Fandom Kingdom Hearts
Gender Female
Date of Birth unknown
Age twoish
Aliases Apathetic Princess, Savage Nymph, XII
Place of Birth The World That Never Was
Occupation Nobody
Known Relatives none
Significant Other none
Known Abilities teleportation, control of lightning, really damn fast
First Appearance Electric Arrival

Larxene, the delightfully wicked and emotionless-yet-sadistic lady of lightning and princess of torture.


Larxene has blue-green eyes and electric blonde hair, swept back close to her head except for two almost antenna-like strands which hang above her head. Her hair is fairly short, falling at just above shoulder length, but her appearance is definitely feminine. She is thin and almost delicate-looking at first glance. As all Organization XIII members do, she wears a hooded black cloak with a silver zipper and drawstrings on the front, as well as black boots. Her signature weapons are her blue and yellow kunai; when in battle, she keeps them laced between her fingers.


Larxene, having no heart, has no actual emotions. She has the memory of them, and this is what forms her personality. Her echoes of emotion are the closest she has to the real thing: when she "enjoys," "loves," or "hates," it's not the real emotion, simply the memory of the thing. She has the nickname of "Savage Nymph" and lives up to this: there is nothing she enjoys more than causing pain. She views her opponents as toys, and she loves to play games. She doesn't always break her toys, but if one happens to go to pieces, well… She can always get new ones. She's a definite sadist: pain is something concrete, unlike emotions and hearts she doesn't have.

When not actively torturing someone, she is usually mocking them. Larxene may not have emotions, but she knows others do, and pushing someone's buttons can be just as fun as pushing a kunai into their intestines. She can be light and playful one moment and angry and snippy the next, but either way, she wants to get into the head of whoever she's talking to and hurt them. At times Larxene acts almost diabetically sweet: all sweetness and giggles. This is often heavy sarcasm, but she's not above playing nice for a time if she finds someone she can use.

Larxene is XII in Organization XIII, and considered a neophyte by the original members with varying levels of scorn. This is something she hates, and returns this sentiment with a lack of respect for any of the other members. She is ambitious, and always puts herself before others. In fighting she is arrogant and violent. She is prone to overconfidence, as well. She enjoys watching the plans of others unfold, in the hopes of seeing the violence as the plans crash into each other.


Larxene's main weapons are her kunai. She can pull them from nowhere into her hands, and keeps four laced between the fingers of each hand when fighting. These can be used either as throwing weapons or to slash someone up close, and she has a limitless supply. Her kunai are also often used with her control over Thunder magic. She can electrify her kunai or just shoot the element in bolts. Because of this control, she is not hurt by lightning attacks. To the contrary, they heal her. Larxene is also, much like lightning, very agile and quick. She can be attacking from afar and then up close almost in an instant, and delights in using this to startle her opponents.

Like all Nobodies, Larxene has the ability to teleport using portals and levitate for a short amount of time.


Larxene, having control of electricity, cannot use her abilities while she is soaking wet, lest she endanger herself. This is not something she is quick to reveal, however. Larxene also relies on her speed to keep her from injury; she does not stand up well to brute force when she cannot dart away.


As a Nobody, Larxene does not have emotions. However, it could be said she is afraid of death; it is the only time in canon when it seemed she had some echoes of fear.


[note: The pre-Nobody stuff for Larxene is all my own speculation.] Before she was Larxene, she was Elenra, a rather sweet, normal girl living on her own world, having no idea of Heartless or Nobodies or that she would ever become who she would become. But that was before the Heartless arrived, tearing her world apart and ripping her heart from her body. For most-for the rest of her world, even-that would be the end of them. But Elenra's heart was too strong to be entirely consumed.

Her shell lived on, in its own way: she became a Nobody; Larxene, the twelfth in Organization XIII. Along with the rest of the Organization, Larxene's goal was regaining the heart she had had taken from her. It was then when, due to a lack of any real emotions and wanting to feel something, she became cruel and sadistic, as it was the only thing that could make what echoes of memories of emotions she had really feel like anything. Pain was concrete.

Larxene was not content to be twelve of thirteen, however; she wanted to rise up in the world, do things on her own terms. And so she formed a loose alliance with Marluxia, number XI, and the two of them began to plot to take over the Organization. It was when Naminé was discovered that they finally had an option: use her, and her power of manipulation of the memories of Sora and those close to him, to have the Keyblade Master himself at their control. And so they moved to Castle Oblivion.

Locking Naminé away in the highest point of the castle, they, along with Axel, took up residence in the upper half of the castle, while Vexen, Zexion, and Lexaeus took up residence in the lower half. And they waited for the Keyblade Master to arrive, as they knew he would.

And then Larxene fell.


  • Coming… Eventually.


  • "Oh, really?" she replied, sarcasm biting in her tone. "You mean you don't fall from the sky regularly?" -Electric Arrival
  • "Don't you know better than to look through a girl's things?" -Larxene's Room
  • "And now you're taking notes. Did I sign up for therapy without realizing it~?" -Larxene's Room
  • "Something like that~. And if I rip off my face there's a little green alien inside." -Larxene's Room
  • "'Met woman named Larkseen'—it's Larxene. L-A-R-X-E-N-E~. 'Unusually garbed, cold attitude.' I wonder why, since you started pawing around my room and all. 'Claims to have 'heard' of America, calls it a planet.' No, I called it a world. There's a difference. 'Somewhat off-putting'."

She smirked. -Larxene's Room


  • Larxene does not explode on contact with water.
  • Larxene is very interested in Marquis de Sade. Those who know about her are probably not surprised.
  • One of Larxene's favorite books: The Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect.
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