Fandom Bloodrayne
Gender Female
Date of Birth February 14, 1914
Age 94
Aliases Bloodrayne, The Dhampir Assassin
Place of Birth New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Freelance Demon Hunter/Demon Assassin
Known Relatives Far too many to list
Fuck Buddy Jono
Known Abilities Super strength/speed/reflexes/healing. Aura Vision, Blood Rage, Dilated Perception.
First Appearance Just A Little Bit Nervous

Rayne is a red headed, half vampire, demon ass kicking bad ass, with a penchant for leather, and a love of sex, violence, or sometimes both. What else do you need to know?


Considering she's 94, Rayne looks damned good for her age. Very damned good, considering she looks to be in her early to mid twenties. Standing at 5'11" while barefoot, her skin is ghostly pale thanks to her little problem with UV light, though the rest of her is colorful enough to make up for it.

With bright red, chin length hair, and emerald green eyes, she is certainly a beauty. Add in the fact that she has curves in all the right places and has a preference for leather clothing, and she becomes a knock out. Of course, there is the little things that tend to sometimes throw men and women alike for a loop… Her fangs being one of them, along with the fact that her eyes can flash red at times. Perhaps the fact that she always has at least /one/ weapon on her at all times is a bit of a turn off as well.


Rayne is at times very simple, and at other times, extremely complicated. She can be blunt, sarcastic, rude, and a downright bitch because she sees it like it is, and tells it like she sees it. Other times, she can be highly manipulative, and will do anything to learn something she needs to know, or get something done, whether it be torture, seduction, or other interrogation methods that have proved tried and true for the dhampir.

However, when things don't go her way, her wicked temper shows, and she has no qualms about hurting, or killing, anybody she doesn't consider innocent or on her side. Rayne is also an extremely confident, if not cocky person. The only way to make her believe that anyone is better than her is to find a way to prove it, usually through some sort of fight, and nobody is out of her league, though she considers many not worth her time or effort.


Thanks to Rayne's vampire half, she is stronger than any human could ever hope to be, with all of her reflexes on super high levels, and durability higher than most. She can jump to a little over ten feet in the air, and cling to walls when she needs to. Her learned abilities highly outweigh the skills she was born with though. Having trained since she can remember, she is highly skilled in martial arts, and melee fighting. She can use guns at a professional level, along with most blades. her main weapons are two large blades that are strapped to her wrists, on pivots, so they can swing an rotate with the flick of the wrist, before locking back in place with a simple wrist movement. Rayne also has harpoon mounted on her left wrist, which she uses to mainly pull enemies closer to her. Probably her least used weapon are, of all things, her boots. The heels have been removed and fitted with six inch steel spikes. As for other abilities, she has three vampiric abilities that appeared over time; Aura Vision, Dilated Perception, and Blood Rage.

Aura Vision gives her a sort of night vision for energy. She can see through walls to view people's auras to locate them. With this ability, she can also see how healthy people are. People at top health are a bright and vibrant blue, which fades and starts to turn into a sickly yellow as people deteriorate and die. Dilated Perception is when her mind processes things faster during battle, slowing time down in a sense, and giving Rayne more time to consider her options and situation. Finally, Blood Rage is when she hits her fighting peak, which can only come after feeding. Her eyes turn red, and she becomes faster and stronger for a short amount of time.

Her aging is also heavily slowed. While she aged normally while younger, it slowed and plateaued when she entered her second decade in life. She still ages, but at a much slower rate than humans.


Because she is a only half vampire, her weaknesses are not as pronounced as a normal vampire's, though they are still there. While religious symbols have no effect on her, holy water certainly burns. Any water burns, actually, though it doesn't instantly destroy her, like full blooded vampires. The same goes with sunlight. It hurts her, certainly, and it hurts quite a damn bit, but it's not an instant death wish. The lack of ability to use water also puts her at a disadvantage for getting clean, though she has found things to substitute soap and water.

Her need for blood poses a weakness to her as well, at times when supply is short. She can normally go without blood for a few days, but after that, she starts feeling the withdrawal, becoming weaker in every aspect until she can feed again.The fact that she can't substitute normal food for blood, or even eat normal food certainly doesn't help her dependability on the red substance.


Rayne says herself that she doesn't fear, she hates, though she would never admit that inside her seething balls of hatred, there are small centers of fear. Her main hated and fear is not only the idea of losing, but the outcome of what could happen to her and others because of her lost. It's because of this that she is a competitive person is almost all things, and does her absolute best to do anything it takes to win.

Her second fear, and hatred, is her father, Kagan. Kagan not only raped Rayne's mother, but killed her as well, along with her whole family. Later in Rayne's life, he stormed the Brimstone Society's Headquarters, and killed everyone insidewhile Rayne was away on a mission. He supposedly died in an explosion that night, but her fear of him continues on, even as she vows to find a way to extract vengeance on her mother and her family.


Born in America, in 1914, Rayne's birth was not exactly a happy event. After all, birthing a dhampir was not exactly the best news in the world, especially back in such times, and especially if the child had been concieved through less than pleasant means. Her mother still kept her, and loved her, however, and eventually found ways to raise a dhampir child, dealing with her strength, and odd hungers. Of course, all good things must come to an end, and they did in a horrifying way.

