Marta Lualdi
Marta Lualdi
Fandom Tales of Symphonia
Gender Female
Date of Birth N/A
Age 16
Aliases MartMart, etc
Place of Birth Palmacosta, Sylvarant
Occupation Former Vanguard member
Known Relatives Brute Lualdi (father), Mrs. Lualdi (mother; deceased)
Significant Other None.
Known Abilities Artes, white magic, epic fangirling
First Appearance And I will not look down

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Only standing at about 5' and weighing in at 95 pounds, Marta is a tiny thing, certainly not the type of person one would expect to have had housed Ratatosk's Core for the duration of the game. She has a pale complexion and blue eyes. Interestingly, she wears two artificial flowers in her hair, that had once belonged to her mother. Her hair is long and brown, billowing out in the back and making a complete mockery of gravity with it's very existence. Much like her hair, her outfit makes a point of being both as impractical and impossible as it can be. She wears a maroon color (dark enough to easily be mistaken for being black) tank top and over this She wears a longer, white shirt with a loose, maroon collar and pale red trimming all around it and going down the center. In the middle of the collar, just above an pale red line shooting down the center is a tiny a yellow ribbon. The shirt itself has splits in the front, on the sides and in the back, possibly for ease of movement. Possibly because it's considered fashionable. Whatever the case, the shirt is shorter in the front than it is in the back, which falls a little past the edges of her skirt.

She also has a brown pouch on the back of her shirt with a cheagle (presumably Mieu) keychain attached. Tokunaga from Tales of the Abyss is visible on the back of it. She wears a pair of long gloves, starting out as black before fading to white at the wrists. She also wears a pair of thick, maroon bracelets with a gold design on the sides of them. Over both of these she wears white armwarmers, with black trim for the top and pale red for the bottom. Her skirt is short and maroon, matching the coloring of her tank top and overshirt's color, with light red triangles topped with a small dot going all along the bottom of it. Underneath this she wears black suspender tights and finally a pair of persian red stockings to go with her large, light red boots, over which she wears brown leg guards with black belts with silver buckles going down the length of them.

Her main weapon is a saw-like spinner with a red strap that can either be strapped to her wrist or held in her hand, although she generally prefers the former to the latter. Like most RPG characters, god only knows where her weapon goes for the better portion of cutscenes, but I tend to assume that she folds it and puts it in her pouch as necessary.


Marta is a hopeless romantic, the type of girl who loves fairy tales and believes in fairy tale endings where the prince and princess live happily ever after. She tends to admire happy couples, revels in love letters and who often fantasizes about receiving them herself, along with her ideal man and romantic scenarios. More than anything she wants a Prince Charming to come and save her when she's in need, who will protect her, love her, and always make her happy. In essence, what she hopes for is a perfect man that simply does not exist. As a result, at times she can build up an ideal view of someoneand completely overlooking what kind of person they truly are. This is most easily seen through Emil, who she puts on a pedestal from the start and who she desperately wants to be her knight in shining armor due to believing that he saved her in Palmacosta. She claimed to have had begun loving him right after he saved her, something which fits neatly into her ideal fantasy of being the fair maiden that had found her one true love, before growing upset when it turns out that he simply isn't like that. When confronted with that situation and those similar, her first thought is to change the opposing end in order to make it fit more neatly with her "vision" without taking their feelings into consideration.

It isn't impossible for her to stop trying to accept a person for who they are—in fact, it's easier than one might expect, it just takes a little time and sometimes an accompanying "shock" for it to occur. Really, she needs someone to snap her out of her vision and remind her that neither they, nor the rest of the world, can be exactly how they want it to be. An arguement early on with Emil made her realize that Emil is Emil, and she can't force him to be her prince. That doesn't seem to stop her to keep from fitting him into her romantic fantasy anymore than Ratatosk does, but it does open up the possibility of eventually developing of something more. While she seems to still be trying ot use him for her ideal romance, she's at least taking into account who that person (in this case, Emil) is and building things up accordingly.

