Edward Elric
Edward Elric
Fandom Fullmetal Alchemist
Gender Male
Date of Birth 1899
Age 18
Aliases The Fullmetal Alchemist
Place of Birth Resembool, Amestris
Occupation Ex-State Alchemist, Professional Freeloader
Known Relatives Alphonse Elric (brother), Trisha Elric (mother;deceased), van Hohenheim (father; unknown)
Significant Other N/A
Known Abilities Alchemy
First Appearance The Welcoming Party

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Despite being eighteen, Ed is still only about 5'6" tall. He keeps his long blond hair in a ponytail, leaving the bangs to hang down into his face. His eyes are an unusual golden color-and while in Amestris he never needed glasses, recently he has needed them to read. He doesn't wear them otherwise. Ed dresses in modern (well, modern for 1923, anyway…) clothing-plain white shirt, brown vest, and brown trousers with leather ankle shoes. The combination would theoretically make him appear taller…if it weren't for the large dark brown overcoat he wears on a regular basis.


Edward is, at first glance, cocky, loud, obnoxious, and incredibly self-conscious…especially in regards to his height. He has a chip on his shoulder when it comes to figures of authority and quite often does the opposite of whatever advice he is given. He also has strange quirks when it comes to certain foods-milk is something that Edward absolutely detests, unless used to cook something else and thus get the flavor out of it. But below the callous exterior is a caring, determined young man who fights for what he believes is right, without any regard for his own safety. Ed is very close to his family and friends, and would do anything for them. In the world on the other side of the Gate, however, he is afraid of becoming too attached to the foreign world and doesn't allow himself to become emotionally attached to others.


Ed has an excellent sense of right and wrong, and he always has the determination to do what is right-even if it will lead to trouble for him. Despite being rough around the edges he has a good heart. He is also a scientific and mathematical genius, though sometimes it's hard for others to believe it-especially when he's pitching a fit. He is also an excellent problem solver in sticky situations…usually situations that he's gotten himself into in the first place. Other than alchemy, Ed has named his skills as "breaking and entering, blowing shit up, general bullshitting to keep my ass out of trouble… that sort of thing!" All joking and criminal records aside, he also has a gift for working with watches, having spent plenty of time repairing his own from when he was a state alchemist.


It's most likely that Ed inherited his mix of long and short (mostly short) fuses from his father, Hohenheim. He's not afraid of speaking his mind or doing what he has set out to do-regardless of the consequences. Advice, no matter how well-intended, often goes unheeded. He is stubborn, prideful, foul-mouthed, and overall a pain in the posterior. But his one overwhelming weakness is the person he loves the most-his own brother. Physically, the prosthetics that took the place of his automail aren't nearly as sturdy, although the one in place of his right arm has a small motor that can give him short bursts of strength, but overall they can be broken easily.


Edward's greatest fear is being alone. He doesn't want to be in a bedroom by himself at night, and the idea of being without his closest friends or his brother has a tendency to put him on edge. He also has a healthy fear of the Gate and its denizens, who tore his brother apart and took his arm and leg in equivalent exchange. To a lesser degree, he also has a fear of the homunculi that plagued his world…after confronting one that resembled his own mother, and being killed by another, he still has plenty of nightmares involving them.


Edward spent a relatively carefree childhood in the town of Risembool with his brother Alphonse and their mother, Trisha. The boys father, Hohenheim, had left when they were very young. When Edward was ten, however, Trisha finally succumbed to an illness she had been hiding for years, and the two boys were left with no one but an alchemist named Izumi Curtis. After dealing with her heavy-handed methods of training for a year, Ed and Al returned home with a new goal: to put their newfound knowledge of alchemy towards bringing their mother back to life. The transmutation quickly went sour, resulting in the loss of Edward's left leg and Alphonse's entire body. In an act of desperation, Ed brought his brother's soul back from the Gate and bound it to an empty suit of armor. Ed later had his missing limbs replaced with metal prosthetics called automail by his friend Winry Rockbell and her grandmother.

At the invitation of state alchemist Roy Mustang, Ed and Al set out for Central Headquarters in order to become state alchemists themselves-Alphonse passed the written portion, but chose to drop from the exam to avoid a physical examination. Ed, on the other hand, passed all portions of the test with flying colors. He received the title of Fullmetal Alchemist, and went on to save the city of Lior from an evangelical tyrant, bringing impostors to justice, apprehending the serial killer Barry the Chopper, delving deep into the secrets of Laboratory 5, facing the terrifying Scar, and exposing the corruption that lay at the core of Amestris's government. But despite his triumphs over three of the group of seven homunculi-led by the powerful alchemist Dante-the sight of the homunculus Envy's true face made him hesitate long enough to be impaled. While his soul was still in the Gate, Alphonse used up the entirety of the philosopher's stone contained inside his armor-a gift from Scar-and brought Ed back to life at the expense of his own. Ed, in turn, transmuted his entire living body through the Gate and into a world he had seen only fleetingly before-a world where physics had triumphed over alchemy, with coal-burning factories choking the skies with dust and steam engines powering the Industrial Revolution. His arm and leg were again missing, but his automail connections had been restored, which seemed more a cruel joke as automail technology didn't even exist in this foreign world.

He met up with his father again on the other side, and was surprised when Hohenheim presented him with new prosthetics to replace his automail-with a cloth-like "skin" coating and the capability to utilize the automail connections to allow movement. Hohenheim left a wealth of reading material for Ed to indulge in during his "work" hours…one of the books happened to be American author Robert Goddard's A Method of Reaching Extreme Altitudes. Intrigued, Ed kept researching the budding science of rocketry, and discovered that another scientist named Hermann Oberth was conducting experiments in the country of Transylvania. Driven by the belief that he could return to Amestris by means of rockets, he sought out Oberth and expressed his interest (leaving out any mention of Amestris, of course). In turn Ed was introduced to a fifteen-year-old physics genius named Alfons Heiderich, who bore a startling resemblance to Alphonse.

Despite the initial awkwardness, the two quickly became friends through their fondness for rocketry. In the course of a year they developed and discarded theories and formulas, designed blueprints many times over, and experimented with new forms of fuel. Alfons and Ed ended up returning to Munich together when Oberth returned to Berlin…only for Ed to discover that Hohenheim had left their apartment months before and never returned. Overwhelmed by the idea of being completely alone, Ed sought out Alfons and agreed to keep assisting with Alfons's rockets so long as they could stay together. So the two began another year developing small rockets to launch, and traveling to carnivals and other public events to demonstrate them.

In the fall of 1923, a car accident on a country road introduced Ed and Alfons to Noa, a gypsy whose companions were heading to the same carnival as they in order to find work. When members of the Thule Society attempted to kidnap Noa, Ed chased them off with one of Alfons's rockets and they fled the carnival. Once they rejoined Alfons and his rocket crew, they returned to Munich with Noa in tow. After learning that Alfons had gone to the Thule Society looking for their sponsorship of his research, Edward confronted him, trying to encourage him to halt his research before the Society could use the rockets to invade Amestris…only to be struck by Alfons in sudden violence, knocked to the stairs…


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