-Marcus Wright
Marcus Wright
Fandom Terminator: Salvation
Gender Male
Date of Birth August 22, 1975
Date of Death circa 2003
Age 28 at time of death
Aliases Project Angel
Place of Birth Los Angeles, CA; USA
Occupation Former convict; Resistance Infiltrator Prototype (Terminator)
Known Relatives Brother (name unknown; deceased)
Significant Other None
Known Abilities Carjacking, street fighting, inhuman strength
First Appearance http://community.livejournal.com/thedollsyhouse/173700.html

An enigmatic ex-convict trying to do things right… do you believe in second chances?


At first glance, Marcus has an ordinary appearance; standing at 6’ 2” with a muscular, athletic build, he is outwardly unremarkable as far as humans are concerned.

He has hard, defined facial features, with a sharp jaw line, cleft chin, and a long, straight nose. His dark brown hair is worn short and shaggy, and he occasionally sports a light brown scruff on his face. His most remarkable feature is his eyes: a pure, crystalline blue crowned by soft brown brows.

Marcus fits the role of a post-apocalyptic warrior, sporting a drab steel blue military trench coat over a grey-brown shirt and leather cargo pants. He wears buckled combat boots, a knife holster strapped across his chest, and thick gauze fabric wrapped around his hands.


Marcus was a punk in his natural life. He walked a disreputable path full of misdeeds and crime throughout his adolescence and young adult life. Despite this, he had an unusual respect for human life and a strong sense of justice: after the deaths that occurred at his hands, he sincerely believed his sentencing – death by lethal injection – was exactly what he deserved. He had no final words before his sentence was carried out.

Even now, he has a hard time believing he deserves to live again. It is a question that haunts him, and there are times where his hatred for himself and what he has done interfere with the scant relationships he has with humans.

Marcus is headstrong, determined and occasionally hotheaded. He executes his decisions with clear intention, even more so now that he has been integrated with cybernetics. Once he has decided he is going to do something, he will not stop until he succeeds, and it is advised to stay out of his way. He does not take obstacles lightly.

He only allows himself to get close to a select few. Once he does, he becomes fiercely defensive of them… and will do anything to protect them. He is loyal almost to a fault, and as a result is deeply affected by betrayal.

His anger can get the better of him at times. Fights with Marcus can take a grim turn: they are not over until his opponent is dead. This “termination objective” is a trait found in the Terminators, but since Marcus removed his CPU, it isn’t determinable whether this is due to his cybernetic interface or really just part of who he is. The only apparent way to stop him is a friend’s voice of reason.

He can be easily broken down by his own condition. Anything that reminds him of his brother is liable to either anger him or deeply depress him; his guilt over this incident has never fully left him, even after death. This guilt may also influence Marcus’s apparent desire to do good. Everything he does is done with the best of intentions.

Perhaps his criminal past is what influences him, but it is clear that Marcus intends to use the second chance he has been given to do things right.


Marcus’s criminal history lends to his abilities; he is capable of fixing nearly anything, from broken radios to rundown automobiles, and can disarm alarm systems. He is known to be a talented driver and can operate a variety of vehicles. He is also a skilled fighter, although it should be noted his skills are not of any specific discipline and can only be labeled as “street” fighting.

He has the range of abilities his cyborg interface lends him: his organic tissues are sustained by his cybernetic components, and he is capable of living for hundreds of years. He does not suffer lingering pain like humans; he experiences the sensation only at the moment of injury, and has an inhumanly high tolerance to this as well.

His skeleton is durable enough to survive close-range explosions without damage and has extensive heat-resisting qualities. He has inhuman strength and is extremely agile with the combination of his cybernetic components and his athletic build.


Marcus’s technical vulnerability is his human tissues: his heart and brain. Unlike other machines created by Skynet, he does not have external metal protection, and his human organs can be damaged. He is still capable of being knocked unconscious and becoming disoriented. He can still feel pain and can also bleed; however, blood doesn’t seem to be largely important to his function.

His skin can be damaged by fire and explosives, but he has only a single, thin layer of underlying muscle and both flesh and muscle regenerate. Due to his lack of protective casing, his wires and circuits are also vulnerable to attack.

He is agonized by his less-than-human condition. He is sickened by what he has become, and tormented by his desire to be considered human again.

Marcus is constantly haunted by thoughts of whether he is a good person or not, and if he truly deserves the second chance at life he has been given.


His cybernetic interface; Marcus fears everything that being machine entails.

He fears being without control of himself more than anything. After learning he was unknowingly a pawn for Skynet, he is constantly afraid that his actions are not really his own and that perhaps he is only doing what he was programmed to do. He can be seen reaching for the back of his head from time to time, checking for the CPU that is no longer there… but that continues to haunt him.


Marcus’s early life was a dark one; he lived as a carjacker alongside his brother throughout most of his youth. A botched carjacking, however, saw the death of his brother and two cops at Marcus’s hands, and the young man was trialed and sentenced to death for the multiple homicides.

During his incarceration, Marcus was visited numerous times by Dr. Serena Kogen, a scientist and terminally ill cancer patient who was interested in using his body for Project Angel. The project intended to use cybernetics to save and extend human lives, ultimately creating metal endoskeletal bodies from which humans could continue to live after their natural bodies had died. He refused each of her requests until the day of his execution, when he finally agreed to donate his body in exchange for a final kiss from the scientist. He was executed shortly after by lethal injection.

Marcus’s body was dissected and converted into a unique cyborg, utilizing a robotic body while retaining his organic brain, heart, and nervous and circulatory systems. He was then stored in an underground facility, where he remained in stasis for fifteen years.
Sometime after Judgment Day, Skynet discovered Dr. Kogen’s research and activated Marcus. Upon awakening, he was completely unaware of what had happened to him after his execution and of his cybernetic integration. To his horror, the world he remembered had been reduced to ruins, and the post-apocalyptic realm was overtaken by murderous machines known as Terminators.

Marcus struggled to survive in the now-strange world, befriending several members of the human Resistance. He became close companions with a soldier named Kyle Reese, only to lose him when Skynet took him prisoner. Marcus started out on a journey to find him, one that would lead him into the heart of Skynet Central.

It wasn’t until he was transported to a Resistance-operated medical facility after sustaining injuries from a magnetized landmine that he found out what he had become: his wounds revealed the metal skeleton that lay underneath his organic tissue.

Agonized by his condition, Marcus insisted that he was still human; with the help of a Resistance fighter named Blair Williams, he escaped “disassembly” and fled to continue his search for his friend. He was pursued by John Connor, only to be let go when he convinced him that he was the only way to save Kyle, John’s paradoxical father.

Marcus infiltrated Skynet after he was identified as an active project by the compound’s computers, and used his cybernetic interface to locate Kyle and send his location to John. Probing in Skynet’s central computer, he disarmed the turrets to allow John entrance, and found out what had happened after his death: Dr. Kogen had succumbed to her cancer after successfully creating the first cyborg, Marcus himself…


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"This is starting to sound like the hell I came from…"


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