This is quite simply because Marta is just too in love with the idea of being in love, of finding her one true love and having it be her only love. As a result she never quite gives up on Emil, insisting that she loves him and going as far as to beg him to say that he loves her in post-battle quotes. With the passing of time she does come to genuinely care for Emil as a dear friend, but whether or not she truly comes to love him is debatable. She tends to lean towards suggesting that she's just desperate to love and remain in love with him. This may be in part because he was her first real crush, but it could just as easily simply be circumstances. Whatever the case, even as she comes to consider Emil a close friend she continues to try and live out her romance with him and more gradually tug him into it. However, at some point it became entirely unintentional on her end and she probably didn't' even notice it. Aside from her being a romantic, her projections and obsession with keeping Emil with her the result of another facet of her personality: her dependence on others.

Alice notes at one point during the game that Marta depends on others completely. First her father to stop the Vanguard, Ratatosk to save her from members of the Vanguard while she was being chased, and then finally Emil to bail her out when she finds herself in less than ideal situations. She is capable of carrying herself to some extent, both because she had to be to begin searching for the cores and because over the course of the game she develops more confidence and independence, but even with that she still remains dependet on other people. Without someone there to cling to, to lean on and draw support from it's likely that she would break completely. She can't handle being alone, without anyone to give her courage or to handle the situation for her. Fighting monsters is a simple task, she can do that, but even just going on with day-to-day life is considerably harder, and so she tends to can latch onto people and quickly grow afraid of losing them.

This fear of losing what she's claimed has "hers" tends to rear it's ugly head in the form of jealousy that she makes no attempt to hide, especially when it comes to Emil. She's incredibly insecure about her relationship with him throughout the game, to the point where she grows annoyed with Colette, saying that she won't lose to anyone, and even telling Tenebrae that she won't lose to him when he teasingly twists Emil's words to make it seem as though Emil had been saying that he preferred the Centurion over both Marta and Colette. Emil showing interest in other girls—whether it be due to their unique and amazing personality or their appearance—tends to lead to her growing insecure, possessive, and snippy. In one after-battle quote she begins to get openly upset about Emil doing what she declares to be looking at Sheena's chest. This is almost done without any regard for his or the other person's feelings. Unintentional as it may be, she selfishly refuses to think of both him and the person he might be interested in, simply growing upset that he might be "stolen" away from him by another person. Ignore the fact that he wasn't really hers to begin with, that doesn't matter.

She openly declares herself to be an unforgiving person as well, but for the most part this is only partially true at best, insinuating that she simply doesn't understand what being the world truly means. For example, she claims to be incapable of forgiving Colette for what happened to her, and yet she becomes good friends with her and says in one diary entry that she doesn't want Colette to apologize to her for what happened. She claims she's unforgiving for continuing to be upset to what happened to her mother and countless others in Palmacosta, her hometown, but seems to more mix it up with her continued grieving about the subject. In truth, in spite of all this, Marta does seem to be more than capable of forgiving others and putting the past behind her as the incidents pass. It might not be immediate and certainly without being given a reason, but she's perfectly capable of moving past her preconceived hate and offering forgiveness to those who deserve it. She doesn't tend to cling to old grudges, really.

Then again, whether or not Marta has any room to refuse to forgive others is debatable. She can be incredibly shallow and judgmental at times, such as her fear of half-elves due to associating them with the Desians or how she believes that Raine and Regal make a perfect match because of how attractive the two of them are. Appearance and race are two things that matter to Marta, regardless of how much she might like to deny it, although it is something that she's made a definite effort to work through over the course of the game. To an extent she does start to get over her fear of half-elves due to knowing Genis and Raine, as she comes to consider the pair close friends.

She's rather vocal about her opinion, making it perfectly clear when she dislikes someone or something, and having precious few reserves calling someone a "jerk" or a "creep" or any other number of things. This is in large part because she doesn't tend to think before she speaks, simply blurting out whatever it is that's on her mind and then fixing the damage later as necessary. This is less obvious after she gets to know someone, as she becomes friendlier and closer to them, but even with those that she cares about at times she can still say things without thinking of how her companion(s) will take it.

Having had grown up with a father who ranked up pretty high in society and as a result being spoiled all her life, Marta has grown accustomed to getting her way and tends to grow upset when she doesn't. As a result of this, she can be demanding of people, even bossy, and easily grow short with people when they ignore her demands. She doesn't back down easily once she's decided she wants something, either, without being forced to do so. She can be incredibly stubborn in that sense, refusing to back down without reason. On the plus side, these same traits have led to her being considerably more assertive than her companion, Emil is. She's capable of conveying her thoughts and feelings easily and doesn't fumble through explanations. In many ways she could be seen as a more mild form of the tsundere stereotype, as while she has her rougher traits (overly blunt, bossy, easily frustrated when she doesn't get her way, snippy at time, etc) it's revealed later how sensitive of an individual she is. One title describes her as "withering at the slightest criticism", and while it was a joke, in ways that's not too far from the truth.

