Machi Tobaye
Machi Tobaye
Fandom Ace Attorney/Gyakuten Saiban
Gender Male
Date of Birth Unknown
Age 15
Aliases Formerly "the Pixie of the Arpeggio," otherwise none.
Place of Birth Borginia (Northern Europe)
Occupation Pianist
Known Relatives No biological relatives known.
Significant Other None. (Piano.)
Known Abilities "Machi's ability is to play the piano with superhuman awesomeness." —Infy (He's a piano prodigy.)
First Appearance Link to first thread goes here.

Machi Tobaye is played by Raile (LiterateHyaena).


Machi has been described as being very "pretty" or "cute," "like a porcelain doll." He's fifteen years old (fourteen in the game) but is noticeably small and delicate for his age, standing at about 4'9" to 4'10". He has pale skin and very light blue eyes, and wears a white stage costume edged with lace and light blue ribbon. He also has a rather large pendant, which is attached to a large choker-like ribbon around his neck. Machi's hair is rather shortish and features a rather distinctive wing shape. The best colour term for describing it would probably be platinum blond—it is a very light blond, in short. Machi's eyes are rarely seen because he wears very large sunglasses over them, which he does out of habit. (He used to pretend blindness.)


Machi Tobaye is first and foremost very bad with strangers. He's very awkward around people in general, actually, and avoids them and interactions whenever possible, preferring instead to keep to himself or interact musically, namely with the piano. Machi is very musically oriented and could very easily be considered a prodigy, or at the very least an unusually talented boy. He spends a lot of time at Dollsy's grand piano, of which he is especially fond because of its constant state of perfect intonation.

Blah blah some Machi has a hard time learning to trust people some paragraph here lies etc limited emotional range

Machi is very protective of the people he cares about and will go to drastic measures to keep them safe, even if he doesn't necessarily like talking to them. Even with people he likes, Machi is notably shy (or antisocial) and is prone to clamming up, especially if the subject matter is particularly difficult or somehow personal, which he usually tries very hard to avoid. The more he likes a person, however, the harder it is for him to lie to them, though it conversely becomes increasingly easier to lie for them.


Machi's primary strengths are as a pianist and musician, although he is very smart. He's easily rattled by things he's unfamiliar with, though, and will never be much of a fighter. He has exceptional manual dexterity and fine motor skills, though, and can be deceptively strong (because pianists have strong fingers, even tiny pianists), although this last bit is somewhat limited and not particularly exceptional. Like at all. Mostly he's just a pianist with a special intelligence and an under-appreciated ability to lie.


Psychologically, Machi is a tough nut to crack, but once he's cracked he doesn't hold up very well at all. He's very emotionally inexperienced and thus gets jerked around a lot when he's not being impassive, but he's also emotionally limited and doesn't necessary have the right emotional reactions of all of the input he's getting. This means sometimes he just blocks things out rather than trying to deal with them… or else has grossly inappropriate or exaggerated reactions where he otherwise shouldn't be having them. His primary physical weaknesses are his small size and relatively young age; Machi is somewhat delicate looking andbeing a small fifteenis not able to keep up with adults or older teens in terms of strength or speed or stamina.

That aside, Machi has very poor English. He's fluent in Borginian, but his English frankly sucks. He's not very literate, either, on account of the fact that he hasn't had much standardised or formal (or even informal) education. I'm not even sure he can multiply and his reading is weak at best. I think his bizarre and alternately limited and immensely different life experiences can also count as a weakness, since he has little to no steady concept of what qualifies as "normal" and shares very few regular life experiences with other people he may meet. Between his limited life as an orphan in Borginia and performance travelling, which took him around the world where he mostly lived out of hotels and participated in a lot of publicity events with Lamiroir (exposing him to a lot of very nice but carefully controlled environments) he's got a very skewed perception of a lot of things and can alternately come off as extremely cynical or impossibly naive. He's basically faced the two major extremes without any 'normal' in between. It makes for interesting challenges—for example, social tact or running a washing machine. Or… well, anyway. At Dollsy, he's been out of jail on parole or probation for a couple of months, which is a third extreme, but he's just starting to experience what most people would consider something remotely resembling 'every day' life.

Lamiroir, by the way, is also a weakness.


And fear here.


Machi doesn't like to talk about it and since I can't come up with a coherent way to summarise his fucking trial… this is gonna be blank for a while. Like probably forever.


  • One day I will do this, hopefully before Machi's number of threads hits thirty.


  • "Memorable quotes!"


  • Machi was born sometime in the year 2012 and (somewhat obviously) came to Dollsy from late in the year 2027. This means that for nine-tenths of Dollsy's population, this kid is from THE FUTURE.
  • Machi really doesn't know his actual date of birth; no one does. However, since legal and other official-type papers (medical records, etc.) usually require some sort of entry for that information, the arbitrary date March 23rd is generally used. He has no opinion about this.
  • The wing in his hair is actually natural. It stays even though he doesn't have time to spend time on his appearance, especially not in Dollsy.
  • Back in his world, Machi actually has a bank account he is not allowed to access the contents of (which was part of the problem). The extra money he earned playing the piano with Lamiroir is in there, but it can't even be touched until he turns eighteen (or twenty one, I'm not sure.) There's quite a bit there, built up over the brief but successful years. J
  • The hardest phoneme in the English language for Machi to produce verbally is /ʤ/. It usually loses the affricative quality when voiced, as when he calls Apollo Justice "Apollo Yoostis." In case you can't tell from the example, he also has problems with /ʌ/ and/or /ə/. His Borginian accent can be kind of powerful or overbearing sometimes…
  • …especially when he's stressed. Machi's English can sometimes be used as a mood metre: the more genuinely upset he is, the harder it is for him to maintain his already rough English—his accent gets a lot worse and his vocabulary (and quality of grammar) drop phenomenally when he's really distressed. If it gets too bad, he drops English entirely and falls back entirely into Borginian. This may also happen if you startle him, but in general he picks it (the English) back up quickly.
  • Machi really hates the English language. He thinks it 'sounds ugly.' This may be a case of a bit of sour grapes, however…. yeah, I'm out of trivia.
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