Fandom Pokémon (Anime)
Gender Unknown (Possibly Male, Biologically an It)
Date of Birth Unknown.
Age 3+
Aliases Pokémon 150
Place of Birth A Hidden Laboratory on New Island
Occupation Pokémon
Known Relatives Mew (Cloned from)
Significant Other None.
Known Abilities High Intelligence, Telekinesis (expansive), Levitation (personal, probably still telekinesis), Mindreading (limited), Telepathy, Pokémon Moves: Psychic, Shadow Ball, Barrier, Psywave
First Appearance

Mewtwo is played by Raile (LiterateHyaena). Better pic when I find one that doesn't SUCK.


Mewtwo is bipedal creature with a humanoid posture and long, two-toed digitigrade legs (there is a vestigial toe at each 'ankle,' but it does very little, if anything, for him.) His body is also long, whitish-purple in colour with a strong purple underside and a long flexible purple tail. Mewtwo's arms are extremely thin and contain nearly no visible muscle, but are of decent enough length for them to be moderately useful should he ever need them. (He uses telekinesis for nearly everything, however, so mostly they're used for gesturing.) He has three rounded fingers on each "hand," but no distinctive thumb, limiting their actual use to grasping functions and similar things. He has two "horns" on his head that are basically ears, though they are solid and full of cartilage/bone. Facially, Mewtwo tends to be very inflexible; his expression is nearly constantly cold or angry and his mouth is never used to smile. His eyes are very severe and have purple irises.

One of the most notable features of Mewtwo's physiology is the tube extending from the back of his skull to his spine. It's not exactly a neck, as it provides no substantial support to the head; instead, it functions primarily as a secondary spinal cord, or a system of nerves, which connects blood vessels and other transmissions to what might be a second brain in his chest. (Okay, it is a second brain. Shut up.)


While vengeful, brooding, and articulate, Mewtwo is aloof, cold, calculating, merciless, and way too smart for anyone's good, especially yours. He's very aggressive and will take very small excuses for battle, which might or might not be a symptom of his (its?) inherently short temper and the repeated recombining of its DNA. While he clearly outranks any living Pokémon, Mewtwo is especially scornful (or it resentful?) of humans, whom he views as weak and heartless - heartless enough to create him (and, unbeknownst to him, Ambertwo) the way they did - though he holds some grudging respect for… well, okay, for Ash, who demonstrated incredible compassion even in the face of Mewtwo's own inimitable cruelty. He has learned that some humans have good in their hearts, just like Pokémon, but still prefers to avoid the entire species and has a wary opinion of them overall. Mewtwo is very serious and inhumanly intelligent, but is socially… inept, to say the least, brushing other people off or treating them coldly, without regard for their feelings. In battle, Mewtwo is nothing short of heartless and savage with his power. He has no regard for anyone, and he has no compunctions about obliterating anyone or anything in his path, so most dare not defy him.

Mewtwo secretly broods angsts a lot for a variety of reasons, but behaves very much like a powerful weapon and supposedly heartless creature, speaking as little as possible about his personal affairs as possible (which is none.) He also privately resents his method of creation, but is more than intelligent enough to know he cannot do anything about it, and thus must compensate for it instead. He makes himself into a bigger monster than he is sometimes, but there's no denying that just about every trace of compassion was wiped from him long before he was ever born.


He's fucking Mewtwo. He's the most powerful psychic Pokémon ever born or made. His 'moveset' consists of Psychic (pretty much a powerful psychic blast created solely with the power of his mind), Barrier (literally, a psychically created physical barrier that protects him from physical impacts/damage/bullets, etc. Like all moves of this type, it has a limit.), Shadow Ball (exactly what it sounds like, a ghost type attack that's almost ubiquitous to his power), and Psywave (basically used to blow shit up, although he could also use it to cripple or demonstrate his power over others if he was pushed to being angry.)

In the Dollsyhouse, Mewtwo loses his ability to teleport, as well as a lot of his mindreading/mindwiping abilities and other similar things. Obviously, his telepathic communication is still completely intact and he can still talk to other Pokémon (and maybe animals), too. Some mind-reading is possible, but it takes a lot of effort and generally isn't always worth it.