That's probably why she seems to avoid direct confrontation as much as she does. The most obvious instence is her running away from the Vanguard and her father out of fear of what would happen, but she does so at several other points in the game as well. One such example is when Marta and Emil meet Raine. Marta is friendly and polite with Raine at first, but after hearing Raine's cold response to the possibility of Lloyd being behind the massacre of Palmacosta (amongst other things) she quickly grows upset and snaps at Raine before running away. She never really confronts Raine about this, only apologizing to Emil and explaining herself to him and later apologizing to Raine. Then, much ater in the game, when she gets into an argument with Ratatosk, she goes out of her way to ignore him, only indirectly speaking to him by saying that she doesn't talk to insensitive creeps. Even when she does "confront" him it's only because she's forced into it and even then, she only snaps at him and a bit later makes a few more snappish comments. Rather than making any attempt at discussing and solving the problem, she prefers to try and ignore it and then try and make it go away by telling Ratatosk to let Emil come back out.

But in spite of all that, Marta's a genuinely good person. In spite of all her faults she tends to make friends easily due to her brigh and outgoing personality. She can be a bit bratty at times, but she's also friendly and polite, especially with those that are older and higher ranking than she is and so for all her faults, she can be serious, mature, and willing to accept that she is capable of making mistakes and the consequences that come with those mistakes. She's also a surprisingly kind person who, even if she could bring herself to hurt someone, would feel immensely guilty about it later—regardless of how she acts, she wants to see those around her happy and healthy. In spite of her sensitivity, she seems to bounce back rather quickly, regardless of how bad things have gotten. She's generally friendly and willing to take responsibility when she feels she's done wrong or simply feels that it's necessary, to the point of essentially trying to become a martyr at a couple points and even trying to take responsibility for her father's actions because she felt that it was necessary. When something's bothering her she's at least willing to make an effort to hide it, in spite of the fact that she's not very good at doing so.

Marta's strong and determined nature, coupled with her ability to think under pressure, have left her with the definite potential to one day be a great leader. Must run in the family. While she's not afraid to take orders, she's certainly not shy about giving them, either. This is a trait that shows through several times in game, particularly through her interactions with the considerably more reserved Emil—Marta tends to be the one to take command of the situation and decide the next move and often time serves at the tactician of their ragtag little group of heroes. This is also especially seen towards and at the end of the game, when she resolves to find a way to bring peace to the "two" worlds without resorting to her father's harsh methods. Unfortunately, her emotion tends to cloud her judgment and she finds herself acting impulsively and avoiding confrontation, hindering her leadership abilities and proving that while she is likely to make a great leader with the passage of time and perhaps proper training, for the moment she's simply not collected or worldly enough to handle the responsibility or commanding others to the extent that she needs and wants to.

She's completely devoted to those that she cares about and hates when people don't act the same way—for example, she openly tells Emil that if someone were to accuse him that she would defend him and have complete faith in him after growing upset over Raine's being so willing to accept that Lloyd might have become a criminal. She probably lets herself put a little too much faith in those that she cares about, really, and stays loyal to them until the end.

Well, most of the time, anyway. Her insecurities about Ratatosk, her devotion to him, and her uneasy about the possibility of his disappearance are whisked away rather quickly after Emil seals him away, proving that she's capable of being flighty in love (as by this point in time she had decided that she loved both Emils) and other things at times, but for the most part the consistent loyalty is there. Since Emil's "death" she's grown a little more melancholy, but for the most part she's still the same old Marta. She's moving on with her life, further away from the events of those two long months without forgetting them. It does get to her at times, but less often now. That incident, as well as the preceding ones (such as Alice and Decus's deaths, which also left a mark on her) also left her considerably more humane and devoted to protecting the world. The thought of killing someone has always bothered her immensely, to the point where she immediately felt a deep regret over killing Alice in spite of it being to save Emil, now that her dear friend has sacrificed himself to protect the world it would probably hit her even harder. She doesn't want to see anymore death, let alone cause it.

