying her in the air like that was pushing his limits. He mentioned a contract – and she began to demand if it would help Joshua. He tried to explain the concept – and how it would sap away her very life. He warned her against it, and told her of the pain it would cause, how she would live only a fraction of the time – but she didn't care. She just needed to protect Joshua. And she didn't want it to end like that. She begged him to let them create the contract – and he gave in. She formed the contract with Chrono – and they swore to somehow help Joshua, someday.

Rosette ended up going the Magdalene Order as a nun, and spent the next few years, with the help of Chrono and the order, looking for Joshua. As more leads began to turn up, she began to search more and more, while performing missions for the order itself. After a particularly tiring incident involving misinformation, a trap, a spider-demon and puppets, Rosette had been tired, back at the Order, before eventually (not watching where she was going), she managed to trip…


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