Edward Elric (manga)
Edward Elric
Fandom Fullmetal Alchemist (manga)
Gender Male
Date of Birth 1899
Age 16
Aliases Ed, Fullmetal Alchemist
Place of Birth Risembool, Amestris
Occupation State Alchemist
Known Relatives Van Hohenheim (father), Trisha Elric (mother; deceased), Alphonse Elric (brother)
Significant Other N/A
Known Abilities Alchemy, hand to hand combat
First Appearance We live on to make our wish come true

Teachings that do not speak of pain have no meaning…
For humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return.


Ed has long blonde hair that he braids to keep out of the way, long bangs that part in the center and frame his face, and a little tuft of hair that sticks right out of his head like an antenna. He has sharp, piercing gold-colored eyes that glimmer with intelligence. Smirks, scowls, thoughtful frowns, or mischievous grins are the expressions seen most frequently on his young face. Currently he’s dressed in a pair of black (probably leather) pants, a loose black tank, large black boots, white gloves, and an almost overly large red cloak with a hood and the flamel symbol on the back in black. The chain of a silver military-issued pocketwatch can be seen attached to his belt and tucking into his right pocket. Hidden beneath the layers are two prosthetic (automail) limbs; his right arm and his left leg, currently upgraded to be made out of duralumin instead of normal iron in order to resist the cold. His body is cut, toned, and heavily scarred from years of training and experience in hand-to-hand combat which is surprising for his otherwise petite build.


Ed is extremely hot-headed and temperamental, and any insult to his height is met with loud yelling and, more often than not, violence. He tends to speak bluntly to people, and maybe a little too bluntly sometimes. He often comes off as aloof and brash, a stubborn, headstrong, impatient, arrogant brat with a harsh tongue, a serious potty mouth, and an impetuous nature. But beneath this tough exterior, Ed can be very kind and giving. He will often help people in need, usually through indirect means (or otherwise doing his best to make it as not obvious as possible). He’s loving and compassionate to those important to him (especially his little brother) and will protect them at all costs.

He’s very passionate about what he believes in and will not hesitate to stand up for those beliefs. While he has come very close to killing once or twice for such reasons, he was never able to go through with it; his moral ground is very firm, and he values human life far too much to take someone else’s life. While he does have his bouts of total immaturity and naïveté, Ed is perfectly capable of coming across to most people as a mature adult. He will always look very young because of his height or lack thereof, but he gave up his childhood a long time ago in order to take on the reality of the rest of the world.

He works hard toward his goals and is easily absorbed completely by his work or research, oftentimes to the point of excluding any other sort of activity and forgetting to do mundane things and basic necessities like eating or sleeping (though when he does do those things, it's on behalf of two people). He has an astounding ability to focus. Edward truly is very smart for his age and while it’s understandable for him to be proud of his abilities, sometimes his ego gets a little out of hand.

In a sense, despite his exposure to the world’s harshest realities, he can be very naïve. Ed believes that the whole world follows the rule of Equivalent Exchange, that to gain means to sacrifice and sacrifices merit rewards. He practically lives by this rule; when receiving something from someone he will insist on paying that person back one way or another, but sometimes forgets to expect the same from them (unless he doesn’t like them, in which case, pay up, bitch!).

Ed also has some major guilt issues. When something he is involved in has gone wrong or otherwise not according to plan, chances are he’s going to blame himself no matter what and will not rest until he’s found a way to set things right. He’s made a lot of mistakes in his past, all of which he works very hard to make up for, and because of this he tries to make sure that no one else will make similar ones if he can help it. Ed takes on some heavy burdens for someone so young, and does so (for the most part) in stride. As the inscription in his pocket watch reminds him, he believes that there is no choice but to move forward, learning from the past and working to rise from its charred remains.

That said, at the end of the day, he’s still a teenager, and can prove to be pretty dumb about things. When confronted with a situation he doesn’t know how to deal with, particularly those that revolve around people and how to interact with them, his reactions tend to be quite… extreme. He flails and spazzes out pretty often, and can be quite the goofy oddball when he wants to be. He’s got a real nose for trouble and mischief. Though he’s a genius when it comes to most everything else, things like personal relationships (particularly intimate ones) are what really throw him in for a loop. He doesn’t deal with those sorts of things very well; he’ll either accidentally say the wrong thing and completely screw himself over, or misunderstand the other person’s intentions entirely. But he does have his moments, almost all of which tend to catch people off guard every time.


Ed is a near genius – a prodigy, if you will – in the field of alchemy (the science of transforming one object into another as long as it retains the same mass and chemical properties as the original object). Unlike most other alchemists, he is able to transmute without having to draw the necessary transmutation circle first. Instead, he merely claps his hands together, essentially forming the circle with his hands and body, channeling the energy through that. In addition, thanks to the brutal and intensive training endured under his teacher, Ed is very proficient at hand-to-hand combat. He’s not as good as his younger brother has proven to be, but he’s definitely one of the toughest opponents you’ll meet.

Some of Ed’s weaknesses come right back around to being his strengths. His ability to find and believe in the humanity of most people he encounters, even if they start out as his enemies and aren’t even completely human, is probably one of his most admirable traits. His determination (also known as his stubbornness) to push himself and others forward has gotten him out of many difficult and/or life-threatening situations. He has a big heart, however icy and steel-plated he tries to make it, and that more than any amount of physical ability or genius is his greatest strength.


