Mutou Yuugi
Mutou Yuugi
Fandom Yugioh: Duel Monsters
Gender Male
Date of Birth June 4th
Age 16/17
Place of Birth Domino City, Japan
Occupation Playing CARD GAMES, also, being a student
Known Relatives Mutou Sugoroku (grandfather), Mama (… his mother)
Significant Other Would Atem count? He's Yuugi's other, and quite significant.
Known Abilities Playing CARD GAMES, being a super nice person
First Appearance Careful, you be careful.


  • Yuugi is just barely under five feet tall and has a slim build. Along with his gigantic purple eyes, he has a tiny nose and mouth that leave his face looking a bit unbalanced. His hair is ridic, star-shaped, and tri-colored, with his bangs being gold and the rest of his hair being black-tipped-red and three-dimensionally impossible. He's a pretty bizarre-looking, tiny person.
  • For clothing, he wears his school uniform just about everywhere. It includes a white button-down shirt, blue pants, and a blue and white jacket with a high collar. He also wears a leather collar, two belts around his waist, and a pair of sneakers. His backpack — which he carries with him everywhere he goes — is obviously well-used.


  • The first thing to be noted about Yuugi's personality is that he is very compassionate and self-sacrificing, even to a fault. He never puts his own well-being before that of others, no matter what the situation may be, to the frustration and bewilderment of some of the 'others'. The things he holds most dear in life are the people he cares about, particularly 'the other him' or 'his other self' (Atem), his closest friends (Jounouchi, Anzu, and Honda), and his grandfather.
  • Where bravery is concerned, Yuugi would charge into a burning building without a second thought for the sake of his friends — or anyone, really — but freezes up at the thought of telling Anzu about his feelings for her, the point where he doesn't even allow himself to realize that he HAS feelings for her. He is generally gutsier depending on the severity of the situation/whether or not his friends — or family, or again, anyone, really — are in trouble or upset. It's much easier for him to do things for others than for himself.
  • Yuugi has a wide range of emotions, and they often show plainly on his face. The only times he's very good at hiding his feelings are when he believes they'll be problematic for someone else. He cries easily, and while he never seems to be embarrassed by that, he is frequently embarrassed by other things. Girls, when he is thinking — or forced to think — of them as girls, tend to make him blush, especially if they are touching him for any reason. He's a bit of a closet pervert, and not very smooth with those of the opposite sex.
  • Yuugi is a complete dork for games, and becomes close to gleeful at the chance to play one. He's pretty child-like in this aspect, though he can be very mature when the situation calls for it. While he starts off very lacking in any sort of self-assurance and is quick to give up, throughout the course of the series he becomes more confident and determined. Another change that can be seen in his character is shown through his interactions with others. He's very much a loner at first, semi-content to hang out by himself and play his games, though he wishes for friends more than anything else in the world. By the end of the series, he is surrounded by friends, some of them even being former enemies.
  • He is, at heart, an optimist. Yes, the glass is half full. Actually, don't you think it looks a little closer to two-thirds full? He prefers trusting people to not trusting them, and even after someone has wronged/betrayed/insulted/injured/otherwise brought harm or discomfort to him, he'll give them the benefit of the doubt time and again. Mess with his friends, and it's a slightly different story. Forgiveness comes after the beatdown in that case. While Atem is usually the person to fill the role of the 'beat-downer', Yuugi is able to step up when it's required of him.
  • Despite the growth he experiences as a person over the course of the series, Yuugi is somewhat prone to self-identity issues and doubting himself because he spent much of his life dealing with those things. He draws strength from the people he cares about, and struggles without them. (Basically, his outlook on life will fluctuate depending on whether or not he has canonmates/is able to make new, close friends.)


  • Yuugi is pretty normal; there's not much to say about 'special' abilities except that he's particularly talented when it comes to solving puzzles and playing games. Since defeating Atem, he's technically gained the title of 'King of Games', and in a world where such a title is even handed out, you know that's srz bsnz.
  • His compassion is also considered to be one of his 'abilities', but it's not like he has super power or anything; he's just exceptionally kind, to the point where it allows him to do things he wouldn't normally be able to do as long as he's doing them for the benefit of someone else. For example: defeating Atem in the final duel of the series. Until that point, Yuugi is shown taking part in a very limited number of duels; he has an obvious talent for it but ends up losing about as many duels as he wins. It's hard to believe that he could defeat Atem using strength alone. The reason he is able to defeat his other self is because he cares deeply for Atem and wants him to have the best future that he can, even at a great cost to Yuugi himself.
  • Another of his strengths is his adaptability. Due to the nature of his connection with Atem, only one of them can be physically present in the real world at a time. (They share a body, with each one taking turns of control at different times.) Generally, Atem assumes control of the body in an urgent situation and takes the aggressive mode, while Yuugi is more passive and takes on the role of the supporter. He's very good at this, often providing Atem with the encouragement and backup support that he needs to defeat their opponents. As the series continues, Yuugi is occasionally forced to take the role of 'attacker' and proves himself to be quite good at that as well. Admittedly, he develops this ability as a result of watching Atem and 'chasing after him, wanting to be like him', but that doesn't change the fact that he makes great strides as a duelist without actually participating in very many duels.
  • As for 'weapons', all he has are his and Atem's decks. This includes the God Cards, though they are sadly useless since he can't summon them. Simply put, the only weapons he possesses and is aware of are some pretty pieces of paper with moderately scary-looking pictures on them.