Mewtwo is physically… unimpressive, at best. His arms are thin and relatively frail, his hands unwieldy, and while his legs are strong and solid enough for walking, he doesn't have a whole lot of experience doing anything but calm striding or standing. Running is out of the question. In fact, without his powers, Mewtwo is reduced to nearly nothing (except perhaps a big ball of no-longer-psychic anger and angst). He basically relies on his psychic power absolutely; he uses it for moving, talking, fighting, working… even talking requires the aid of his psychic abilities, since he uses telepathy and a psychic 'voice' instead of the nonexistent vocal cords science decided to deny him. Typewise, Mewtwo is weak to Bug, Ghost, Dark, and Steel-type attacks, although in his case it just means they do a little bit more damage rather than almost none.

He has a suppressed memory lurking in his extraordinarily vast subconscious, though… a little girl named Amber and a hatred and grief connected to humans that's far more suppressed than anything he'd ever admit to.


Mewtwo is afraid of nothing, or so he claims. In reality, this is not quite the truth. Mewtwo is afraid a number of things, many of them heavily suppressed; the most obvious is his fear and loathing of the very idea of being subjugated, particularly (almost exclusively) by humanity… he hates and avoids humans in part because of this, and because of their heavy role in his admittedly scarred and treacherous past. He by no means fears any living being (he's far too powerful and in control for that), but the very idea of being captured and 'trained' triggers a substantial response in him and any attempt to bend or control him will result in impressive displays of power. On that topic, it has never occurred to him that he could be without the expansive powers he calls his own; however, should he encounter it… he will fear. A lot. His powers are a vital part of his identity - perhaps even the identifying feature of how he thinks of himself, and losing them would strip him of that in addition to the other obvious repercussions. As helplessness isn't really his style, there's no telling how he'd react to that, but I can guarantee it wouldn't be pretty. In fact, I'd top that out on the list: losing his powers. In the meantime, science is not his enemy but he's extremely wary around those who control it.

It is, after all, what made him.


Mewtwo has only been alive for a little over three years. Prior to that, he spent about a year maturing in a tube, accompanied (psychically) by a couple of other Pokémon and one very important human girl. Her name was Amber. Surprised? Good. (This is all canon.)

Mewtwo was created by a scientific team led by one Dr. Fuji, who (like the other scientists) was funded and hired by Team Rocket Leader Giovanni to create a Pokémon stronger and more powerful than any other, a living war weapon. To this end, the scientists took DNA from the legendary Pokémon Mew (whose eyebrow was discovered by Dr. Fuji on a previous jungle expedition to a shrine) and began to splice. Dr. Fuji, however, had a secondary motive for taking on this project - specifically, his daughter, Amber, who had been killed in a car crash, and whom he hoped to bring to life with the power of cloning.

The two projects started nearly simultaneously, and after much effort, Mewtwo (young, but physical) finally slumbers in the laboratory tube that functions as his life support and womb. Next to it is the identical tube containing Ambertwo, and as Mewtwo's mind begins to stir, he begins communicating with Ambertwo in a plane of limbo, developing a close personal bond and sharing questions and speculative answers with her through the artificial consciousness she contains. Eventually, however, (and sooner rather than later), the inability of science to create a human soul catches up with the science team that works around them, and her consciousness fades into darkness forever, leaving Mewtwo - traumatised and uncomprehending - behind. Before she goes, she leaves him with the advice that life is wonderful and that being alive is the greatest gift he has, which Mewtwo fails to understand. Overwhelmed by grief and confused by her departure, Mewtwo calls out for Ambertwo telepathically and nearly overwhelms the lab's systems with his brainwaves, but is immediately subdued by Fuji, who forcibly doses him into an artificial state of calmness and ignorance of the events that had just transpired, effectively wiping most of Mewtwo's memory. Broken by the permanent loss of his daughter for the second time, Fuji dedicates himself permanently the task of ensuring that his brainchild, Mewtwo, survives.

Which he does… but tormented in the darkness by a single memory - the memory that life is wonderful… though he cannot remember why.

Eventually, he asks himself something new: "Where am I?" The resulting brainwaves break him free of his tank, which is where the events of Pokémon: The First Movie begin. You all know it already. If you don't, go watch it. I'm not making this any longer than it already is, and let's face it: that shit is awesome.

Interestingly, the scenery of his and Ambertwo's limbo strongly resembled an underwater version of the place later known as New Island, and it remained indelibly burned into Mewtwo's memory even after the rest of their encounters faded into nothing.

Since the movie's events, Mewtwo has been living in secret with his clones, hiding to keep this new, safe life…


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