His hot-headed, impulsive nature often makes him jump into fights that he probably can’t win (especially if he believes the other party to have wronged/hurt someone he cares about). The blood goes rushing right up into his head and he completely loses it, so coherent thought will go flying out the window in favor of RAGE. Also, because his "definition of humanity is too broad", Ed can never bring himself to do the finishing blow on an enemy. He refuses to kill people; Even if he thinks they deserve it, he knows that just outright killing them is and will always be the wrong course of action. To date, he’s never killed a human, not even by accident, and the only time he ever fired a gun, it wasn’t aimed at any living thing.

Physically, he’s pretty much screwed if something happens to his automail limbs; although they’re very durable, machines being machines will still break down without proper maintenance. Other than that, he’s still human, so the normal ways of killing a person still apply.


One of Ed’s greatest fears is the idea of losing everything; the people he cares about, the country he loves, the life he’s fought so hard to hold on to, etc etc. Above all those things, though, is the idea of losing his brother. He can’t stand the thought of Al dying, and even the possibility of Al blaming Ed for what happened to them and hating him for it seriously puts him on edge. The idea of his own death is, to him, less frightening to think about, but the deaths of others – friends, family, innocent civilians – is something he cannot and will not stand for.


Ed was born and raised in the small town of Risembool, into a small family unit of four; mother (Trisha Elric), father (Van Hohenheim), and two sons (Edward and his younger brother Alphonse). When Ed was about 2 or 3 years old, his father simply packed his things up and left without really offering any sort of explanation. Because of this, Ed has come to hate and resent his father with a passion, and any mention of the man is likely to set him off. Their mother did her best to raise the two boys without their father around, and for that, both boys loved her very dearly.
Edward and Alphonse began experimenting with alchemy from a very young age and – perhaps because their father was a skilled alchemist himself – found that they had quite a talent for it. This made their mother very proud of them, and so they continued to study and practice it, learning from books that had been left behind in their father’s study.

When Ed was about 8 or 9 years old and Al was 7 or 8, their mother fell ill and eventually died of what was speculated to be some sort of plague. Their guardianship was more or less taken over by Pinako Rockbell, a long-time family friend. So distraught over the loss of their mother, Ed and Al decided to try to revive their mother through alchemy; the dangerous and forbidden act of human transmutation. For a long time they tried to figure out the method by themselves, but eventually found a teacher/mentor in alchemy (Izumi Curtis) and went along with her. They endured brutal training and studied under her for about less than a year before coming back to Risembool to continue their research on resurrecting their mother, despite explicitly being told not to.

At the age of 11 and 10 respectively, Ed and Al deemed themselves ready to attempt human transmutation. They gathered up the necessary materials and drew out the array, and for a little while everything seemed to be going just fine – but then everything went wrong. Al had his body taken away and Ed was allowed through the Doors of Truth. A huge amount of knowledge (mostly in regards to alchemy) was crammed into his mind, and in exchange Ed lost his left leg above the knee. When he came to, Ed found that the transmutation was a failure and his little brother was all but gone. Consumed by his own guilt and fear and in a desperate attempt to get Alphonse back, Ed bound Al’s soul to a nearby suit of armor. In exchange for this, Ed lost his entire right arm.

Not long after that, the Elric brothers were approached by a military man by the name of Roy Mustang, who offered Edward work as a state alchemist before taking his leave. Ed, fueled by the desire to restore himself and his younger brother to their natural born bodies, chose to accept. He was fitted with automail, full-steel prosthetic limbs, and spent a year in rehab getting adjusted to it. When he was 12, Ed and Al (now in a lumbering suit of armor) burned down their old house and went off to join the military. Upon enlisting, he was given his second name and became the Fullmetal Alchemist.

Now 16, Edward still holds a place in Amestrian history as being the youngest ever to enlist in the military force (as well as possibly being the only "dog of the military" to side with the ordinary people). Ever since first joining up, he and his younger brother have been on a long quest to restore their bodies to the way they should be. For a long time, their only real lead on finding a method through which they could accomplish this was the legendary Philosopher’s Stone, but after much toiling and research they discovered that obtaining the stone was not only near impossible but completely unethical. Not selfish enough to compromise their morals and endanger the lives of others in order to reach their goals (after finding out what happened to Hughes), the Elric brothers chose to find an alternative method.

However, Ed and Al find that their actions have become intrinsically linked with a group of homunculi, who are working for someone called “Father” and gathering up skilled alchemists to be utilized in the execution of some huge plan of theirs. Not long after meeting Ling Yao, a prince from the country of Xing that seeks a way to become immortal, Ed realizes why the transmutation of their mother failed and discovers that it is indeed possible for Al’s body to be fully restored by pulling it back out from the Doors of Truth. He further confirms his theory through a series of events during which he interacts more closely with the homunculi and Father, learning more about their grand scheme to use the entire population of Amestris in some giant transmutation, most likely one to make a new Philosopher’s Stone.

As soon as the proverbial cat is out of the bag, Ed's childhood friend Winry is used to blackmail Edward into remaining with the military. In spite of the dangers Ed and Al continue to secretly rebel, along with Colonel Mustang and his crew, and are determined to overthrow the homunculi’s plans and save the country. They find allies in the soldiers stationed in Fort Briggs to the north and the ever-rebellious Ishbal massacre survivors, as well as in the long lost Van Hohenheim, and after many battles, toils, and hardship, and with the support of pretty much everybody they know, an all out coup is staged against Central HQ, consuming everyone in what could very well be the last battle they will ever know.


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