Ikari Shinji
Shinji Ikari!
Fandom Neon Genesis Evangelion
Gender Male
Date of Birth Month Day, 2001
Age 14
Aliases Third Child
Occupation Eva Pilot, Student
Known Relatives Yui Ikari (mother; deceased), Gendo Ikari (father), Nameless Aunt and Uncle
Significant Other LOL KAWORU NAGISA
Known Abilities SUPER ANGST MACHINE, can pilot an Evangelion

Shinji has to be played slightly OOC, because otherwise he'd kill himself. And in Dollsy, when you commit suicide, YOU DON'T COME BACK TO LIFE.



His hair colour is generally a dark brown in the anime, although it ranges from scene to scene. In a new remake of the series and in the manga, his hair is black. He is Japanese, slightly small and skinny for his age, but it might also be because he carries himself a little curled in, to avoid people’s attention. His eyes are brown in the manga, blue in the anime, purple in the remade series. His school uniform consists of a white office shirt, a darkish blue short-sleeved shirt worn underneath, black pants, a brown belt, and white tennis shoes.

He wears his school uniform all the time, except he seems to have two pairs of non-school clothing - a pink shirt with blue pants, and a pair of pajamas. There might be another that I’ve forgotten.


Shinji has never had many friends. The only friends we know of that he makes in the series are Rei, Touji, and Kensuke if you can call them friends - he doesn’t have much in common with any of them, Rei is just his coworker and the other two seem to be the ones who feel sorry for him, more than anything else. He doesn’t make friends because he is afraid of getting hurt by people, and really, he doesn’t know how to make friends in the first place. He has a cell phone but never sends or receives any messages or calls.

He doesn’t like fighting, but he does it so that he has a reason to live. He has never had any goals or ambitions in life, he has always felt that if he died it would be fine. He just doesn’t have the energy to kill himself, except in the beginning of the second movie, and he fails at that attempt. (He tries to down himself in the crater/lake where he first met Kaworu.) He doesn’t want to be a burden on others, but he is, and so this pains him.

Shinji is very shy and awkward around people, and he stammers when startled or upset. He flinches away from touch, unless it’s Kaworu in the anime. He tries to rationalize his fears and why he doesn’t learn to swim, why he doesn’t make friends, et cetera. “Everyone secretly hates me” or “Humans weren’t meant to swim, anyway”. He complains/whines a lot, but there are also times when he’s very quiet and doesn’t say anything. In the remake of the series he, so far, speaks less and at a quieter volume, and he agrees with what people say almost the entire time. He will follow orders unless they’re extremely unreasonable.

Shinji almost never calls anyone by their first name. (I can’t mention his use of honorifics because I watch the English versions, but even in the English he almost always calls them by last names) He also thinks that everyone looks down on him, and that he is worthless. The only thing he’s good at is piloting his Eva. He doesn’t seem to like anyone, even if he pretends to - he thinks about all their faults and secretly scorns them, while trying to ignore that he isn’t any better than they. (Except, again, Kaworu in the anime. Even in the manga, a little bit.)

He flexes his hands often when he’s nervous or upset, and looks at the ground or away from people when they talk. He apologizes a lot. He can cook, he doesn’t own/keep many things, and he notices odd things - the patterns in the floor or wall, the ceilings. He cries when he’s alone, a lot. It takes him a long time to make decisions, he wants other people to do it for him.

A lot of the time, he just sits somewhere alone, listening to his SDAT. He must also practice the cello a lot even if we don’t see him do it in the series, because he’ s very good at it - he’s played in concerts - he’s been practicing since he was five, when he lived with his teacher/aunt and uncle, and he doesn’t stop because “no one has told him to stop”. He likes to be alone and he likes the quiet, he also likes routine.

Shinji’s very concerned about what society thinks of him. In both anime and manga, he doesn’t hang around with people who others think of as “bad”. For example the class representative. He stays around people who are, more or less, nice to him but he also tries to talk to the people who are popular in the class for some reason or another - meaning, Asuka and Rei, even though Asuka berates him and Rei ignores him for the most part.

In the manga, his reason for disliking Kaworu is “because he always does strange things”. Kaworu challenges him on this, asks him why he’s so afraid to get close to other people, spends as much time as he possibly can with Shinji. (In the anime, he comforts Shinji by saying something alike “You cannot erase this loneliness because all men are, fundamentally, alone.” The A.T. Field is what separates all humans from each other, it is the barriers of the soul. The A.T. Field is consequentially what creates loneliness. And he says that he can ease the pain by being with other people.) In the manga he seems more hurt when Rei dies, as well - she was the only one who was close to his personality, she was also the only one close to his father. He probably felt that if he could get to know her, he could get to know his father. There is also the fact that Rei’s body is based off that of Shinji’s mother, so even though he can only hazily remember what his mother looked like, looking at her is still comforting to him in that way.

