Mio Amakura
Mio Amakura
Fandom Fatal Frame
Gender Female
Date of Birth 1973
Age 15
Aliases N/A
Place of Birth Minakami region, Japan
Occupation N/A
Known Relatives Shizu Amakura (mother), Misao Amakura (father;spirited away), Kei Amakura (uncle) & Mayu Amakura (twin sister;spirited away)
Significant Other N/A
Known Abilities Empathizing with and exorcising ghosts, disabling diclonious' vectors, killing Zetsu's clones
First Appearance I can't keep our promise.

Dollsy's local camera loli and exorcist who fights ghosts with a camera.


Mio's short, black hair is kept down at all times. It falls down to an inch or two above her shoulders. Her bangs are kept short and hang more to one side. Her eyes are a very dark brown color. She doesn't adorn her face with any make up or jewelry and her skin is fairly pale.

She wears a black bikini-strapped tank top, the collar itself has a pattern going across it, with a distinguishable butterfly in the center. Only the collar and the sleeves of it can be seen as she wears another, slightly more modest shirt over it. The shirt itself trimmed with a square, white collar, along the sides of which a small portion diverts with what looks like a few flowers. In the center there is a small V going down the middle, where a red bow is tied. The bow resembles a crimson butterfly, with the antennas as fabric attached to the V and the knot as the body. The double-died bows and the loose ends take on the appearance of wings.

The main portion of the shirt is of a light brown color, with white trim around the sleeves. Her skirt is also of a white color with a few patterns going across the bottom. Small circles and the occasional triangle start it off. Below this is a glossy material with a triangular design going across, each of which have a few crosses inside. Rimming this is more white, thin trim.

Her leggings are of a black color and go some inches past her knees, with a smaller version of the same pattern design rimming her skirt in a black color. She also wears long, white stocks and buckle-up dress shoes with a white clasp and a black strap going across her ankle.

In addition to all this she carries around a simple black flashlight and a very old, worn, somewhat large black camera with her. The camera itself is decorated with gold accents and designed with characters around the edge of the lenses, which glow when a hostile ghost is in slight. The filament glows a red color in this case as well. There's a makeshift strap attached to the camera so that she can hang it around her neck when it's not in use as well.


Mio is a character who carries a lot of guilt over her childhood trauma, which has lead to her maturing, probably too fast. Since she promised Mayu that they would always be together, that she would protect her, Mio seems to have learned to take care of them both. On the same token, it's lead to her being a very selfless character, willing to put the needs of her sister (and judging by the canon ending, others as well) well above her own.

She is a character who is no stranger to tragedy and is able to handle it better than most, having had already had her father die and her bother be hospitalized, and then seen and given her twin a limp. Still, she is rather young to have so much responsibility and pressure and the end result appears in not knowing how to handle things, she's become clingy, even painfully dependent on her twin, Mayu. Presumably, most of her life choices, her actions, were decided and done with or for Mayu.

Another result of being so dedicated to her sister is that Mio's become a rather secluded character. She's never been one to branch out, as her and Mayu's relationship was something of a codependency. The end result is that she can be socially awkward (not to be confused with being downright shy) and unsure as to how to deal with strangers on her own as a whole. On the flipside, though, she is an intelligent character who, at this point is used to dealing with ghosts and such nasty things. Otherwise she is a generally very collected, but serious character. Calm enough to deal with blood filled rooms and ghosts without more than a little "WTF"ing, just not being separated from her sister.

Of course that's not to say she's not at all skittish, though. She probably wouldn't respond well to most horror material in general, just that she can handle it without completely locking up and that it pales in comparison to her reaction to other things. She generally a serious character as well. She's dealt with a lot of tragedy and seen much more, as a result she doesn't care to hear most jokes, particularly those about death or disabilities. On the same token, she isn't one to crack jokes herself. Still, she's generally pleasant, although a little sullen over her circumstances.

Despite her maturity and ability to keep from giving into the panic rat around ghosts and monsters, she's still a fifteen year old girl. As such, when allowed to she's sensitive to gore and unpleasant things. Aforementioned inability to deal with social situations makes it to where she's uncomfortable being alone in large crowds as well. She can handle it, but she prefers to have someone she knows close by. Questions, poking, expectations and things make her uncomfortable.


