Minsc (and Boo)
Fandom Baldur's Gate
Gender Male
Date of Birth ???
Age 23
Aliases ???
Place of Birth The Plains of Rashemen, Toril
Occupation Ranger/Mercenary/Adventurer
Known Relatives None
Significant Other (Dynaheir?)
Known Abilities ???
First Appearance Minsc Joins The Party!

Minsc and Boo stand ready!

(Note: Because the protagonist in Baldur's Gate is player-made, Minsc comes from a timeline where he doesn't meet him/her and get embroiled in the events of the game. He does, however, meet a few other NPCs from the original game. Lilarcor, the talking sword, is included here from the second game, because Minsc and Lilarcor go together like peanut butter and jelly.)


A hulking beast of a man, Minsc has muscles in places that people haven't given names for. Bald, scarred, and with a circular purple tattoo on his head that stretches from the front to back of the right side of his face, Minsc has a fearsome face to match his strength. However, Minsc also has a warm, friendly smile to balance out his intimidating features. He wears no jewelry, save for three mismatched earrings he wears: two small ones in his left ear and one large one on his right.

For clothing, Minsc is rarely seen without a suit of armor, preferring an enchanted suit of scale mail armor he picked up in his travels. The armor covers his entire torso and protects his shoulders, leaving only his muscular arms, neck and head vulnerable. Across his chest he wears a leather sword bandoleer for hanging his two-handed sword, for easy carrying. He also wears a quiver of enchanted arrows on his back for his composite bow, which is located on his right shoulder.

For the lower half of his body, he wears long hide pants for ease of movement, and deerskin boots, lightly enchanted to soften the noise of footsteps. As well as this, he also wears leather bracers on his ankles and wrists, to protect the joints during strenuous physical activity.

Then there's Boo, Minsc's rodent companion. Despite the big man's claims to the contrary, Boo appears to be nothing more than a diminutive hamster with white and ginger fur. He's small enough to fit easily in one of the ranger's gargantuan hands.


Minsc is a simple man with a big heart. One might say he lived in a world of fantasy, if he didn't, well, already live in a world of fantasy. His approach to life is quixotic, to say the least - his thoughts are consumed with glory, battle, honor, sharp swords, epic adventure and trusty companions. Minsc is never subtle when it comes to his feelings; he is either full-heartedly accepting or suspiciously hostile, depending on what he believes a person's moral compass to be.

Minsc speaks like he imagines a swashbuckling hero adventurer to speak - his tone of voice is often loud, his speech grandiose, and his vocabulary surprisingly varied beyond his predilection for metaphors involving swords, boots and butt-cheeks. When it comes to friendship, he is fiercely loyal, especially when it comes to those he has sworn an oath of protection to, like his witch Dynaheir.

He is also a little dim-witted. Once his trust has been earned, it is very easy to convince him to do things, even if they are foolish or risky endeavors. Despite his passion for adventure and swordplay, he has a very limited imagination, and finds it difficult to solve problems without resorting to sword or shouting. He also has an explosive temper - if he thinks he is being ridiculed, or he perceives an evil deed taking place, he gets angry, often violently so… and even bloodthirsty if the situation is exacerbated.


Minsc is big. And tough. And large. He also has a giant space hamster that talks to him. Did we mention that he's tall?

Really, though, Minsc is a seasoned barbarian ranger, and where he comes from, that means a lot. For one, it means he's rather strong. It also means he's good with animals (animal empathy and all.) He can also wear strong armor, shoot arrows, and chop things with a big sword. Not to mention, his equipment has had spell enchantments woven into it, so that his armor is stronger and takes longer to wear down, his arrows are swift and sure, his bow light-weight and accurate, and his sword sharp and swingable.

His weapon is notable on its own, really. Minsc wields Lilarcor, a heavily enchanted two-handed sword, and one of the few sentient blades in existence that talks to its owner. There's a long, detailed story behind how the fabled weapon came to be what it was, but the best summary is that Lilarcor is a talking sword that thinks like a sword - which means that it generally doesn't think about much past killing things. Minsc has been trying to teach it the virtues of being a heroic and just sword, but so far the farthest he's gotten is convincing the smart-mouthed weapon of war that killing isn't ALWAYS the answer. (Though secretly, Lilarcor believes that the other answers could only be slaughtering, maiming, and genocide.)

