Fiona Belli
Fiona Belli
Fandom Haunting Ground
Gender Female
Date of Birth N/A
Age 18
Aliases N/A
Place of Birth N/A
Occupation Student?
Known Relatives Ugo Belli (father;deceased), Aya Belli (mother;deceased), Riccardo Belli (uncle), Lorenzo Belli (grandfather)
Significant Other N/A
Known Abilities Playing piano
First Appearance Another new arrival

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Fiona’s white-blonde hair is usually tied back with a light blue hair band and falls a few inches past her shoulders, while her short bangs hang freely just above her eyes. When let down it appears shorter due to the layers, but the longest portion is about the same length. Her skin is pale, with a pink tint to it and she does not appear to wear make up. Her eyes are of a light blue color, matching her hair tie.

Around her neck she wears a simple, dark brown choker with a small charm attached. Her shirt’s design is very complex. The main most portions are of a white color, with a square collar and long sleeves that have a “poofed” look before stopping a few inches before the wrist. A blue gem, presumably a sapphire, is encrusted just below the collar bone, with a small black border around it. Slightly above this, for the horizontal portion of the collar, is a brown strip of cloth with a white design embodied in it.

There are similar strips on both sleeves, three total. The first, towards the top and the last, acting as a cuff, have matching designs, while the one that rims the end of the “puffed” part of each sleeve has it’s own design. The front of her shirt has various patterns running up her chest, on her stomach, and under the collar. The bottom has a snowflake-like design going over it, various parts above of which criss cross and leave the areas below visible. The back of the shirt is open and beneath the bust line a blue string criss-crosses down and ends in a nearly tied bow. Under all this a black undergarment under all this, which is more visible from the back, with what might be a white strip at the bottom.

Her skirt is of a layered, dark purple skirt begins around her stomach area and the upper half is simple and solid, while the lower half has folding and is slightly translucent. The skirt is rimmed with a flowery design and is quite short, ending well above her knees.

Fiona wears black, translucent stockings with a solid edge and rusty brown boots. Her boots have a lighter rim which ends in a small V in the sides, where the zipping begins, also separating a vine-like, almost floral design. Aforementioned design is of a lighter color than the boots, matching the edges. Each boot also has a short, black underside heel, probably only an inch tall.


Fiona appears to have been a sheltered child, as it shows in her personality. She is naïve and a touch too trusting, becoming hurt and confused each time she is betrayed, in spite of it being routine. As such she is the type to often what others say for granted and later suffer as a result. The young woman is also a bit on the shy side, particularly when it comes to sexual themes, despite already being eighteen years old.

All the same, she is a character who could be considered very charming. She is incredibly gentle and cares more for others than she does for herself. Enough so, in fact, that she saved the life of her dog, Hewie, without a second thought and was later willing to put her life on the line to try and save him. She is polite and caring, for the better type of the game the sort that would never wish bad upon another person, making her pleasant to deal with.

In spite of her naivety, however, she is not dense in the least or overly emotional or dense. Although she can and does panic here and there, she is generally successful at keeping her emotions in tact enough to react, rather than simply locking up or completely losing control. Even in foreign situations she is, more often than not, able to remain calm and examine the situation at hand. She is very resourceful and intelligent.


Fiona is quick-witted and as such is able to work out puzzles, even those with few hints as to the nature of them, given the proper amount of time and effort. She is also quite resourceful and knows how assess and make the best of a bad situation. On that happy note, she carries around a small variety of alchemic concoctions, both stimulants and things that could be used offensively.

An adrenaline does her some good, too, as she has her short bursts of speed. On an unrelated note, she also seems to have a knack for playing the piano and it has also been insinuated that she may have inherited some of Aureolus Belli’s knowledge.


Fiona has been sheltered all her life, which has lead to her being naïve and overly trusting. Although she’s not (too) quick to panic, once she does she loses complete control over herself for a time being, sometimes getting to the point of even being unable to pick herself back up. She’s not much of an athlete, either, so she doesn’t have much stamina.


In particular Fiona is most obviously scared two out of three of the individuals that have pursued her up until this point, namely being Daniella and Riccardo Belli. She also appears to have a deep-rooted fear of bugs, panicking heavily when several of them crawled out of a wall. In general, anything sudden or threatening is liable to cause her to panic, though.

More recently she's also developed a fear of ghosts.


Little is known about Fiona’s personal life, but judging by her personality and reactions to various things within Belli castle, she must have lead a very sheltered life. At the tender age of eighteen she, on the trip home from her vacation, lost both her parents in a car accident caused by Riccardo Belli. From there she was kidnapped by Riccardo, and later Debilitas, and brought to Belli Castle.

Things started out well enough…she was introduced to Daniella, the maid, got a pair of fresh clothes…things went bad when her first “true” encounter with Debilitas occurred. Debilitas, believing her to be the perfect doll, feverishly pursued her. Throughout this episode Fiona avoided Debilitas by hiding in various locations, the first of which was a bed. At one point she was saved by Riccardo and passed out due to the shock of remembering the car accident. Shortly after she awoke, she was united with what would be her only friend, Hewie. Later she encountered, on two occasions, the mysterious figure Lorenzo, who appeared to be helping her.

Eventually she ended Debilitas’ stalking when a chandelier dropped on him from above. It didn’t kill him, but he got the message all the same. But it didn’t end there. The maid, Daniella, first gave Fiona food poisoning, and then soon later resolved that she was not complete and needed Fiona’s Azoth (her womb) to be so. As such she went through the process of breaking a large window and plucking off a large piece of glass before beginning her own pursuit of Fiona. It ended when her screaming broke a dome’s overhead glass and, ironically enough, a large, fallen piece pierced through her.

Then, much to her dismay, even Riccardo encouraged her to stay in the castle by the way of a pointed gun. Of course, that didn’t blow over too well, and began another pursuit. It ended in the forest behind the Mansion portion of the castle, accurately named the Chaos Forest, when Hewie was shot as Fiona was trying to find a way to distract Riccardo, and also a way out.


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  • "We should…have hot chocolate and talk about how all men are scum."


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