Euphemia li Britannia
Euphemia li Britannia
Fandom Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion
Gender Female
Date of Birth October 11
Age 16
Aliases "Euphie"
Place of Birth Britannia
Occupation Sub-viceroy of Area 11
Known Relatives Charles di Britannia (father), Cornelia li Britannia (older sister), Schneizel el Britannia (half-brother), Lelouch vi Britannia (half-brother), Nunnally vi Britannia (half-sister)
Significant Other Suzaku Kururugi
Known Abilities Talking to cats
First Appearance Interruption

This entire page contains spoilers for episodes 22 and 23 of Code Geass. You've been warned.


Euphemia is a beauty of a woman, well-proportioned with a pretty face. She has blue eyes and long pink hair that she tends to wear in buns, and dresses in a refined manner befitting a princess of the Britannian empire. When she arrives in the Dollsy house, though, her regal white gown will be torn and she'll be covered in blood — not her own, I might add.

When she is under the effect of Lelouch's Geass her irises are rimmed in red, but this is purely a visual effect for the audience. Nobody in the series ever comments on this change, indicating that it isn't visible to the characters.


Euphemia is kind and sweet, valuing peace and kindness and always seeing the best in other people. She has a soft spot for animals and small children. Raised as a member of the Britannian royal family and taught in upper-scale schools, if not by private tutors, she's very intelligent, but also sheltered from the world. On a logical level she knows about war, corruption, and hatred, but she's never experienced any of it herself. Euphemia wants the world to be a kind and gentle place, and she'll use her power as a royal princess and as sub-viceroy of Area 11, formerly Japan, to help make it that way.

Euphie's sheltered upbringing has also led her to be a bit impulsive. She doesn't fully think through the consequences of her actions; she leaps out of windows, borrows Knightmare Frames and charges into battle despite not being a warrior, and announced the decision to set up the Special Administrative Zone of Nippon, where the Japanese people would be treated equally, at Lelouch's school festival only a few minutes after deciding upon it. Euphemia knows that her position as sub-viceroy is only for show, that she was never supposed to have any real power, but all the same she wants to use that position to help as many people as she can. However, as a princess, she sometimes feels conflicted about what the proper way to act is. She prefers to be treated as other people's equal rather than being heralded as royalty, and on occasion her morals conflict with her royal duties, leaving her paralyzed with indecision.

Unfortunately, Euphie has a… problem. She's been afflicted with the irresistible compulsion to kill everyone who is Japanese. She's able to fight it for brief periods of time, and if she's successfully distracted from the ethnicity of a person she can revert to her usual self temporarily. Even when killing, though, she's still essentially Euphemia. She gets it done with quickly and as painlessly as possible; she even goes so far as to ask the Japanese people to kill themselves, being so naive as to hope it might work.


Euphie is surprisingly stubborn. She won't give up until she's achieved what she set out to do — and given that she's a princess, there's a lot she can set out to do. Her organizational and public speaking skills are very good, assuming she's allowed to speak for herself rather than being placed up as a figurehead.

Euphemia can also fire a machine gun. But she can't reload.


Euphie was brought up in the royal court of Britannia; her main weakness is her sheltered upbringing and naivete. She automatically assumes the best of people, and if they don't let on that they have ulterior motives she'll never suspect a thing. Physically, she's weaker than average. Nothing debilitating, but she lifts less, runs slower, and gets winded faster than the average civilian (though she's not nearly as bad as Lelouch).


Euphemia's main fear is letting down the people closest to her, or losing them. She's not aware of the Geass that has been placed on her or the fact that she slaughtered hundreds of innocent Japanese people, but if/when she becomes aware of it she'll also be desperately afraid of losing control of herself and killing indiscriminately.


Due to various historical events which are never suitably explained, a substantial portion of the world is ruled by the tyrannical Britannian empire. Recently Britannia annexed and decimated the nation of Japan, renaming it "Area 11" and slapping the derogatory title of "Eleven" onto all those who were once known as Japanese.

Several years later, a group of Japanese rebels were led in rebellion by a mysterious masked man, Zero. Zero's true identity was Lelouch Lamperouge, an ordinary Britannian student living in the settlement of Tokyo… but even that was a lie, because Lelouch was actually the seventeenth-in-line for the throne of Britannia, Lelouch vi Britannia, who had been sent to Japan as a child along with his sister Nunnally; the two of them had lived with the former Prime Minister's family and had served as political bargaining tools. Armed with a mysterious power known as Geass, the ability to order any person to follow whatever command he issued, Lelouch sought to destroy Britannia, avenge the death of his mother Marianne, and create a gentle world where Nunnally could live in peace.

