Courtney Crumrin
Courtney Crumrin
Fandom Courtney Crumrin.
Gender Female
Date of Birth (???), 1990
Age 13
Aliases None
Place of Birth ???, USA
Occupation High School Student
Known Relatives Courtney's parents (unnamed), Aloysius Crumrin (uncle)
Significant Other Ew, boys. e_e
Known Abilities Spells and cantrips; innate magical ability
First Appearance No Moon For You

Courtney Crumrin. Thirteen years old. Witch-in-training. And a total brat to boot.


Rather short for her age, Courtney's favored mode of clothing is a black dress with buttons down the middle, as well as a white striped t-shirt underneath, long white socks, and sneakers. She wears her blonde hair short, which often appears to stick out in an unruly manner when she doesn't comb it down, and wears a bat-shaped barrette in the front of her bangs. She also has a very pale complexion, as if she dislikes going out in the sun.

Her dark eyes are large and almond-shaped, her eyebrows are thin, and her mouth and nose are quite small on her round face. She rarely smiles, tending to look rather dour and bored by default - as if it irritates her to be anywhere but in her own company.


Courtney has always been the strange one - the girl that other kids would always shun in the playground. She's learned not to mind it too much, taking some bitter pleasure in the way that she can unnerve and intimidate other kids. She's smart for her age, often more so than the adults around her, and bold to match.

Although she has a natural curiosity for the world around her - especially when it comes to her magical background - she takes an especially grim and cynical view when it comes to 'normal' people, believing the majority of mankind are stupid, selfish and wrathful. She observes the world with the eyes of an outcast, one that truly believes that few could possibly understand her - or would care to. Time can only tell whether these pessimistic beliefs stay with her into adulthood.

Despite this negative disposition, she's often a meddler in events that surround her. She has a refined sense of right and wrong, and when she feels that an injustice is taking place, she takes it upon herself to right any wrongs that she can - often with cunning, underhanded methods, such as enlisting the aid of the 'Night Things', the mischievous faeries of the dark, to do her dirty work.


Courtney is smart. And with the smartness comes a devious side - in the past, she's negotiated with malevolent creatures so that they do her bidding, and has talked her way out of being enslaved in the Twilight Kingdom - home of the faeries - at least once. Because of her age and size, many adults turn a blind eye to her, feeling that she's harmless, which only serves to help her move in the background unseen.

As well as this, she's picked up a good amount of reading material from her Uncle Aloysius' collection of magic books, and so she's picked up a few cantrips along the way. Although she can't cast powerful fireballs, and many of her spells require components only found in the natural world, she has demonstrated some special abilities in the past, like being able to wither a plant with a single breath, or manipulating the weather into rain or thunderstorms.

There's also times when there's rumblings of a greater power inside Courtney… an innate knack for it that manifests itself at random intervals, and only when she's concentrating extremely hard on something. So far, all that's come out of it are a few thunderstorms and a cracked window, but who knows what else might come of it?


Physically, Courtney won't do much good. She's a small girl that only works out when forced to in P.E. classes. In addition to this, she has a hard time trusting, or getting along with people right away. She's often sarcastic, and prone to making caustic remarks, which can alienate the people around her.


Despite dealing with goblins, hobgoblins, changelings, faerie folk, doppelgangers and monsters under the bed, Courtney is still a young girl, and prey to any of the insecurities of growing up. There's always the nagging feeling that she doesn't belong, that she won't be accepted anywhere she goes, remaining an outcast from society forever (although maybe that's not a terrible thing.) She doesn't know where she stands when it comes to boys, and finds the whole idea of growing up rather strange and frightening.

In addition, she fears losing the love/trust/respect of her Uncle Aloysius, whom she respects above all other people - and that she would truly be alone, and unloved. As well as this, there's also the worry she has that she might go too far in her curiosity, both in magic and in the outside world, and get herself into a bad or a potentially life-threatening situation.


Growing up in the big city, Courtney never thought she was anything special. Her parents paid very little mind to her, being more interested in emulating the rich (and overspending on credit cards) than in raising a child. When their fortunes took a turn for the worst and were offered a place to stay at old Uncle Aloysius' house in wealthy Hillborough, however, they could hardly resist the offer. Moving into an old, spooky house and transferring to a school of spoilt rich kids, Courtney felt that her life couldn't get any worse.

Until she found the perplexing arrays of books that Uncle Aloysius owned, and discovered that he was a warlock.

Since then, Courtney's life has changed irrevocably. As she learns the roots of her ancestry, stretching back to an entire timeline of spellcasters and sorceresses, her ordinary life begins to turn not so ordinary. In almost a year after moving in, she's faced off goblins, escaped (twice) from the world of faeries known as the Twilight Kingdom, solved an insidious conspiracy involving a member of the Coven of Mystics, and learnt how to make the right dealings with the wrong kinds of creatures. She's learnt about the utter stupidity that adults are capable of, as well as their capacity for love and hate. As she attempts to balance a life of mundane schoolwork in a not-so-mundane reality, she struggles to find her place in the world.


  • To be added.


  • "Well, okay. Next time I use this alchemy thing you guys yap on about, maybe I'll think twice before using it to bring back my dead goldfish." -Courtney, to the Elric Brothers, in this thread.
  • "Look, lady. Maybe you haven't noticed, but you're in a creepy mansion in the middle of who knows where, with scary noises going off on all directions, and you got no friends here, no family, no one you know. And you turn down the first person who offers you help?! Are you some sort of representation of the word stupid that hasn't even been invented in my world yet?!" -Courtney, being charming to Fiona, in this thread.


  • Courtney once resurrected Tommy Rawhead, the worst hobgoblin that ever was, in order to get revenge on a very evil man. This may be alluded to once in a while.
  • She's also hurting from a past event involving a Night Thing named Skarrow. Sooner or later she may open up about it.
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