Edwin Odesseiron
Edwin Odesseiron
Fandom Baldur's Gate.
Gender Male
Date of Birth ???
Age 22
Aliases ???
Place of Birth Surthay, Thay, Toril
Occupation Red Wizard of Thay
Known Relatives None
Significant Other None (Maybe himself)
Known Abilities Magic
First Appearance Arrival of a Red Wizard.

Edwin do this! Edwin do that! Someone get this jerk a banana!

Ability Scores

For those that understand the mechanics, Edwins exact scores are listed here. For those who don't, average human scores are about 10 or 11. A lower score denotes a defficiency and a much higher score represents an extraordinary ability.

Strength: 9 : Edwin is very physically weak and cannot carry even a light load for very long.

Dexterity: 10 : Edwin is not particularly fast or slow at reacting to things, nor is his hand-eye co-ordination particularly good or bad.

Constitution: 16 : Edwin is amazingly tough, given his weak frame, and can take quite a beating before giving in. His career as a wizard, however, has not toughened him to the extent of most other adventurers.

Intelligence: 18 : Edwin is quite frankly a genius.

Wisdom: 9 : Edwin is not at all observant, and he has very little common sense. He also has quite a weak will underneath his outward stubbornness.

Charisma: 10 : Edwin isn't particularly charismatic or uncharismatic, he just has the kind of personality that makes people dislike him.

Current Equipment

What Edwin currently carries with him.

Red Robes - The symbols of office of a Red Wizard of Thay. Highly expensive and very good quality material.

Amulet of Thay - Increases Edwin's already formidable memory and allows him to memorize more spells per day than he would otherwise be capable of.

Magical Quarterstaff (+2) - A five foot length of oak that has been magically treated and enchanted to strike much harder and faster than a normal staff.

Spellbook & Spell Components - The book that Edin memorizes spells from each night before he rests; he cannot memorize spells without it (although any spells already memorized stay that way until cast).

3x Potions of Healing - Can heal about a severe burn or a single stab wound each.


After a lot of thinking I have actually decided to keep the mechanics of Edwins spellcasting exactly as they are in the game. This means that he can cast only a finite, predetermined selection of spells between rests. It takes eight hours of peace and quiet to clear his mind and prepare his spells, though much of this time can be spent sleeping. Only one hour of this time is actually spent poring over his spellbook, but any serious interruptions such as long conversations, arguments, or combat, would interrupt this meditation and stop him from memorizing his spells. He can decide to leave a spell slot "empty" during his main meditations, and then fill it later with a fifteen minute rest, but only a purposefully empty slot can be filled this way.

Known Spells

Level 0 - 5 Spells per day + 1 extra conjuration: Resistance, acid splash, dancing lights, flare, light, ray of frost, ghost sound, disrupt undead, touch of fatigue, mage hand, mending, message, open/close, arcane mark, prestidigitation.

Level 1 - 5 Spells per day + 1 extra conjuration: Shield, mage armour, summon monster I, burning hands, magic missile, shocking grasp, ray of enfeeblement, feather fall, magic weapon.

Level 2 - 5 Spells per day + 1 extra conjuration: Resist energy, Melf's acid arrow, summon monster II, web, scorching ray, invisibility, mirror image.

Level 3 - 4 Spells per day + 1 extra conjuration: Summon monster III, hold person, fireball, lightning bolt, haste, water breathing.

Memorized Spells

See journal profile.


Edwin is quite tall, but he is also very skinny and has little in the way of muscle. He wears a voluminous, hooded red robe all the time which he takes care of when he can. He has a brown straggle of a beard with two long strings oh hair, one down either side of his face. His hair is close cropped to the top of his head, and the same colour as his beard, although it is often covered by his hood. He carries his staff everywhere, although he is not much of a fighter at all. He has a very weak grip and is not at all good at evading blows.


Proud, arrogant and haughty is the best way to sum him up. But underneath there is a (very) deeply buried personality that would care for the people he is really close to, if there were any. All his life he has been looked down on and derided, which explains his inability to get along with or trust anyone without a firm reason. He also talks to himself a lot, which can be quite strange to people who have not met him before. He does this in whispers although it is clearly audible, if anyone calls him on it he will plainly deny it and try to change the subject as best he can.

In mechanics terms, Edwin is lawful evil, which means that he is fully prepared to go through with theft, murder, or a whole host of other crimes <i>if her thought he could get away with it</i>. He is not a rampaging psychopath however, despite any mental unbalancing that can be guessed at from his mutterings, and will not engage in evil activities for absolutely no reason. The exception to this is if he makes a seriosu enemy and wishes to hurt them badly. <i>If this would have serious repercussions from his enemy's allies however, he is unlikely to do this unless the alternative would be worse.</i>

He is incredibly convinced of his own superiority over every other living being, especially people of lower intelligence than himself - to whom he overstates his intelligence at every opportunity. Oh, he overstates his sexual prowess quite a lot too, so ladies beware: this Thayvian's blood is as red as his cloak…


Edwin is a powerful wizard, and formally an expert on conjuration. As conjuration is useless in the Dollhouse he will rely mostly on his talent for destructibe magic. Although he overstates his intelligence, he is still a genius, especially when it comes to anything magical. He is easily a match for any logical puzzle, although thinking outside the box is likely to rile him up as he isn't as good at lateral thinking and thinks the world should unfold for him at his every whim. He also has a magical amulet which makes his memory much more efficient for holding spells in, but also he can remember facts and figures even better than before. He never removes it and it cannot be removed without his consent without ripping away most of his throat.