Camera Obscura can exorcise ghosts and has room for growth (and cause temporary blindness, too…but all cameras can do that). Canonically the weakest film seems to be infinite (I'm guessing it regenerates) as well. She also has a spirit radio which allows her to hear voices contained within Spirit Stones. She also has a fairly strong sixth sense, although not as strong as her sister's.

The power of the Camera Obscura also allows her to form "links" with ghosts, which strenghtens her ability to emphasize with ghosts amongst other things. It can temporarily disable diclonious' vectors and kill Zetsu's clones.


Camera Obscura can only do so damage against ghosts, there are some that won't even appear in viewfinder. Also, her dependency on her sister. Stronger films are in limited supply and can be gone through like water. Her ability to emphasize ghosts can be emotionally crippling and effect her sense of judgment. She can be a little on the slow side, too.

While not inclined to panic during foreign situations, she easily worries for those she cares about, even if her fears are unfounded. In the same way if something happens, the guilt is easy to pack on and Mio becomes easy to manipulate.


Mio has a definite fear of hostile ghosts as a whole, something that's only grown as she's dealt with them time and time again. Those that cannot be exorcise, whether it be because of the camera not registering them or simply not appearing in viewfinder, are especially so due to the nature of them. She also has a crippling fear of losing or something happening to her sister or anyone else who she's grown attached to, something that stems from an often-times less obvious, but definitely existent fear of abandonment. She doesn't want to be left behind any more than her sister.


Mio is the twin sister to Mayu Amakura and the second born, although by All God's Village standards she would be the older of the two. When the two were younger, they lived in the Minakami area and would play in the forest there. At some point when the two were still very young, not only did their father disappeared, but Mio's goading and teasing caused Mayu to slip and fall while desperately trying to catch up to Mio. This caused a permanent limp.

The end result was Mio feeling responsible and guilty and vowing to take care of her sister. At some point they moved with their mother, Shizu Amakura, who told the twins their father had died. After her father's dead her mother packed up and left the Minakami area, but she never quite recovered from the loss of her husband or her daughter's accident. She became distant and bordered on being neglectful, which lead to Mio becoming more attached to her sister and lead to the dependency growing. This forced the young girl to grow up too fast.

She never thought much of this and accepted it to be normal. Some years after this the two fell under the care of Kei Amakura, their mother's brother, as her mother became hospitalized. Soon after they found out about the dam that would be created in the Minakami area and decided to visit their old play area one last time.

Begin in game, the two initially are near a flowing river and Mio starts to bring up the incident that lead to Mayu's limp, only to find that she's gone chasing a Crimson Butterfly. Following her she found herself in an area she didn't recognize. Following her she saw the sudden vision of another woman in a white kimono, and reaching out the vision of her choking her. After this she lost sight of her sister again, but found another girl in a white kimono by a torii gate, sobbing and apologizing. When she found Mayu again, countless crimson butterflies appeared behind her. Questioning her only leads to her sister talking about "The Lost Village".

This starts the two's journey through the village. The first house they visit, the Osaka house, introduces them more fully to the wonderful world of ghosts, the first of many being Miyako Sudo, who is first seen by a vision that Mayu shares with Mio and later as she guides them through the house, then locking them in the door. Here is where Mio finds a flashlight and the Camera Obscura, which she manages exorcises Miyako with through pure, dumb luck and in turn learns of it's true power.

After a little more exploring and a true battle with Miyako, Mio passes out, only to come to and find her twin has disappeared. Mayu only apologizes to her and leaves, chasing after crimson butterflies, but leaves behind her magatama behind. This begins Mio's long and seemingly futile attempt to be reunited with her sister. Along the way she meets Itsuki, the only ghost who seems to genuinely want to help her, who tells her that she ("Yae" ) and Mayu ("Sae") have to escape.

He's not the only one to believe her to be Yae, of course. The rest of the residents do as well, including Sae herself. But Mio takes it all in stride, and is at a few points reunited with her sister, only to have a locked door or a cage or a mob of villagers tear them apart again just after Mio'd told Mayu she wouldn't leave her again. At some point it's possible, even probable that Mio came to realize that her sister was possessed by Sae, but it didn't' discourage her. She was determined to escape the plan the village had for them and to save Mayu.

Of course, things don't always work out as planned, as with that last separation of the villagers, Mio tripped trying to run down the stairs and…Well, you know the rest.


  • Notable IC events.


  • "Memorable quotes!"


  • Mio carries some of Zetsu's memories (and the feelings that go along with them) from the day he was dishonorably discharged.
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