Marta is also a huge daddy's girl. Even when her mother was still alive she was considerably closer to her father, and this was something that only increased after the incident at Palmacosta and then later "losing" him to Solum's core. He was then and is now the most important person in her life, enough so to where she was nearly willing to sacrifice hatching Solum's core in order to save his life. If it even registered that the powerful core would have been forfeit, she simply didn't care because she didn't want to lose her father. She worries about him constantly after her father is hospitalized and in spite of putting on a strong show about knowing that he has to serve his time over the incidents that the Vanguard caused, it's clear as day that it bothers her as her father is very important to her, and she doesn't want to see him suffer, nor does she want to be without him. He's always been there and has taken care of her like any father would and she loves him for it, just like any daughter would.


At this point in her life, Marta is more than capable of handling herself in battle. Her main weapon is the saw-like spinner that she carries with her, although while if she tries punching you it's unlikely that you'll even notice, her kick actually will hurt. She also has various artes, most of which utilize a mixture of her spinner and kicks, although there are a couple that can be used to either "slam chi from the hands" or entail her manipulating the surrounding mana in order to create a small, but effective blast of energy. Moreover, Marta is fairly agile, being the second fastest character in game and noticeably quicker than Emil in battle.

Marta is also capable of using both healing, supportive and a few magic artes. Why this is is never touched upon or so much as questioned in game, but as Ratatosk's core was a fake and it's only known benefits were touched upon and entirely unrelated to magic or anything of that nature, it can be presumed that it is simply the end result of Marta having an eleven relative. Interesting, most healing artes seem to be able to be used immediately when used in close contact, while it's much more complex from a distance, requiring a casting circle and an incantation. Her mystic arte, Radiant Roar, also primarily uses magic—an extremely large casting circle appears, easily destroying even most of the powerful monsters in game, as well as healing allies.

That aside, Marta is confident and can generally carry herself emotionally. Even with the guilt that weighed on her in the game then and now, she's shown time and time again to be able to pick herself up and move on. Even when it came to the matter of fighting her father, something that weighed upon her heavily during the game, with some encouragement from both Emil and Ratatosk she was able to pick herself up and fight her father. Similarly, she coped with Ratatosk's being sealed away with little more than a mention of passing sadness. She was also willing to fight "Ratatosk" at the end of the game to fight for Emil, and in all three endings seems to have the intention of moving on in spite of her "loss". More specifically, in the good ending we see her talking to "Emil" in hopes that he's watching her. In the bad ending we see a journal entry that's written in a sad, but resigned tone, but makes it clear that she intends to keep on living, to move on and protect the world.

She's probably carrying some gels and potions on her person as well. These can be used both as recovery items and as a substitute for real meals, they even have flavor!


She only has so much upper body strength. She makes some failed attempt at beating up on Emil on two separate occasions, hitting him as she grows upset, and he barely seems to notice the action and so it seems to go without saying that it didn't hurt him. Magic requires both an intense concentration and unlike most castes, Marta fails to use anything that might help her keep this concentration (such as Genis's kendama) or that might otherwise be used to channel it, such as a staff or wand. As a result, she can be considerably easier to interrupt during spells and while her healing spells are still quite powerful, neither they or her magic spells are quite up to snuff with the other two magic users in the game.

She's nearly as fragile as she looks, both physically and emotionally. She's tiny and weighs little, making shoving her aside or throwing her around an unsurprisingly easy task. In general she also lived a relatively peaceful life before the events that would set the second game into motion and so in general anyone with more formal training or simply more experience is likely to be able to best her. Although it's been lessened with time, artes (especially magic, but melee artes as well) still put a strain on her and when used enough, can leave her anywhere from somewhat tired to being on the verge of collapsing. To an extent she's completely dependent on those same artes, however, her healing artes in particular. While it's likely that she does know basic first aid, past that she depends on her artes and those more knowledgeable in the medical field.

Although her father has apparently always claimed to like her cooking, it appears that Marta is also a terrible cook. While it's noted later in the game that it gets a lot better after she starts tasting it as she goes along, it's more likely that her companions (or, well, Emil) has simply gotten used to it with time or that it seems better by comparison. That's not to say that she's not improving at all, just that she's got a long way to go and that her cooking will still probably look terrible and if you eat it, kill you. She also apparently gets motion sickness and as a result has never been able to ride in carriages or anything of that nature, doing all her traveling on foot.