In the second movie, he tries to drown himself and fails. Shortly afterwards he visits Asuka in the hospital, who is in a coma. He pulls the blanket off of her and finds out that she’s there in nothing but panties, and, uh, masturbates to that image - but he never showed any real interest in Asuka in the series, nor Rei when he saw her naked. (The most he seemed to feel was embarrassment, and slightly confusion at that time with Rei - he kept flexing his hand afterwards, which is a thing he does when nervous). Because the Asuka scene was immediately after the scene where he tries to drown himself where he met Kaworu, personally I think he was thinking about Kaworu when he did it, but there’s no real evidence either way. He feels completely lost when no one is giving him orders - he cries for Asuka to wake from her coma and yell at him, tell him to do things, because at the moment he is completely on his own and he can’t handle anything by himself.

Shinji likes to drink canned coffee, milk, and green tea. He doesn’t like junk food and usually makes his own meals, he doesn’t spend a lot of money at vending machines or anything. He goes shopping for Misato and lot and sometimes ends up doing her laundry if she asks him too, he ends up cleaning their apartment almost constantly because she makes lots of messes. Even though he does almost all the chores in the house almost all of the time, he says he doesn’t mind doing them.

He gets angry very rarely - at one point, Touji hits him and ends up beating him up, and he never fights back. He just accepts it, and at his old schools he would get beaten up as well, although they don’t say why or how often. Shinji gets angry at his father when he causes him to do unreasonable things, and he says he hates his father. Sometimes he gets angry at Misato, when he thinks she is acting like his father. In the manga he gets angry at Kaworu because he says something like, “About the First? It can’t be helped, she was stupid” right after Rei has died, and he actually pushes Kaworu up against the wall and threatens to “knock his teeth out”, but as he goes to punch the boy he starts
hyperventilating and ends up passing out.

After that, Shinji spends three days at Kaworu’s house doing nothing. He says that he’s only there because everyone else is upset over Rei, and if he goes home then Misato will try to pretend everything’s alright, which will only make him feel worse. Kaworu is the only person who doesn’t care that Rei is dead. On the third night, Shinji hyperventilates again and Kaworu makes out with him to calm his breathing, with the excuse that he doesn’t have a paper bag for him to breath into. Shinji’s breathing does calm down, amazingly fast, and he even clutches Kaworu’s sleeve - but as soon as the other boy stops for a moment and speaks, he pushes him away and scoots away from him on the bed. So, what he really wants is love and acceptance. He tells Kaworu something along the lines of “boys can’t like other boys” and when Kaworu asks him why not, he gropes for an answer, something like “it’s disgusting”. This also shows that even though he wanted it, he wouldn’t let himself because he thinks society frowns upon it.

Misato calls him to tell him that Rei is alive - it’s a clone of her, she actually has no memories, but they don’t know that yet - and Shinji immediately gets up and leaves Kaworu’s apartment to see her, running away from his problems. He barely speaks to Kaworu when he leaves, but later when he’s forced to kill him, he is very upset and hesitates, this scene is the longest still scene in the entire series.

Shinji hates his father, but still seeks approval from him - this is most of the reason why he pilots his Eva. He seeks approval from everyone, and gains that from piloting. Sometimes he disobeys orders just to get attention, “like a spoiled kid”. When he thinks that Misato only cares about him because he’s her subordinate, he disobeys her orders when fighting as an act of rebellion.

(See also Fears)


He can fight, if he needs to. He is good at playing the cello. He can usually follow orders, even if it’s something he doesn’t want to do. He can get into a mindset where he can do almost anything/nothing and not care about it, when he’s feeling low enough.


Sometimes he freezes in fear. His fears are also weaknesses. He has a hard time killing humans, he’s mentally unstable, he’s physically weak, he has little social skills - in that he’s introverted, and uninterested in others. He has little interest in things, apart from music. His SDAT/music player is basically what keeps him sane for a long while, I think. Shinji also can’t swim, and gives in easily to demands.

(See also Personality and Fears)


He has a phobia of touch, and especially doesn’t like women touching him. The only person he’s been able to touch comfortably has been Kaworu, a boy a year older than himself, the only one to ever show him any real kindness. Especially when women try to touch him - say, by the shoulders or by the hand - he quickly moves away and shrinks in on himself, if possible. Sometimes, when upset or angry enough, he will even swat their hand away. He doesn’t like getting close to people.