  • Many of Yuugi's weaknesses tie in with his strengths, with his most noticeable strength being his kindness and one of his most noticeable weaknesses being his naivety. I won't sugarcoat it; Yuugi is occasionally naive to the point of being downright stupid. He's repeatedly shown to notice something suspicious or even dangerous about a certain situation, comment on it, and then completely brush it off a moment later. It takes a LOT to get him to be genuinely distrustful of another person; he always sees the good in people before he sees the bad and that's something that has repeatedly earned him friends while simultaneously leaving wide openings for his enemies. It should be noted that Yuugi's trusting nature is particularly abnormal in his world, which sometimes seems to be downright lawless. (It doesn't seem as though the general population believes powerful people should be punished for their misdeeds, for example, and generally when punishment DOES rain down — whether on the just or the unjust — it's highly disproportionate to the crime. There are a lot of sociopathic people in this series.)
  • Another of Yuugi's weak points is his dependency on others, which is countered by the fact that he draws most of his strength from the people he cares about. Early in the series, when he doesn't have any friends and allows himself to be cut off from pretty much everyone aside from his grandfather and occasionally his friend from elementary school (Mazaki Anzu), he is shown to be an insecure, lonely, and for-the-most-part spineless teenager. By the end of the series, he has many friends, a lot more confidence in himself, and a deeper sense of character (duelist's honor, and all that), but a brief regression to his former insecurity at a critical moment — when it becomes obvious that Atem is going to leave — suggests that he still needs the people around him to keep his faith in himself.
  • Because of his naivety and selflessness, Yuugi is very easy to manipulate. Of course, he's a terrible liar himself. Another weak point is his childishness; he has a somewhat disproportionate love of games that could (and does) prove to be distracting to him. A look at his grades will prove that.
  • As for physical weaknesses, Yuugi is pretty much a pipsqueak. His canon weight is ninety-three pounds, but he probably weighs even less than that after some of his experiences at Memoir (the setting of his first game). You could toss this kid across the room with one hand, and people have. Not only is Yuugi no match for… just about anyone in a physical fight, he'd pretty much refuse to fight back even if it was an option. He prefers to settle his battles the honorable way — with card games, of course — so any slightly dishonorable opponent could take him out pretty quickly. (See above, regarding his mind-boggling and facepalm-worthy naivety.)


  • Most of Yuugi's fears are people-related; he's very afraid of being alone and of losing the people close to him. Originally, he also seems to have a fear OF people, or at the very least, a fear of letting them get too close to him. Even his 'best friend since elementary school', for example, doesn't know much about him or his family and hardly seems to visit his home at first. Over the course of the series, Yuugi learns to trust people more and more and this fear is pretty much abated, though it might show itself again in times of particular stress.
  • He doesn't seem to have any phobias, and isn't shown to be noticeably affected even by some pretty common fears (heights, fire, death, etc.) Thanks to the often-psychopathic villains of Yuugiou, he's been through some pretty horrific experiences, like having his soul sucked out of his body (more than once), getting pummeled (frequently) by bullies/gang members/people in general, and being used as a 'sacrifice' for a duel in which every time Atem lost life points, more and more of Yuugi's body was painfully eaten away by darkness, and that's just to name a few. He doesn't seem very scared during any of these experiences, just worried about the other people involved and determined to get through whatever is happening to him so that he and Atem can get back to completing their longterm goals.
  • As for much less crippling fears, Yuugi doesn't care for caves (thanks to an experience in his last game), becomes nervous around people who are angry or very loud spoken, becomes nervous around GIRLS, and is very easily startled.


  • Recent History (history from the other game at which I played this character): Since the loss of his other self, Yuugi's outlook on his life has become more pessimistic, and he's frustratingly unsure of what to do with himself. On top of that, a number of things happened to him in Memoir that further chipped away at his self-confidence, the most notable being his meeting with alternate versions of people from his world, including — among others — an alternate Atem (named Maboroshi) and an alternate version of himself. Upon learning that that are at least two other worlds in which alternate versions of himself and his other self have not been separated, he's grown to be very uncertain of whether or not he did the right thing in helping the Atem from his own world move on to the afterlife. He tries not to dwell on it, but is unable to ignore the implications of such a mistake.
  • While in Memoir, he tried to do the best for himself and others by making new friends, getting a job, and promising himself that he would make sure Maboroshi made it back to his own world and his own Yuugi safely. Despite trying to keep himself busy and focused, Yuugi couldn't help but lose heart as the days passed by with no revelation as to why he and the others had been brought to Memoir, and no apparent chance of them being able to return home.
  • He gained no special powers while in Memoir or anything like that; only the knowledge of the existence of other worlds and the acquaintances of some people from those worlds. That and his new gloominess are the only pertinent changes to his character.


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