Her mother barely had time to hide her before Kagan, Rayne's vampire father burst in, and the massacre started. Murdering her mother and the rest of her family one by one, it was easy for Kagan to find the yooung girl after everyone else had died. He told her that her fear smelled more potent than the blood all over the walls and floor, before explaining to the terrified girl that this was nothing personal. It was a policy of his, for all of his half breed children, to keep the rest of the world from coming after their kind with their weapons, and killing them all. it was also to make taking the child and raising it as his own, under his own influence.

It was the idea of being raised by this madman that had Rayne acting out. Quickly lashing out at him and taking him by surprise, the little dhampir managed to injure Kagan enough to make an escape. Outside, she was just as in much danger, if not more than in Kagan's care. However, in Rayne's mind, she was free, and that was more important. Her first few weeks of living without the support of her mother was tough. She was reduced to feeding from rats, and finding abandoned buildings to hide from the sunshine and rain. However, it was on the street that she was finally able to explore with her powers as well, something she had never been allowed to do under her mother's roof.

Teaching herself how to fight, and eventually how to hunt and steal, it only took a few years for Rayne to acquire a pair of blades and began tearing through both the human and vampire worlds, looking for the bastard that had killed her mother. Her search eventually led her to Europe in the early 1930s, where she was apprehended for several murders. While the police were unbelieving to her story, and that she had killed vampires that had deserved to die, they were also incompetent. It was easy for her to escape and continue her search.

It was soon after this that she received her invitation from the Brimstone Society, a secret and underground society that was working to eradicate all supernatural forces of evil from the planet. Believing it might help her find her father quicker, she accepted. After joining the society, she went through more training, perfecting her fighting methods, and learning how to use her weapons correctly and effectively. Over the years, she went through various missions, from cleaning out an dead town in Louisiana, where all the inhabitants had been infected and turned into monsters, to taking down the main members of a paranormal Nazi society and shutting them down for good.

It was after one of these missions that she returned to find the Brimstone Society invaded, and all of it's members massacred, by Kagan and his group of lackies, who were there to find something called the Vesper Shard. However, Rayne was stolen on the pleasure of killing Kagan herself, barely managing to escape before a still barely living member of the Society set off a grenade in the room, where the vampires had gathered. Because she hadn't been the one to kill Kagan herself, she vowed to hunt down and kill every one of his family members, just as he had done to her.

Over the next few decades, she righteously hunted down her half siblings, murdering them in cold blood and funding her quest illegally, by stealing artifacts and selling them on the black market. It was during one of these side missions, stealing an ancient pendant that had belonged to some queen that Rayne had jumped over the side of a building, and landing womewhere she hadn't planned on. Instead of the street below, she had landed in a rather odd foyer in a rather odd house…


Night 001

  • Rayne arrives at Dollsy. [Thread]
  • Rayne meets Jack Ferriman after he arrives. [Thread]
  • Rayne is shot by Machi. [Thread]
  • Rayne cleans up in a bathroom. [Thread]
  • Rayne and Namine bond. [Thread]
  • Rayne finds food, and a new plaything. [Thread]
  • Rayne fights the Hellhounds for the first time. [Thread]
  • Anita and Rayne fight things. [Thread]

Day 002

  • Rayne and Zetsu bond. Somehow. [Thread]
  • Rayne defiles Jono. Thread]
  • Rayne finds Namine in the Greenhouse, before Al finds them. [Thread]
  • Rayne stumbles upon a group of letter hunters while exploring the new additions to the house. [Thread]
  • Rayne attacks Yukimi in the kitchen. [Thread]

Night 002

  • Rayne teaches Namine how to use throwing knives. [Thread]
  • After being severely burnt, Rayne goes feral as her her, Zetsu, and Namine meet Dollsy's pets. [Thread]

Day 003

  • Rayne finds Jono for some help with getting clean. [Thread]
  • Rayne ends up collared to Anna, and reats badly to a spell cast on her. [Thread]

Night 003

  • Rayne dies sometime during the night, after fighting all three dogs by herself.

Day 004

  • Rayne and Namine wander into the Greenhouse to find some breakfast for Rayne, and find Mewtwo, Zetsu, and Mio. [Thread]
  • They all move from the Greenhouse to the Kitchen where Rayne makes blood in a coffee pot, and Zetsu vomits. Luckily, not in the coffee pot. [Thread]
  • Rayne lulls Namine to sleep with a bedtime story. [Thread]
  • Rayne raids Larxene's closet for material to make clothes for Namine, and meets Suigintou. [Thread]
  • Rayne meets Dean Winchester. Oh, boy. [Thread]

Night 004

  • Rayne leaves Namine with Mewtwo, where she will hopefully be safe while she explores the house.
  • Rayne finds a dead baby in the nursery. [Thread]
  • Rayne is disemboweled and loses an arm during a fight with the hellhounds. Luckily, he can fix her up. [Thread]
  • Rayne kills Machi. Finally. [Thread]
  • After a lot of healing, Rayne begans a plan to seduce Anita. [Thread]

Day 005

  • Rayne, Jack, and Zero explore the newly discovered tunnels under the house. [Thread]
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