Minsc is skilled in other ways besides killing. In the wilderness, he has some experience in tracking animals, be they beast or men. He can move with some modicum of stealth when he has to (though his battle cry usually gives him away), and he also has some rudimentary knowledge of healing wounds from having to take care of himself after battles. (The healing potions at his belt help as well!)

As for Boo's strengths, well, he's a hamster. He can generally fit into small places and not be seen. And though it's up for debate whether Minsc can actually hear what Boo is saying (or whether or not he's a Giant Space Hamster), it's generally agreed that he's smarter than the average rodent - at least, he is when it comes to surviving the countless battles that Minsc has involved himself in (some of them involving giant fireballs.)


Despite his beefy physical exterior, Minsc has a great many weak points. For one, he's dim-witted, easily manipulated if one can get him to trust them, so long as he perceives it to be in line with his moral compass. His will-power, already somewhat compromised by resisting the wiles of his homicidal sentient sword, is frail enough on its own, and cannot withstand much in the way of psychic attacks.

In addition, he often goes berserk in the heat of combat, resulting in losing a coherent grip on reality. If he perceives a non-threatening figure while fighting, such as another inhabitant of the Dollsyhouse, there's a chance that he'll consider them a foe anyway, and react accordingly (especially if Lilarcor is goading him on to kill everything in sight, which he usually is.)


Minsc's greatest problem is that he has very little fear. He has a tendency to throw himself into the most volatile of situations, sword swinging, without thinking things ahead, and tends to come out the worst for it. When it comes to fearsome creatures, Minsc only knows fear if he can't hurt it by swinging sharp objects at it, or if he has no weapons at all to strike at it with.

He also fears failure, in the form of his dajemma. If his witch is killed, he'll become distraught, believing that he'll never be granted access to the Ice Dragon Berserker Lodge in his homeland of Rashemen. As well, if any harm or danger comes to Boo, Minsc will alternatively react with either seething rage or stupefying terror.


Growing up on the icy plains of Rashemen, Minsc was raised with the songs of heroes and the deeds of warriors. As he got older, he grew big and strong, proving his worth in various contests of strength and endurance. He learned the ways of the wilderness, how to communicate (or alternatively wrestle) animals, and how to track footprints in snow. He also learned combat with the sword, which he excelled at, if only in strength and ferocity.

Because of his obvious mental defects, the elders of his tribe were hesitant to place him on his dajemma, the rite of manhood every ranger and druid must go through to gain access to the Ice Dragon Berserker Lodge. Because of this, Minsc was prohibited from his quest for a great deal longer than most Rashemen warriors and druids. (Years, in fact.) However, after much cajoling and breaking things, the young ranger was given the task of defending the powerful, but haughty wizard Dynaheir. The elders, seeing him off on his quest, informed him not to return until his witch's secret mission was completed.

They traveled long and far across the Realms, having all sorts of splendid adventures, until they reached the edge of the Sword Coast. It was there, in Sembia, that Minsc suffered the mighty head wound he often speaks of, and not long after purchased the (supposed) Giant Space Hamster, Boo from a kindly old man with a pointy wizard's hat. Along the way, he met fellow adventurers like the druid Jaheira and the warrior Khalid, lowers and members of the Harpers, a secretive order dedicated to maintaining balance in all things. As well, in his journeys with Dynaheir he received his purple tattoo from a fellow Rashemen woman, and earned the right to wield Lilarcor after solving an intricate series of puzzles (largely assisted by his witch in this endeavor.)

It was in the Wood of Sharp Teeth, during a nightly vigil, that Minsc was spirited away in the dark of night, towards an adventure in the Dollsyhouse that he'd never forget.


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*Minsc: "Quiet! Our witch is speaking important words right now! Just keep on the lookout for danger, things to kill, yes?"

Lilarcor: "How can I keep a look out? I don't have any eyes!"

Minsc: "Boo says you speak without a mouth just fine! Hush now, lest you distract me from keeping the monsters away!"
-Minsc talking to his sword, from this thread.


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