Emotionally, she's incredibly impulsive at times. She can rush into things without thinking or truly considering the results of her actions. She's also incredibly emotional and tends to lose control of her actions easily when she begins to grow upset, to the point where at one point she begins yelling at Ratatosk!Emil and beating up on him as a result of his upsetting her. She later does the same with Emil later, starting to flip out at and hitting the poor guy due to her own insecurities taking hold of her. She doesn't know how to handle a lot of people and situations, either—after all, in spite of all she's been put through, at the end of the day she's still just a teenager who's been forced into a situation where she has no choice but to try and save the world, whether or not she's prepared or particularly capable. Similarly, she sometimes puts people (such as Emil) on a pedestal, building up a particular view of them and refusing to budge from it without being forced into it or otherwise being given a good reason to. This applies to Emil more than anyone, as she decided that he was her "prince" in the beginning and had high expectations that he simply couldn't fulfill, thereby upsetting her.

Her memory could also be considered a weakness, as it seems to be selective when it comes to details. She's the kind of girl that'd be able to recite every which way you screwed up since she met her all while conveniently forgetting considerably more important things. She seems to retain the information about the Centurions and Ratatosk's core easily enough, but the steps of the Maiden's Ritual appear to be forgotten just as soon as she's preformed it. Prior to she had found herself even getting snipping with Emil due to his interrupting her while she was practicing and trying to ensure that she recalled them.


Perhaps Marta's biggest fear at this would be losing her father, Brute, once more. She's already suffered the "loss" of him once due to Solum's core stripping him of his sanity and throughout the game he was the only family that she had left. Now that Emil's gone he's the only one she has left period, to lose him through means of death or otherwise would absolutely devastate her. For similar reasons she tends to be afraid of confronting those that she loves if she believes that the end result might be them getting hurt—this is most obvious with her father, whom she purposely ran away from for the better part of the game in order to dodge the risk of fighting him due to her possessing Ratatosk's core.

Marta also has a slight, nagging fear of half-elves, something that made her uneasy about Raine and Genis after finding out what they were. This is in large part due to the fact that she tends to associate them with the Desians, whom before the World Regeneration would kidnap people, taking them to places called human ranches where they were treated poorly and used for what Marta refers to as "Exsphere Experiments". As she was originally from Palmacosta, Marta has also likely seen (or at least heard of) one unpleasant encounter with the Desians where they showed their absolute power over the Sylvaranti—perhaps even one similar to the one that happened two years ago, where a young woman was to be hung for frivolous reasons. After all, things were a mess back then…

She has a slight fear of heights, something that she does her best to hide. She doesn't like traveling on the Rheiards for this reason, questioning what keeps them in the air and noting that there's nothing protecting the rider and so if one falls, one would die. Of course, when confronted about it, she simply grows upset and snaps about how she simply doesn't understand why everyone's "so in love with the stupid Rheiads". While it's never touched upon in canon, she may also have a slight, nagging fear of having anything of particular interest or importance put on or inside her as a result of being the host for Ratatosk's Core (fake as it might have been) and the trouble that it caused.

Marta also suffers from the fears that any normal teenager would have—she's afraid of dying and complete rejection (although Emil's attempts at brushing her aside seem to bounce off of her most of the time), being betrayed or being left completely alone in the world, of never being loved and dying alone, of being completely defenseless—things that one would expect to see in any person. It goes without saying that ghosts, which cannot be harmed through normal methods, and the undefeatable monsters in the Dollsyhouse will scare her as well. In the Dollsyhouse, so long as Emil is there, she will also have an intense fear of anything happening to him—especially if it was due to her. As far as she's concerned she's already caused him to die once, she's not sure that she could handle losing him again.


The first fourteen or so years of Marta's life were relatively normal. She grew up being the single child of Brute Lualdi and his wife (who is never named in game) and was close to both of her parents, her father especially. Her father was an powerful and influential man, ranking high up there in Sylvarant society, and so the family was always well to do. As a result, both her parents were able to spoil her and her father able to take her travelling on both of her occasion. Marta grew up being daddy's little girl, happily going on these trips with her father. Back home she wasn't an outcast or anything abnormal at all—quite the opposite, in fact, she had a good amount of friends, many of whom she was close to.

