Lorenzo Belli
Lorenzo Belli
Fandom Haunting Ground
Gender Male
Date of Birth Unknown
Age Unknown, immortal – looks to be in his late twenties
Aliases None
Place of Birth N/A
Occupation Alchemist
Known Relatives Riccardo Belli (clone/son), Ugo Belli (clone/son), Fiona Belli (granddaughter)
Significant Other N/A.
Known Abilities Alchemy
First Appearance Versus Dollsy

A grumpy old man.


Lorenzo is a muscular man who stands at about 6'2", give or take an inch, looks to be in his late twenties, with burnt umber colored hair that makes itself into a mullet – the bangs are spiked in the front, while in back it hands a little past the shoulders. His eyes are a hazel color, glue grey with gold rimming around the pupils, but unless one looks closely they look to be of an amber color. Around his neck he wears a golden necklace with a large charm. His complexion is somewhat pale due to a lack of sunlight and his robe’s extremely low cut, making a good portion of his chest visible.

Around the V shaped neckline is golden fur, becoming circular in the back and dipping down past his shoulders. The main portion of the floor-length robe is sienna, the sleeves end just pas the elbows and are tripped with a white-gold pattern, which also presents itself around his waist, dipping into a “V” shape in front and straight in back. Following this pattern the sienna portion of the robe ends with an upside down V in the front, circular in black, and the rest is of a black color, the bottom also tripped with the same white-gold color. His shoes, what can be seen of them, are of the same color as his robe and


Lorenzo is a mixed bag. If given reason to, he can sneaky and manipulative, giving the appearance of a benevolent individual who wants nothing more than to offer his assistance.

The truth of the matter is almost always that he simply needs you for the moment and is going to turn around and kill you as soon as it’s convenient for him. That is, if he even wants to kill you – just because he feels no shame doing so doesn’t mean he does so carelessly. In fact, there’s a slim chance of him going for your throat unless you give him a damn good reason to. Likewise, in Dollsy there’s a slim chance of his more manipulative side coming out, given that at this point he’s more than capable of taking care of himself. He’ll be generally apathetic as to what happens to the majority of the citizens and be content staying alive. He’s old and experienced enough of a man to have seen most things, and as such most situations will be reacted to calmly, if not with some amusement.

He’s a man who’s built up patience and resistance throughout the years, and while he gets annoyed and isn’t above throwing shots, short of attacking him there’s very little that could be done to push him to violence. However, once his temper has been offset, he has a hard time forcing it back down. He can be obsessive –his main goal in life, the goal that has been handed to him, is finding the Great Truth. He’s gone through life up until this point with that sole goal in mind, realizing the dreams of someone else (and yet, it is him), which is part of what’s made him so apathetic when it comes to people.

He can be cocky and arrogant if the situation warrants it, he can be cruel if you test his limits and things that might make a normal person stop and think would simply give him more reason to go along with the action, if it means stopping a threat.

He’s not sadistic, just apathetic. All the same, his social experience is both broad and limited. He’d been thrown into situations and learned how people tick in many ways, as well as sharing some of his predecessors’ memories, but at the end of the day he missed on many things, such as genuine caring and concern. This tends to show itself by how awkward he can become when taking care of others or trying to genuinely express concern for them. He was a father, and he has a bit of a soft spot for kids. He’s not very good at comforting them, he probably wouldn’t be able to do so properly at this point in his life…and he’d never admit to his fondness, but all the same he’d protect them if push came to shove. Most adults can take care of themselves, although there are a few particularly likable ones that he’d go out of his way to protect. He also has a fondness for gardening.


Lorenzo is a powerful alchemist who’s been around for…well, who knows how long and it shows. With the proper materials he can make useful items, both those that are offensive and ones for healing.

His punch is strong enough by itself, but the additional boost of “power” pushes things up a notch. This is done by way of having a blue “burst” of energy appear in his hand and be dragged along as he takes a swipe or punches. He’s capable of teleporting short distances (comparatively, in Dollsy the largest distance he’d be able to make is from the start to three-fourths down the Rose Hallway). He’s also known to “create” small earthquakes and explosions – that is, he can make the ground under a person or object shaky, which can throw them off balance, usually done by punching the ground and sending the explosive energy the enemy’s way.

