Fandom Lunar 2: Eternal Blue
Gender Male
Date of Birth Unknown
Age 19
Aliases White Knight Leo, Mystere
Place of Birth Raculi Village
Occupation White Knight of the Goddess Althena and Captain of Althena's Guard and the Dragonship Destiny
Known Relatives Mauri (sister)
Significant Other N/A
Known Abilities In addition to being extraordinarily skilled as a swordsman, Leo is incredibly strong and agile. His magical abilities, though few, are very powerful.
First Appearance We Are Not Amused

Leo is the stern and righteous White Knight of Althena.


Leo is a tall, imposing beastman who nevertheless has a handsome face, one that has earned him many female admirers (though Leo seems to remain oblivious to this). He stands over six feet tall with a muscular build as a result of hours of sword practice. He has lightly tanned skin with patches of brown fur on his body and face and a durable, sharp white horn in the middle of his forehead that has an almost tribal pattern at the base. His ears are elongated and slightly furry, and wont to twitch when he’s standing still or agitated. The beastman has sharp white fangs, which show easily, especially when highly amused or angered, and a light brown nose that seems quite similar to that of a cat or dog. In contrast with the rest of his commanding air and generally rugged appearance, however, Leo has chin-length, pale blue hair.

Leo tends to dress according to his station as the famed White Knight of Althena, with a mostly white soldier’s uniform with gold buttons down the front of his jacket, which also has dark blue trim and a blue and gold sash, which seems to further denote his rank. His jacket has a high collar with black and gold accents and is always open to show a white cravat; his cuffs also have similar touches. Over this, Leo wears a red cape, the top of which comes over his shoulders and is held in place by the White Dragon Crest. The beastman is also armored on his elbows and knees, along with metal shin guards on his boots. Leo is never without the bastard sword he wields, strapped to the left side of his hip.

When not in uniform, Leo wears a simpler, blue and white outfit.


The White Knight of Althena, though young, is strong-willed and capable enough to lead Althena’s Guard. He has an incredibly strong sense of justice, which drives him to protect the innocent and hunt down the Destroyer, something that has (supposedly) taken the form of a young woman named Lucia. He is known to be stalwart even in the face of life-threatening danger, sure in his duty to the Goddess and all that is good – even to the point where he would kill his friends (and, if he absolutely must, his only remaining family) if it means saving his beloved home world. In the past, he and his younger sister Mauri (now the Red Priestess of Althena) were very close, but circumstances and a sudden, terrible change in Mauri’s demeanor spelled Leo’s cool distance from the girl. Though this troubles him, Leo pushes such thoughts away in favor of his sacred duty.

Despite this, Leo has recently begun to have doubts about the legitimacy of his quest after seeing the horror in the city of Azado. He stubbornly quells any thoughts of treason towards Pentagulia and the Goddess, though something deep within Leo has finally begun to truly question his duty and whether it is right.


Leo is an excellent swordsman, said to be wholly unrivalled in all of Lunar (whether or not this is true is another matter). Even without sword in hand, however, Leo is incredibly strong and agile and has a high amount of physical defense, able to withstand a great deal of damage. In addition to this, Leo is skilled in the usage of holy light and the earth element in battle. Though he doesn’t know much in the way of spells, his magical abilities are as follows:

Rock Viper: Leo casts an earth spell at a single opponent, in which a heavy rock materializes and hits his opponent.
Crack Point: An attack that hits all enemies in the form of an earthquake.
Flash Blade: Leo charges his blade with holy light and strikes his opponent multiple times.
Buzz Blade: Leo throws holy light at a group of enemies.
Grizzle Blade: Leo’s blade glows and nearly doubles in size. He uses his blade to throw the light at his opponents.
Rock Riot: An attack in which Leo summons boulders to crush a group of foes.

White Dragon Protect: A powerful protective spell, enabled by Leo’s wearing of the White Dragon Crest. Leo summons the spirit of the White Dragon of Althena, who protects Leo and all in his group from one attack, no matter how severe.


Leo is incredibly stubborn, with his great love of justice often blinding him to the truth – even to the point of fighting his former best friend, Ronfar, and attacking the innocent (though Leo remains unaware of it) Lucia and Hiro. So trusting is he in the Goddess that when faced with the suffering of Azado’s citizens, Leo can only wonder in horror at the events that transpire – yet even with that, he is driven to fulfill his duty while getting to the bottom of things. On top of that, Leo continues to hold Hiro and company captive on the way to Pentagulia, mistrusting them even while he doubts the Goddess. He is also gullible, such as being tricked into being imprisoned on his own ship by Ronfar and Hiro. Though Leo is resilient, he can be driven to shattering self-doubt, especially if he learns the truth behind the so-called “holy” city of Pentagulia and the “Goddess.” His sense of honor can also be considered a weakness, as Leo often refuses to attack what he believes to be innocent. In addition to all of this, should his White Dragon Crest be removed from his person, Leo is no longer able to cast the spell White Dragon Protect, and the crest can, indeed, be used by anyone who wears it.


Leo is afraid of neither death nor pain, but failure in his duty – that is, the destruction of his home and everything else he has ever cared about – a fear that may very well come true considering how close the Destroyer seems. He also dreads having to destroy his sister to stop what she has become, though he has been forced to look deeper into these thoughts recently after her cruelty in Azado.

More than anything, however, Leo has begun to fear that he is indeed wrong, and that Lucia’s words of the Goddess he has so faithfully served being false after all.


Leo was born in the small, friendly village of Raculi a few years before his sister Mauri. As the siblings grew up happily with their parents, the two of them befriended a mischievous boy named Ronfar, to whom Mauri took an instant shine. The three children were nigh inseparable, spending as much time as they could together – and when a monster made its way into the village and attacked Mauri, Ronfar instantly sprang to her defense. Though this did them no good (luckily, however, adults found and rescued them before the creature could cause any more harm), it caused them to grow closer, and Leo and Ronfar were the best of friends afterwards.

