Koukuzi Kallen
Kouzuki Kallen
Fandom Code Geass
Gender Female
Date of Birth March 29, 2000 a.t.b
Age 18
Aliases Q1, Ace of the Black Knights, Kallen Stadtfeld
Place of Birth Britannian settlement, Japan
Occupation Student, Terrorist
Known Relatives Ms. Kouzuki (mother; Eleven) Mr. Stadtfeld (father; Britannian) Naoto Kōzuki (Elder brother; deceased) Stepmother (Britannian)
Significant Other N/A
Known Abilities Knightmare Frame pilot
First Appearance Curiosity...

Kallen is a strong female protagonist in the anime Code Geass. She has a 'stab first, question later' policy on any and all suspicious persons and is extremely prideful. Assistance with anything without being requested is met with hostility. As such, she does not get along with many people in the house as of yet.
Currently, she can be found exploring the house in a maid's uniform with Kiryuu Zero.


Kallen is an average height, if only a little shorter than an average girl and a rather thin build except for her breasts. Her shoulder length, deep pink hair is often flipped up into slight spikes, but is kept straight down at school and home. In this instance, she wears her Black Knight uniform, which is a form fitting black coat that buttons at the top and small shorts, both lined with white. Her expression is often stern, as she saves gentle smiles for people who don‘t know who she really is.


In her current situation, Kallen runs on her hatred of the Holy Britannian Empire that has taken over Japan. Even if she is half Britannian, she clings strongly to her Japanese heritage and despises everything that Britannia stands for. She looks down on Britannians as if they were the scum of the earth, but since she must live as one for appearance’s sake she constantly becomes more and more bitter towards them and more impatient to reclaim Japan. The fight against Britannia has become almost like a way of life for her, so now she takes everything very seriously and does things with an angry determination that is impossible to deter.
Kallen is also very proud of her abilities and the vital part she plays in the rebellion against Britannia. She does not take kindly to people who imply that she is weak or fragile and will go to great lengths to prove that she is not, normally by inflicting bodily harm on whoever it is that thinks so. Likewise, she has a great respect for those that can see and reward her abilities. This recognition is one of the very few ways someone can even get in Kallen’s good graces.
Though they are all fighting for the same thing, she keeps her fellow comrades at a professional distance, having a soft spot for only her Japanese family members, especially her older and now deceased brother. Other than to her family, Kallen refuses to show the weaker, kinder side of her personality and is always stern and strict instead. Though, since it has been so long since she had a family she could be kind to, her true personality has morphed to become the hot tempered fighter that she is when she fights Britannia, leaving her kindness to become nothing but a fake school persona.


While Kallen prefers to pilot her giant robot nightmare frame, she is also very capable in hand-to-hand. She is skilled in the martial arts and always carries a small knife with her that is concealed in a pink pouch. This can become very fatal if she jumps to conclusions and decides someone is a threat.


While at school, Kallen puts up a weak front, pretending to be frail and sickly, which is not the case whatsoever. Though, what Kallen has in physical strength, she makes up for in a lack of tactical knowledge. She relies heavily on orders given to her in battle and follows them with a single mindedness which leads to her rushing a single opponent and never knowing when, or how, to retreat.


Kallen is most afraid of losing her free will and living differently from her Japanese principals and morals. She fights so desperately for the rebellion so that she wont have to live as a Britannian with her father and thus lose the choice of how to live her life.
This fear for her free will also caused her to mistrust and question her loyalty to the leader of the rebellion, even though she had previously followed him with undying adoration. When it came to light that he possessed a mind controlling geass, she was ready to risk everything and leave his rebellion force behind in favor of fighting for Japan in a way she knew would be her own. She did stay, however, because her loyalty was not the product of the mind control geass. She is still weary of it, though, and she can never see her leader in the same light ever again.
Of course, Kallen would never claim to be afraid of monsters. Such things do not even exist, so there is not point in wasting the energy it would take to fear them. This could change into a completely different story, however, if she were to ever meet one.
For example, Kallen is now very wary of dogs.


Kallen was born to a Japanese mother and a Britannian father, and while she looks more like a Britannian, she identifies with the Japanese and thus refers to herself with her Japanese name of Kouzuki rather than her father’s name of Stadtfeld. When she was young, Kallen lived a Japanese lifestyle with her mother and older brother in Japan. She loved her family very much, but they were all torn apart when Britannia invaded and took control of Japan. Her brother and mother were then referred to as Elevens and were ridiculed, but since Kallen was half Britannian she escaped that discrimination.
Her brother and his best friend formed a rebellion force together which Kallen would later join once she entered high school. It only consisted of small scale terrorist attacks, since they did not have the resources or the manpower to do any real damage. With what little equipment they could steal, they managed to get their hands on a few Nightmare frames, which Kallen piloted and she quickly honed her skills to that of an ace pilot. The rebellion, however, cost Kallen’s brother his life, and Kallen has fought hard for her brother’s sake ever since.
With the invasion came the return of Kallen’s father along with a new stepmother for her. Kallen did not get along with any of them, but still benefited from the fact that her father was from a prestigious family, allowing her to live easily and attend a prestigious school. She hid her participation in the rebellion behind a frail and sickly exterior, giving her excuses to miss school in favor of participating in terrorist attacks.
In an effort to be close to her children, Kallen’s birth mother became a maid in the Stadtfeld house and was constantly mistreated by Mrs. Stadtfeld and even Kallen herself. Kallen always believed her mother was only being weak willed by employing herself in that house, but began to respect her again once she discovered that the true reason was out of love rather than desperation.
During one of her terrorist attacks, where she and a comrade attempted to steal what they thought was a poison gas bomb, they were contacted by someone who called himself Zero who told them they could win this battle as long as they listened to him. Kallen and her comrades were all skeptical until he lead them to a cargo train full of Nightmare frames, and after that they all followed him with great respect to many victories. With Zero leading the rebellion, they no longer had any lack of resources or manpower and were able to become a true threat to Britannia. Kallen, with her superior piloting skills, was assigned to the head of Zero’s personal guard, a position that she takes with great pride.


Night 1
Came across Rayne and immediately despised her.
Charmed by Tony Tony Chopper 's cuteness.
Encountered Kiryuu Zero in the height of his bloodlust, and was bitten.

Day 2
Befriended Kiryuu Zero


"I'll try not to take it personally if I catch you at a bad time and get myself bitten again."
To Kiryuu Zero in "Sorry, but those teeth are just..."

"Zero! Next time, you’re wearing the skirts and getting the shovels."
To Kiryuu Zero in "Graveyard Shift"


Kallen is too Japanese for this useless trivia business.

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