Edwin is physically a very poor specimen, being very weak due to long hours spent pouring over old books, although this should not be confused with frailty as his cruel upbringing has toughened him a lot. His most valued possession (apart from his amulet) is his wizards' book of spells, without which he cannot memorize the next day's spells. If he loses it he will be effectively powerless until he finds it again. Also seeing as his survival could very well rely on having allies to put between him and the onrushing jaws of a monster, it is a very bad thing that Edwin is completely inept at socially interacting with anyone at all.


Edwin doesn't have any terrible phobias, but if he honestly told someone his deepest fears then it would be completely failing in all his endeavours. He is very, very stubborn in his insistence of his superiority, but a straightforward threat of physical harm would probably break down his insitence once the pain started - and so does fear physical injury really. However if he were under any physical torture that he felt he <i>had</i> to endure for some reason, he could last quite a while before succumbing. He would be scared of someone with much more magical power than himself, but his stubbornness and arrogance would turn it into sheer determination to best them.


Edwin's life is mostly a mystery to the player though some of it can be gleamed from his dialogues. A lot of this here is my personal head-canon patched around what little we learn about him in the game.

Edwin grew up in Surthay, a region of Thay proper. His parents were both Red Wizards like he is, and his uncle is the Tharchion (overseer) of Surthay, but he is not held in high esteem by his family due to perceived "failures" on his part. For all his talents as a mage he just couldn't seem to do anything right in their eyes. This is part is what drove him to be better than anyone else at magic, and prove to all his relations how powerful he could be. He acquired his amulet from a mysterious old woman (as these things so often happen), and it opened his mind to the wonders of magic as never before.

As a junior Red Wizard of Thay he was expected to undertake missions for the good of the Red Wizards and of Thay, and it was on his first such mission that he fell from grace, and into the Dolls House. He was sent to kill the witch Dynaheir, an agent of Rasheman, a country which neighbours Thay and opposes it in all things. She was accompanied and protected by a ranger, Minsc, who Edwin despises in just about every way except as an efficient meat shield.

Edwin travelled to the Sword Coast to stop her from uncovering the identity of a god-child who was supposed to arise in the region, and by good luck he learned she had been separated from her companion and endeavoured to find some allies to kill her while she was weakened. He was thwarted by Minsc and his friends though and slipped and fell into the Dollsyhouse while on the run from his enemies and his allies, who wanted money for their assistance, as futile as it had been.

RP Sample

Edwin leaned against the bridge that stretched over the brook that passed for a river in the small community of Nashkel. Pah! The rivers of Thay made this dribble pale in comparison, and the poor simians that inhabited this blight upon the name of civilisation could barely even talk the common tongue. It was a disgrace that any people was allowed to exist in a state of such ignorance.

He had tried to communicate with some of the morons who were milling around the town, but it hadn't gone well.

"You there, ape. Where can I find a lodging in this backwater? Not that I could stomach staying in any building is inhabited by these diseased mongrels." He had asked one peasant who looked like small plants could grow out of the amount of dirt engrained in his skin. But all the answer he had received was something uncouth about his mother, so he had set fire to the peasant's cart as a matter of course and summoned a goblin to chase him on his way.

He threw a stone into the water and watched the ripples. He had to be successful in this mission if he was to improve his standing in society, but to do that he would need help. Not that he couldn't handle this witch all by himself with only his most basic spells no. But he had far better things to do than exert himself dealing with the filthy gnolls that would inevitably get in his way. If only he had been given more gold by his superiors- his lessers who just happen to be of a higher rank than himself, for the moment. He might have purchased some company for him to go and rout the gnolls and kill that witch, and maybe some better accommodation too. The inns he had had to stay in were barely fit to stable swine in.

And as for the ship over from Thay, the sailors had hardly known how to handle their vessel. He had put them right of course, but all that had happened was they were so jealous they'd locked him in his cabin for the rest of the voyage. Not that he couldn't have gotten out if he'd wanted of course, he'd preferred the solitude to meditate on his spells – the conversation was better too.

A shadow fell over him as he mused, and he looked up at a handful of misfits led by an orc in greasy hide armour.

"Ah perfect. How would you churls like to make yourself some gold?" He asked. He might just complete his mission yet.


Day 003 - Evening - Edwin arrival in the Dollsyhouse, shortly followed by Rikku and Alfons. Met by Roschach.


  • None


  • His IQ is over 9000.
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