Really, the trouble started two years before the game, with what the Sylvaranti know as the "Giant Tree Rampage" (apparently the Church of Martel has a different name for this, but it's never said what) that occurred during the World Regeneration. The Chosen and co. attempted to revive the Great Kharlan tree at one point during their journey at one point. Unfortunately, as a result of the poor choice method that they used, the end result was a giant, monstrous tree that went on a rampage, destroying everything it's wake. The damage was immense and thousands were killed. The sleepy little town of Palmacosta was hit the hardest by the tree's attack, the entire town destroyed. Countless people were killed during attack, several of whom were people that Marta (or Brute) knew and liked, as well as Marta's own mother. Marta herself had been miraculously spared as a result of her father having had taken her travelling with him during the time of the attack, but the sudden loss of her mother and countless others left marks on them both. She ended up closer than ever to her father as a result of the losses.

But it wasn't until after the two worlds were reunited, that the trouble really began. The Church of Martel and Tethealla were tightly knit and worked to oppress the people of Sylvarant, treating them like uncivilized barbarians due to their being the less advanced of the two civilizations for various reasons. It's likely that Brute also held a certain grudge against the Church of Martel as a result of the events of Palmacosta, as the blame for that had been shifted to the Chosen and rumors that it was the end result of her running away from her duties began running amiss, although he never goes into this in the game. Having a deep hatred for both the Church of Martel and Tethealla, Brute formed the Vanguard with the intention of freeing the Sylvaranti. Marta, being his and only daughter, was of course, right there beside him as it was formed. Everything started out fine, too—the group was never meant to be the problematic, violent group that it later would. That was never what Brute wanted, but in the end he made the mistake of accepting Solum's core from a man named Richter, who was controlling the Vanguard from behind the scenes and turning it into the militant organization that it is today. During her short stay in the Vanguard Marta also met Decus and Alice, who would later cause a variety of problems for her.

That was when things began to change, when everything started to go horribly wrong. After taking Solum's core, believing that it would lead the Vanguard to victory, Brute lost all control of his actions. The core ripped at his very soul (norly, the cores are known to do that) and drove him insane, a maddening desire for power overtaking him. It was no longer about freeing the people of Sylvarant or making the world better for the Sylvaranti, it was simply a conquest for power and land, an attempt to resurrect the Slyvarant Dynasty from a rly long time ago, with him as the leader (king) and to use the Mana Cannon to "free" the people of Sylvarant, just like Richter wanted him to and had suggested. Ratatosk's core was necessary for this task, of course, but no sooner than they'd gotten ahold of it was it whisked away from them (or more specifically, Richter) by the Commander's own daughter while they were in Palmacosta. Marta, noticing the change in her father and fearing for the worst, had stolen it and ran away with it. Needless to say her father was not amused.

This is where the game's events begin. Brute ordered that Marta be brought back—alive—along with the core, while Marta was still in the city of Palmacosta, a city that seems to attract tragedy. She was unfortunate enough to have arrived during the Blood Purge and as a result, she not only had Decus (posing as Lloyd and claiming to be doing so to "quell the rebellion" due to the Vanguard's holding meetings there) massacring the town and putting it up in flames, but the rest of the Vanguard chasing her as well. Holding Ratatosk's core close, she made the mistake of pleading with him for help, begging him to save her.

Her prayers were answered, but not in the way that she would have liked. As she collapsed, what is believed to be Ratatosk's core attached itself to her forehead. The truth is that this is a fake core, planted on her so that attention wouldn't be drawn to Ratatosk himself as he took a "human" form, taking on the appearance of a man named Aster and the life of a boy named Emil, complete with a fake set of memories and a "fake" personality. Emil was the first thing that Marta woke up to. Having had missed the sight of the real Lloyd protecting her from the Vanguard, she assumed that it had been Emil that saved her and thanked him. The meeting was stunted, and they wouldn't meet again until a few months later. During this time Marta was doing what she'd always done—avoiding the Vanguard and searching for the Centurion's cores, which was what lead he to Luin in the first place. She meet a Centurion named Tenebrae as well, who traveled with her and began to act as something of a guide due to her possessing Ratatosk's core.

