Chrome Nagi Dokuro Mukuro Rokudo
Chrome Dokuro/Mukuro Rokudo
Fandom Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Gender Male and Female
Date of Birth Mukuro: June 9th, Chrome: December 5th
Age 15 and 13
Aliases Mist Guardian
Place of Birth Italy and Japan
Known Relatives Mukuro: parents (deceased), Chrome: Parents (alive)
Significant Other None
Known Abilities See abilities section

Mukuro's body is in his tank, buried somewhere underneath the house where no one can get to it.

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Chrome is Japanese and Mukuro is Italian. They both have blue hair, (although Chrome’s is more purplish) and wear Kokuyo Junior High uniforms, which are green. Chrome’s is a long-sleeved jacket and pleated skirt, Mukuro’s is a long-sleeved jacket and pants. They wear their hair in the same style, namely a small, short ponytail that sticks out on the sides a bit from the elastic band, near the top of their head(s) - making their head(s) look kind of like a pineapple. Chrome has an eyepatch with a skull over it on her right eye, black boots with a skull on each, and a belt with a skull on it. Mukuro wears a shirt underneath his jacket with an army-type camouflage pattern on it, it’s unknown if Chrome does too. (Her jacket is always buttoned up). Both Mukuro and Chrome carry their trident (which helps with their illusions) everywhere. Chrome’s right eye is missing, Mukuro’s right eye is red and his left is blue.

When Mukuro takes over her body, he usually casts an illusion so that it looks like his own body, but sometimes he uses an immense amount of power to make his body real. Thus, Chrome needs him to live and he needs her so that he can have a body.


Personality - Mukuro

Mukuro did sacrifice himself and basically gave himself to the Vindice in order for Ken and Chikusa to not get caught. Mukuro tends to use illusions of mist to hide when he changes from Chrome to his own body. If Mukuro is feeling weak, or knows he will have to be in Chrome’s body for a longer period of time, he won’t bother to illusion it to look like his own body. But, he doesn’t mind being in Chrome’s body and being unable to illusion it to look like himself. He doesn’t need his staff or powers in order to take over Chrome’s body. Mukuro kills his enemies after he has defeated them. He calls people by their full names, usually. Mukuro learned floriography, somewhere, and uses it in chapter 116 (he covers Viper with lotus blossoms), and in later chapters with the Millefiore.

Both Mukuro and Chrome favour initial illusions that seem to break the ground apart.

Mukuro will not show up very often. Unless Chrome gets into danger, or he finds something/someone pre~tty interesting, he probably won't take over her body because it's so much effort. But he can say things to her inside her mind. (No one else can hear them - and he isn't constantly watching things inside her mind or talking to her, either.)

Mukuro’s goal is to create conflict within the mafia and annihilate it, then control all the VIPs of the world and create a World War to change the world into “a beautiful sea of blood”.


Personality - Chrome

Chrome tends to avoid eye contact, and isn’t easily embarrassed or angered. She’s calm, logical, and doesn’t bother arguing - usually, she states facts, and speaks in short sentences. She calls Tsuna “Boss”. She’ll follow her Boss’ orders to the fullest, if possible. She doesn’t like doing unnecessary things, or things to give someone luck. She only really emotionally reacts to threats on breaking the trident, because then she will die if Mukuro doesn’t take over. She’s never had any friends, and Chikusa ignores her while Ken insults her, because “she’s not Mukuro-san”. No one can tell what she’s thinking. She calls people by their titles. She follows Ken and Chikusa, and if she gets separated form them she immediately goes to find them/goes home. Chrome “Wants to be Mukuro’s strength”.

In chapter 124, Ken gets angry at Chrome because she can’t “call” Mukuro and he can’t talk to her, saying she’s useless if she can’t get in contact with him. She shrinks away and is timid, and apologizes, showing us that she wants to avoid conflict especially with them, who Mukuro is a little fond of. Chrome sometimes states the obvious, such as "You defended me" after Tsuna tells the rest of the Family that he doesn't think she's Mukuro.