He fears women especially, he doesn’t like looking at them - he avoids looking at the faces, a lot - or being near them. He also fears his father, who abandoned him as a child and now forces him to fight (basically) giant monsters called Angels, who are (basically) mutations of the human species (possibilities of what humans could have evolved into besides what they did) and who also forced him to kill/main one of his friends, depending on whether you’re looking at the manga or anime. He is also forced to kill Kaworu, who he admitted to liking and who make him feel safe, and happy.

He fears being left alone, because after all, what every person wants is to be accepted, loved, acknowledged, et cetera. But he fears being with people, whether his own age or adults - adults in his life have ignored him, insulted him, have forced him to do things that even an adult would break down at, accused him of lying… Children his own age have made fun of him, punched him, bullied him, et cetera.

He fears responsibility and hurting people, also disappointing people or being hated. For one, with responsibility comes consequences - and he’s learned over time that whatever he does, someone will get hurt, and likely he’ll get hurt himself. He is afraid of fighting but he does it anyway, because he’s ordered to. He’s afraid of making friends because he knows that if he makes friends, they’ll end up dead/hurt.


To make it short -

When he was about five years old, the soul of Shinji’s mother was put into his then-future Eva Unit so that Shinji, in the future, would be able to pilot said Eva. Only children who have no mothers can pilot Evas. His father then basically became a workaholic so that he could, in the future, become a god. Shinji was sent to live with a teacher/his aunt and uncle, depending on anime or manga, and either way his guardian(s) pretty much ignored him while he was there.

Then Shinji was summoned by his father when he was fourteen so that he could pilot his Eva and “save the world”. Shinji didn’t want to do it, quite reasonably. But he did move to the city and pilot, along with classmates Rei and Asuka in the beginning. Everyone in Shinji’s class is a pilot candidate, meaning if a pilot dies they can grab a random kid from his class and it’ll be fine as long as they learn how to fight with the Eva. Shinji is the third child to be pilot an Eva, so he is called “Third Child”. Rei is First, Asuka is Second, Touji Fourth, Kaworu Fifth - although in the remade series, the numbers will be changed and there will be at least a Sixth Child.

Eventually, Shinji makes friends with two of his classmates and kind of with Rei and Asuka. But then one of his classmates is sent to pilot an Eva and the Eva is a monster in disguise, and Shinji has to kill it - also killing his friend, who is inside it. Shinji’s father basically makes him kill his friend, but in the anime his friend is alive - they just have to cut off at least one leg, and he spends the rest of the series in the hospital recovering.

At one point, Rei kills herself in order to destroy a monster and save Shinji. Then she gets replaced by, basically, a spare body - it does not have any of the memories that the prior Rei did. Shinji is slightly messed up at this point. Later, Asuka starts having problems with her Eva and general personality problems, so they replace her with Kaworu.

Kaworu is nice and understanding towards Shinji. He compliments him and also tells him that he loves him. Kaworu’s the only one that Shinji ever allows himself to open up to, telling him his feelings and thoughts and such, and the only one he ever touches - they touch hands at one point, and Shinji doesn’t move away. (They do more touching in the manga, but in the manga his attitude towards Kaworu is different) But then, Shinji has to kill Kaworu in order to “save humanity” and so he does so, by basically crushing him with his Eva and popping off his head like Pez.

And afterwards, he’s insane. He also admits that he liked Kaworu in both anime and manga. But really, mostly, he’s insane. At this point, Asuka is in a coma, his friend Touji is either dead or maimed depending, Kaworu is dead, the Rei he knows is dead, his father is crueler to him than ever. One other person he cared about is dead, the boyfriend/lover of Misato - whose name is Kaji - and Misato is pretty messed up at this point too, and too demanding of him.

In the first scene of the second movie of the series, Shinji is shown having tried to drown himself. A little later, he is shown unwilling to pilot his Eva even to save everyone or save himself, and he wishes to die. This is the last point that I will take his personality from, so this is the last point I will write in the history.



  • "Ican'ttakeitanymore, Ican'ttakeitanymore, Ican'ttakeitanymore" - End of Evangelion (Canon)
  • "You betrayed me! You betrayed my heart! You betrayed me like my father!" - Episode twenty-four (Canon)
  • [Will insert more quotes when I'm less lazy]


  • In the first scene of End of Evangelion, Shinji has failed at drowning himself in the crater where he first met Kaworu Nagisa. We know this because he is dripping wet, his bangs over his eyes. As revealed in the anime, Ikari can't swim.
  • Shinji has a phobia of women. Misato realizes this in End of Evangelion. He doesn't like to look at females directly, and shirks away from their touch.

Interesting miscellany.

  • In the RP, Shinji likes to hang out in deserted hallways (especially the floating one) and the changing room. He has no bedroom.
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