He’s probably capable of doing other minor things as well (setting things on fire, etc), but he rarely attempts to. He’s also a pretty good gardener and will probably plant (mostly harmless, but loud) mandragoras if he gets the opportunity.


His arrogance has also caused him problems in the past – he underestimates people and lets things go, like most antagonists, and it comes back to slap him in the face. Additionally, Lorenzo has spent the majority of his life in Belli Castle without any need to interact with people, which has puts him at a disadvantage (particularly with teleportation). Some of his alchemic concoctions cannot be made without the proper materials. Additionally, his own alchemy is converting Azoth into power, which can leave him tired or even crippled if he overdoes it.


One of his biggest fears is that he won’t realize the Great Truth and that he has no one to pass the goal, the information onto. The lack of a heir bothers him immensely, although it’s something that he’s tried to bypass and drown out by mixing in a goal of immortality. He doesn’t find many people he likes, but like anyone…once he finds someone he does, he doesn’t want to see them die. He even worries about them.


Quick note: Pretty much all of this up until the point where he meets Fiona is mostly fanon based on in game facts because he deserves a past, too.

Lorenzo’s true name is Aureolus Belli, nicknamed Lorenzo for simplicity’s sake. Like every other Aureolus, he is a clone and was made by using a mandragora as a substitute for life blood and by the transferring of his “father’s” own Azoth. His childhood was anything but normal, from the get go he had memories – strange, fragmented things – that were not his own, knowledge that no normal child should have. Bits and pieces of the thoughts of the original Aureolus, as well as some of the knowledge of his descendants. He was taught many things – language, art, music, and of course alchemy. He was taught the Great Truth, had it pounded into him that his only purpose, that mankind’s only purpose, was to discover it and that his life must be dedicated to finding it.

He was taught that human life has no meaning and of the ignorance of people, things that he believes even now. Of course he was taught how to socialize, how to properly deal with people, even how to manipulate him…but in the end, his interactions were all simply exercises, rendering him only fully capable in the familiar situations. Practice for when his “father” was no longer there to guide him. He was also taught of the mansion, the castle, of the things within it. He was even shown the torture chamber, taught of the experimentation on the quest for eternal life. In his youth he learned this method by way of example, giving a person – an innocent traveler – the immortality and then testing its success by means of torture, one of which was electrocution before killing him by alchemic means.

Of course there was another corpse there that he’d tortured, one that had been there for over two hundred years and would remain there, forgotten about and as a means of a puzzle to ensnare unwanted visitors. Later his “father” (although he never thought of him as a father, or even a teacher) would die and be buried where all the other Aureolus’ were buried. Lorenzo himself would create two heirs – the first of which was Riccardo, a failed and disfigured experiment, and Ugo…who inherited his Azoth. Eventually Ugo would walk out after one of Riccardo’s one-night-stands “mysteriously” disappeared, being shoved into a tank with nutrients being sucked out of it. Ugo eloped with young Aya, but Riccardo seemed to remain loyal.

Embittered that Ugo would not carry on his legacy, Lorenzo became more determined to find a means of immortality. He also created a perfect woman. Beautiful, but emotionless and perfectly obedient. Her name was Daniella, created from a purple mandragora. She would become the manner’s maid and he would eventually decide that the way for immortality was by taking his Azoth back, converting it into power. He planned to take it from Ugo, but instead allowed for him to be killed by Riccardo and his own spawn kidnapped for this purpose.

Unfortunately, it was around this time that Riccardo turned on him. Tired and sullen, this being the second time he’d been betrayed by one of his “children” (who…all in all, he had tried to raise right, even if he wasn’t the best parent), he worked on aiding young Fiona. It was with his help that she got through most of the castle, by way of his hints and leaving notes laying around for her. Eventually, much to his delight, she killed Riccardo and he took his lesser form of Azoth, luring her into his playing field.

He grew too excited at first, too impulsive, and that nearly killed him with this old and decrypt body, but fortunately for him (less fortunately for her) after his return to youth, with Hewie gone it was an easy task to kill the girl and take what was his. He was just walking out to take care of that meddlesome mutt when he slipped…


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