It started when you slipped. Or it felt like that. You slipped on something—you don't know what—and you fell. And then you were inside a house. And you could not leave.

The house was odd, certainly—you found a door that opened to a brick wall, and a staircase to the ceiling with no use you could think of. There's a storeroom on the second floor that hurts your eyes to look at, and daytime has gone on for far too long. But certainly it could be worse. There are bedrooms, and food, and there is company: people like you, who slipped. Some of them are strange, but it's better than nothing. Though it's hard to sleep with the sunlight in your eyes. You wish for nightfall.

Then the sun sets, and you take it back.

If days are long, nights are longer, and the sounds of construction ring constantly in your ears. And the things come out. Things you had never believed in before—or maybe you had. Either way, the house is dangerous, you realize that now. And again you try to leave.

But you can't, of course. The Dollsyhouse welcomes you; it does not wish for its guests to leave just yet.

You're going about your business as usual. Maybe you're fighting monsters, maybe you're attending school, maybe you're sitting down to eat. But no matter what you're doing, something goes wrong. It feels like you've tripped and fallen. And as your world slides away from you, you black out.

You wake up in the entrance of a house. You might try the door behind you: nothing you do seems to work to open it. You're trapped inside. Try to enjoy your time in the Dollsyhouse.

During the day, the Dollsyhouse is fairly normal. Sure, there's no way to escape, there are some very odd rooms, and there are suddenly a bunch of weird people to deal with, but it's not that bad. There is food readily available, and you can explore at will. Nothing is harmful, just odd.

A day lasts a week, however. During this time the sun does not set, although it does move in the sky—very slowly.

If you thought a day lasted a long time, wait until the sun sets. A night lasts two weeks, and at night, the Dollsyhouse is a very different place. Monsters and ghosts come crawling out from wherever they hide, haunting certain rooms. Some are safe, but you can never be certain until nighttime. If you can hear the construction going on all night, then you're not in a safe room.

Close all the doors to one of the safe rooms, and you're safe, for now. Leave a door open, however, and there's nothing stopping the monsters from getting in (the ghosts, however, are entirely forbidden from entering a safe room).

Of course, just hiding for two weeks isn't so easy. You'll need food and water, after all, and that means a trip to the kitchen.

At night, the sounds of construction can be heard throughout the house. This isn't just random noise: at times the house will expand, opening doors that weren't there before, adding on to rooms, and warping previously created architecture. The construction will never be visible until the sun rises, and often many of the rooms near the site of construction will be locked tight at night.

Character Torture and Death
Character torture is expected in a game of this nature, both from the monsters and from the other players, if they're that sort. Make sure to keep from godmoding, however.

Death is also possible in the house; however, it shouldn't be something taken lightly, and we ask that you get permission from a mod before any character death happens. If a character dies, they will be out of commission for a few hours (one to two RL days) before awakening in the attic with no memory of anything between the time of their death and the time of reawakening. They will be somewhat disoriented for a little while, but will recover soon enough. Hopefully this doesn't happen to your character at night, leaving them to deal with creatures immediately upon waking.

There are a handful of communities in the Dollsyhouse collective:

The Dollsyhouse RPG
This is the main community. All RP will take place here, in third-person log format. All posts must be properly tagged and, if mature, flocked. Posts to this community should have this sort of formatting:

[Title, Active/Complete, Open/Closed]
<b>Characters:</b> (characters in the thread)
<b>Setting:</b> (where the thread takes place)
<b>Time:</b> (Day/Night, if you want you can include an hour but it's not necessary. Using other threads as time-based reference points if possible would be appreciated, however.)
<b>Summary:</b> (summarize what's happening/going to happen in your thread)
<b>Warnings:</b> (self-explanatory)

<lj-cut text="Cut text">Your post goes here.</lj-cut>
[include tags]

When posting in a log, please maintain a posting order. Example: A,B,C,A,B,C. If someone new arrives, adjust the order. Example: A,B,C,A,D,B,C,A,D,B,C.

Dollsy OOC
All out of character discussion goes here. Introduce yourself and your characters to the other muns, inform everyone of a hiatus, generally use this to communicate with the other players.

Dollsy Plots
All upcoming plots will be posted about here. All players are free to use this to organize their own plots as well!

Dollsy Crack
All of the unholy IC/OOC hybrids our collective twisted genius can spawn go here. In other words, this is a place to go nuts, have fun, and do crazy stuff related to the game and its characters, or that you would do in the game, if it were a less serious RP.

Dollsy NPCS
This is the NPC journal, primarily used for such things as controlling monsters requested in a thread. As players are allowed to control their own monsters, (most of the time) this journal likely won't be too frequently used. You can post a request for moderator-controlled monsters in a thread in the OOC comm, and one of us will come into your thread on this journal.

We also have a chatroom! Feel free to drop by [aim:gochat?roomname=dollsyooc dollsyooc] and say hello! Even if you're just a prospective applicant, we'd love to get to know you!

Posts must be tagged as appropriate. There are character tags, which are ordered "character name (character series)", for example "Edward Elric (FullMetal Alchemist)". When a log is completed it must be tagged with the "complete" tag. Your character's tag will be added by a mod at first, but after that you must place your own tag in every log your character participates in. Also make sure to tag each thread with what IC day or night (eg. "day 001", "night 022") it takes place on.

Activity Checks
Once a month there will be an activity check. This is just to make sure you've been playing, and doesn't count for players on hiatus at the time of the check. When an activity check comes up, simply reply to it with the name(s) of your character(s) and a link to the last post they've made, with the date included. Examples will be given in the activity check post if you're not certain.

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