Luin's core was nearby, but before she found this core she found Emil, getting his ass handed to him by a monster. At that point Marta had already decided that she was in love with him and wanted him to be her Knight of Ratatosk. In the end they part ways for a short while before Emil becomes her knight and decides to tag along with her and Tenebrae on the search for the cores and Lloyd.

During this journey the two meet several of Lloyd's old friends, the most noteworthy being the Chosen of Regeneration, Colette Brunel. After a rough start and Colette saving both her and another little boy's life, with Marta growing incredibly upset over Colette's admitting to attempting to run away from her duties and confirming the rumors, the two hit it right off and become good friends. Along the way Emil also snaps at her on one occasion, getting into a minor argument with her due to her high expectations and projecting onto him, trying to make him be her ideal knight, and getting her to realize (to some extent) that he simply can't be. They go along in this way for some time and gradually things became more and more clear. Over time she came to know both the "normal" Emil and the Ratatosk!Emil, having her ups and downs with both of them—though really, most of the downs were with Ratatosk.

Towards the end of their journey the time came to confront her father, something that both Emil and Ratatosk had to encourage, "sharing their courage" with her before she finally worked up the nerve to try and talk to and later fight her father. The talking came first. Brute obviously cared about Marta immensely, to the point where he could show it even under the influence of the core. He wanted her to join him in ruling over the world and to the point where most of the Vanguard was afraid of what would happen if they dared to touch a hair on her pretty little head, and when she talked to him, trying to convince him that what he was doing was wrong, he made it clear that he honestly believed that the core was warping her mind. He promised to "save" her, to remove it for her sake. Not the best way of showing he cared, but under the influence of the core, which is known for driving people insane and tearing at their souls, it's surprising that he cared so much about keeping both his daughter and Ratatosk's core.

Next came the fight. Marta fought him, but she was terrified of losing the only family that she had left, and when he didn't die, insanely happy even though she knew that he would have to pay for his crimes. Everything was already falling neatly into place by that point and so it was only natural that the next course of action following Emil's decision to seal Ratatosk away was to have the final showdown with Richter. The night before Marta and Emil discussed things and there was a sappy motivational speech, ending with Marta kissing Emil. Before Richter came a fight with Alice and Decus. After Decus's death by Emil's hands, Marta killed Alice without hesitation, saying that she would never let him touch Emil. After watching the most touching scene in the entire damn game aside from Brute's near-death experience, Marta immediately deeply regretted what she'd done and how willing she had been to kill for Emil.

The group went on to defeat Aqua and then Richter, but Emil so chose to put the plan he'd developed before to have Lloyd and Marta turn him into a core. he acted as though he was Ratatosk, planning to destroy humanity and even grabbing Marta by the throat and hurting the poor thing. Believing his act, Marta spit venom at him, saying that she would fight him for Emil. She did, too, but of course…things don't always go as planned, and so they didn't for either Marta or Emil, as Emil wounded Marta badly during the fight. Upon realizing this he immediately feels a deep regret, apologizing and saying how he never meant to hurt her. Lloyd tried to interfere as Emil lifts his sword, only to be stopped by Tenebrae, who said that it was what he wanted. Emil "killed himself", reverting into a core form, as he had hoped would happen after Lloyd and Marta defeated them.

Marta regained consciousness only seconds later, seeing the core on the floor before screaming Emil's name as the fake core on her forehead shattered. It can be assumed that Lloyd (undoubtedly full of regret for having had lost another precious friend) fulfilled Emil's wishes, ensuring that his core was used as a permanent seal on the door. Later Marta wrote in her diary of the final battle, of how she never knew the real him and how she would always love him, of the final battle and her regrets shortly after, even knowing that he would no longer be around to read it. It's been a few months since then and she's starting to realize just how short of a time that they had together (for the sake of consistency/because I agree with Emil-mun's calculations, I'll be assuming their journey to have lasted around two months). Everything that happened's still on her mind—she hasn't forgotten, and she certainly isn't over it—but she was starting to get there. She was starting to recover, if only a little, trying to atone for her crimes by making the people of Tethe'alla accept the Syvaranti without resorting to Brute's harsh methods. Actually, she was on her way to see her father—the one person she has left—when she slipped and found herself in a strange house.


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