Fletcher Tringham
Fletcher Tringham
Fandom Fullmetal Alchemist
Gender Male
Date of Birth April 10, 1904
Age 9
Aliases Alphonse Elric
Place of Birth Central City, Amestris
Occupation Impostor
Known Relatives Russel Tringham (brother), Nash Tringham (father, deceased)
Significant Other None
Known Abilities Alchemy
First Appearance Out of the frying pan and into...

Personality: To begin with, Fletcher is very booksmart. He reads a lot, and has a vast amount of knowledge for his age. Proof of this is in his alchemic skills, which are on par with those of an adult. Unfortunately, this is overshadowed by how shy and quiet he is. He has trouble opening up to people, and the only person he really talks to at this point in his life story is his brother Russel.

Despite his fear of interacting with people, Fletcher is really very kind and sweet… to the people who are able to get through his outer shell. To people he doesn't trust (and there are a lot of them) he's mainly just quiet and unwilling to say much, afraid of doing something wrong.

Though he's shy, he cares more about other people than about himself, to the point that he would sacrifice himself to rescue a complete stranger.

Fears: Fletcher is nine years old and extremely introverted, so naturally he's scared of lots of things. The dark, spiders, large animals, sudden loud noises: You name it, he probably fears it. The thing he fears the most, though, is being separated from his brother Russel. Part of this fear is because Fletcher is small and weak and doesn't think he'd be able to make it on his own, but part of it is because he doesn't want Russel to be left all alone. He worries about what kind of trouble Russel can get into on his own, and whether he'd be able to handle being abandoned again.

Weaknesses: Fletcher's main weakness is his wimpy personality. He's easily frightened and can't really handle any sort of conflict or threat; most of his life he's relied on having Russel protect him. In addition, he's physically very weak, being only a small nine-year-old boy. Thus, without using alchemy, he's unable to protect himself from most threats.

Abilities: Fletcher has the ability and knowledge necessary to use alchemy, but his father forbade him to use it, and Russel has kept up that prohibition. At first he hesitated to use it, but found that the house was far too dangerous to justify not doing so. When it comes to his actual abilities with alchemy, he's best able to transmute plants and other organic materials. His abilities are on par with those of an adult; even though he very rarely practices using alchemy, he's read many books on the subject and has a lot of knowledge crammed into his head.

History: The government of Amestris uses alchemy for all sorts of reasons — Ostensibly to help its citizens, to aid its military operations, and so on and so forth. Of course, this is a government we're talking about, so they also use alchemy for all sorts of clandestine, evil reasons — such as creating horrific monstrosities of nature, sacrificing thousands of human lives to create the legendary Philosopher's Stone, you know, the usual. All this they do in secret, though, in private military labs that the general public isn't privy to.

Now, among the researchers working at the secretest of the secret labs, Laboratory 5, was one Nash Tringham, who was studying the effects of a naturally-occurring liquid called Red Water to see whether it could be made into a Philosopher's Stone without killing anyone. Nash wound up disagreeing with the military on some unexplained aspect of the research (perhaps it was how they fused animals and humans together for shits and giggles, or maybe it was the way they felt no remorse sacrificing innocent civilians for the sake of progress, or it could have been the way the results of his research were used to enhance the powers of the alchemists who went to war against a technologically backwards civilization that shunned alchemy as the work of the devil). Whatever his reasons were, he abandoned his work and left Central City — and his sons, Russel and Fletcher, who were at the time nine and four years old, respectively. This was especially smart of him since their mother had already died of unexplained causes.

The brothers managed to survive somehow, by sheer luck and probably help from relatives and/or neighbors. When Russel was fourteen and Fletcher was nine, they heard word of Nash having returned to his hometown Xenotime, where he'd once again picked up his Red Water research in hopes of reviving the town's dying economy. During his research, though, the townspeople had grown ill with a chronic cough, and many children and babies had died. After Nash's mysterious disappearance (that is, once he confronted the man he was working for and refused to continue the research, and was killed for his defiance), the town went back to normal. That was all shortly after he left Russel and Fletcher, though, five years before they decided to go to Xenotime in search of him.

Once they got there, they adopted the names of the youngest-ever military-certified alchemist Edward Elric and his little brother Alphonse and were subsequently employed by the land baron Mugear, who had also employed their father. It was Russel's goal to finish Nash's work and bring hope and prosperity back to Xenotime, but Fletcher knew better. Both of them knew that the work they were doing was harmful — a side effect of the Red Water they were using was what caused the townspeople's illness, which returned in full force once they picked up the research. More children died because Russel was too stubborn to let go of the past and Fletcher was too passive to go against his brother's wishes. Fletcher knew better; what they were doing was wrong, and blindly trying to fulfill someone else's dream without thinking of the consequences wasn't going to help anybody, but the way he saw it, he was the only person Russel had left in the world. If he walked away from the research, Russel would be left all alone.

In the middle of all of this is when Fletcher suddenly slipped and found himself all alone in a strange mansion larger than the one he had previously inhabited, without even Russel beside him.



  • Fletcher's hat was made by his mother, who started it while she was on her deathbed and never had a chance to finish it.


Sibling Yin-Yang: With Russel, of course.
Moe: You know you want to hug him.
It Gets Worse: Could actually apply to Dollsy itself.
Break the Cutie: Has happened many times over.
Costume Copycat: Impersonating Alphonse
Green Thumb: Plant alchemy!

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