The three of them grew up together, and Leo watched happily as Ronfar and Mauri fell in love. The siblings would often stay up all night, laughing and talking about what they wanted to be when they grew up. Once again, they had something in common, as all three wanted to dedicate their lives to the Goddess Althena. Ronfar became a gifted priest, becoming a powerful member of the Chosen of the Goddess and even being allowed into Pentagulia, and Leo’s excellent swordsmanship drew the attention of Althena’s Guard. Mauri, in the meanwhile, seemed on her way to become a priestess when tragedy struck. A terrible plague swept Raculi, presumably killing the friends’ parents and leaving Mauri deathly ill. Leo could not bear to see his beloved younger sister in pain and neither could Ronfar. The young man tried with all of his might to cure the terrible disease, but to no avail.

Just when all hope seemed lost, however, a cure came to the village in the form of a magical potion. Mauri grew well, but Ronfar, who suffered from terrible guilt over being unable to save his love, quit the priesthood and left the village, leaving Mauri heartbroken and Leo angry.

Years passed, and Leo found himself at the head of Althena’s Guard under the direct command of the Goddess Herself. Through hard work and raw talent, Leo became one of the Four Heroes, the White Knight, and became charged with destroying the Destroyer and saving his world. Althena gifted him with the Dragonship Destiny, and Leo made his way to the Salyan Desert, where he made the acquaintance of a young adventurer named Hiro and what seemed to be a flying pink cat called Ruby. Though he could tell that Hiro had a kind heart, this did not stop him from ruthlessly pursuing the boy after he liberated Lucia from the Blue Spire and lied to Leo about a monster on top of the Spire. Soon realizing that he had been tricked, Leo followed Hiro, chasing him through countless dangerous situations, even as Hiro gained more allies in his cause – including Ronfar, who had taken up a life of drinking, gambling and philandering.

Leo, frustrated with his own failure to stop the alleged Destroyer, grew more and more intense in his pursuits, which eventually paid off. He was able to capture Lucia and her allies when they accidentally boarded the Destiny in Azado, thinking that it was really their ride to Pentagulia. He reveled in his victory a few moments before interrogating Hiro – an interrogation that was cut short when Hiro and his friends began to reveal just what was going on in the peaceful-appearing place. This, however, was also cut short by a rain of unholy flame that seemed to originate from a giant statue of Althena at the shrine. Remarking on the horror of the situation, Leo became convinced to free Hiro, Ronfar and Ruby from their bonds and went with them to investigate, discovering a dark cult within the holy shrine’s very walls. Leo found himself speechless. Doing his best to shake it off, Leo and the others rushed in an attempt to save the city, encountering a strange, bird-like creature composed of the same unholy flame that was falling upon the city.

Despite all this, Leo still felt driven to obey Althena’s will – but instead of executing the group on the spot, as his orders were, Leo released the group from their bonds, declaring it to be Althena’s judgment. Riddled with guilt over his wavering, Leo was on the verge of sentencing himself to death when Mauri appeared. With a cold light in her eyes and cruelty in her voice, Mauri reprimanded Leo sharply for his failure and prepared to kill Hiro and his friends. Leo stepped in, threatening to smite his own sister should she interfere with his duty. She relented, even as she mocked Leo’s insubordination and Ronfar’s own heresy. Torn, Leo apologized to Lucia and her protectors and expressed his hope that she would be able to meet the Goddess.

That night, Leo was wracked with indecision and guilt, sadly reflecting on his decisions and his sister’s own actions. He hid this well, however, providing his former enemies with safe passage as he promised, nonetheless telling Hiro that he would not hesitate to execute Lucia if she attempted to harm Althena.

Upon arrival to Pentagulia, Leo welcomed Hiro and his group and greeted Ghaleon, addressing him as “Dragonmaster,” although taking offense at Ghaleon’s suggestion that he was not wholly loyal to the Goddess. He then excused himself to announce the others’ arrival to Althena, later warning Hiro and Lucia, who were to meet the Goddess, to “be on [their] best behavior”. He silenced Lucia as she doubted the truth of the “Goddess” of the city, later watching as Ghaleon stopped Lucia from (apparently) harming the Goddess and taking her prisoner. He requested to be allowed to judge Hiro himself, who he considered an innocent in the matter, and was gravely insulted by Ghaleon once again, who insinuated that Leo was “too good for his own good.”

It was with this in mind that Leo stumbled onto somewhere wholly different from Pentagulia.


  • Leo arrives at the house. Thread
  • Leo goes into the kitchen to get food and discovers a strange stairwell… Thread


  • "I am White Knight Leo, Captain of Althena's Guard."
  • What are you doing?! Of course my ears are real!
  • (referring to the microwave) "That strange box is possessed."


  • On occasion, Leo dons a strange white mask and moonlights as Mystere, a "vagabond knight" who helps people while refusing to give his name. As he doesn't change out of his uniform before doing so, he is easily recognizable by people who actually know him, despite his fervent efforts to prove otherwise.
  • As a beastman, Leo can scent out other members of his own kind, even when within a large city. His hearing and sight are likewise increased in comparison to a human.
  • While not shy or stupid, Leo tends to be oblivious, especially around women, and innuendoes tend to fly over his head.
  • Since arriving at Dollsy, Leo has been swarmed by young girls, whether by coincidence or by them seeking him out. Considering his nature, Leo seems to have immediately taken to the decision to protect any innocents - but he has yet to meet anyone who is eighteen or even a male.
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