After Lelouch assassinated Prince Clovis la Britannia, the viceroy in charge of Area 11, Princess Cornelia li Britannia took up the post, bringing along her younger sister Euphemia, who was appointed sub-viceroy. As children, Cornelia and Euphemia were very close to Lelouch and Nunnally. Believing Lelouch and Nunnally dead, Euphie decided to do her best in her new position in this country that had taken the lives of three of her siblings.

Shortly after arriving in Area 11 Euphemia met Suzaku Kururugi, the son of the former Prime Minister and now an honorary Britannian and member of the Britannian army. The two became fast friends, and a whirlwind romance developed. During a very large and publicized public event at a museum, a video feed came on of Suzaku fighting against Zero, and the Britannian public became aware that Suzaku — an Eleven — was the one piloting the famous prototype Knightmare Frame, Lancelot. The audience in the museum with Euphie were disgusted, but she shouted out over the ruckus that she had just now chosen Suzaku to be her personal Knight, the soldier who would stay by her side and protect her.

Not long thereafter, Suzaku and Zero did battle again. Their Knightmare Frames were fenced in by a Gefjon Disturber, which kept them from moving, and the Britannian army sent missiles in to destroy Zero, commanding Suzaku to keep him from leaving the area on foot. This Suzaku did, prompting Euphemia to rush in recklessly, unable to bear losing him. Just then an anomaly occurred, saving Suzaku, Lelouch, Euphemia, and Lelouch's subordinate Kallen Kouzuki, transporting them to another nearby island. (This is because the power of Geass is made of Confusing and WTFery.) There Euphie ran into Lelouch, and revealed that she'd known he was Zero for quite some time. They'd met earlier on, during a hoteljacking, and Zero had told her that the reason for his murder of Clovis was that he was the son of the emperor. But he'd refrained from killing Euphemia for that same reason. She was overjoyed to figure out that Lelouch and Nunnally were still alive. The two of them teamed up to find food and shelter on the strange deserted island, and encountered Suzaku and Kallen, who had teamed up separately. After the four reunited, the island's WTFery kicked in again and the four of them wound up underground with a number of Britannian soldiers and scientists. Lelouch and Kallen escaped, and Suzaku was arrested for breaching military protocol.

You see, when Suzaku was ordered to restrain Zero, he did so knowing that it would probably cost him his own life. Lelouch refused to see Suzaku die; he used the strange power he'd been given, known as Geass, to give Suzaku an absolute command: "Live!" From then on Suzaku had to do everything in his power to keep from dying, even disobeying orders. He didn't remember the Geass or his actions as a result of it, but he was prepared to accept consequences. However, Euphie refused to allow that. She told Suzaku she still cared about him, she still wanted him to be her knight. And she gave him an order of her own: "I command you to love me, and in return I will love you."

Shortly after that, as part of her desire to see the world at peace, Euphemia announced that she would be forming what she called the Special Administrative Zone of Nippon. It would be an area around Mount Fuji where Japanese and Britannians would be treated equally, returning the title of Japanese to its people. Zero recognized that he had lost, though that wasn't Euphie's intention. He went to the grand opening of the SAZ and spoke to Euphemia privately, telling her that not only would the SAZ be a great success, she would win people's favor by killing him. She laughed that off, saying she would never do that, and Lelouch insisted she would. After all, he said, if he told her to do something and really meant it, she would have to. "I could tell you to kill me, or to dismiss Suzaku. Why, if I were to say, 'Kill all the Japanese,' you would even…"

And tragedy struck. Lelouch's Geass had matured; he was now no longer able to control it. The Geass took hold of Euphie, and she was forced to carry out the order he had stated: Kill all the Japanese. However, Euphemia was able to do something nobody else had ever done. She resisted the Geass, trembling and whimpering that she didn't want to do it. In the end it didn't matter; she took Lelouch's gun and ran out to the stage. After politely asking the Japanese in attendance to commit suicide, she fired a shot that killed one person, and ordered her soldiers to follow suit. It was a slaughter, a complete disaster. Lelouch had no choice; as Zero, he announced to his Black Knights that Euphemia had betrayed the Japanese. And then he shot her.

Even after what she'd done, Suzaku brought Euphemia to a Britannian airship for medical care, but it was too late. She regained consciousness shortly before passing away, and managed to convince herself not to think about the fact that Suzaku was Japanese. Speaking with him, it became clear she didn't remember any of what had happened. Suzaku took pity on Euphemia and lied to her. In her dying moments, she believed that the SAZ had been a success, and that everybody was happy.


  • Euphie is apped from after ordering the massacre of the Japanese, but before she was gunned down by Lelouch.
  • Day 010: Arrival
  • Night 010: Outside the walls





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