Chrome is antisocial. She only really talks to three people - Mukuro and two of his mafia subordinates - although if asked a question she’ll usually answer. (Sometimes she’ll just ignore you though). She notices things - like the fabric of her uniform - and then becomes fixated on it, for example tracing a pattern with her fingers and staring at it for a while. When she doesn’t answer a question, it’s usually less that she’s ignoring you and more that she is just thinking. She'll probably answer it later. She only really cares about Mukuro, but she likes cats and animals. She studies her Italian and practices her illusions a lot, so she can be useful to Mukuro and so she can someday talk to him in his mother tongue. She tries to talk to his mafia subordinates sometimes to learn more about him, but they treat her badly so she's learned to stop.

She isn't a crybaby, or a weakling, and she will stand her ground. She's not super-stubborn, but she won't just give in. If she needs to do something, she will try her best to find a way to do it, and she won't complain about it.

Mukuro is usually smiling, but he in fact feels no empathy or sympathy for other people, and doesn’t care about anyone’s suffering. He generally speaks in a direct and arrogant manner, and doesn’t care if he has to kill people to get what he wants. He thinks of most people as toys. He is very patient, and will wait (and has waited) years in hiding in order to get what he wants. He doesn’t like the underground mafia because he was experimented on as a child by them, but both Chrome and Mukuro are in the mafia. Mukuro’s body is kept in the highest-secret-security mafia prison in Italy.

Both Mukuro and Chrome are highly perceptive, due to their illusion training, although Mukuro is moreso than Chrome. For the purposes of this, basically, they might/probably can tell when your character is lying. Because Mukuro and Chrome basically collect information, (example, you need to know everyone and their positions/personalities if you're going to take over their bodies and destroy their organizations) they'll judge your character and assume about them, Mukuro far more than Chrome.

(see quote section)


Abilities - Mukuro
When the symbol "一", representing the number one in Japanese, appears in his eye, it indicates his use of the first realm, the "Realm of Hell", which grants him the power to create illusions. Mukuro needs his trident in order to be able to cast illusions.

Second ("二" represents the number two) is the Realm of Hungry Ghosts, which grants him the power to use the skills of others; when he controls a person's body, he is able to perfectly perform their signature attacks. He must be already controlling someone’s body first, in order to be using this second skill.

Third ("三" is three) is the Realm of Animals, which grants him the power to summon and control deadly animals. (they are not illusions.) He summons already-dead giant dogs to attack people in chapter 66, they basically throw up blood all the time 'cause they're… moving carcasses. In chapter 75 he summons poisonous snakes.

Fourth ("四" is four) is the Realm of Asura, (Shura in my scanlations) which increases his battle skills; when using this skill, a dark flame (the dying will flame) surrounds his right eye. Only people who can normally see auras or dying will flames can see the flame. It lets him move/fight super-fast, being able to strike a person many times in under a second. He usually uses this power in hand-to-hand combat.

Fifth ("五" is five) is the Realm of Humans, which increases his battle aura, thus his strength; it is considered to be the most dangerous of the Six Realms; when Mukuro first enters the realm, he physically pierces his right eye by digging his fingers into it, and a type of aura, resembling the Dying Will Flame, then surrounds Mukuro's entire body, but unlike the Dying Will Flame, Mukuro's aura, in itself, poses no danger, as it just represents Mukuro's fighting spirit. The aura is black, and only some people can see it. Mukuro hates this skill and hardly ever uses it. When using this skill, he also gets marks all over his body.

Sixth ("六" is six) is the Realm of Heaven, which grants him the power to control others. When Mukuro controls someone, they don't remember anything about what happened when he took over. When he takes over a person, the 六 symbol appears in their right eye. He can only possess the body of someone he has cut (drawn blood from) with his trident. He uses this ability to possess Chrome. He does not possess a body when he controls it - he is in his own body, and controls it from wherever he is by thought. If the person who he's controlling resists hard enough, with outside help, the person faints and blood comes out from their nose and ears as a result of the "clash of wills" they are experiencing. While being controlled, the person cannot sleep.

When Mukuro is lurking in Chrome’s mind (even without taking control of her body) he can see and hear the same things she does.

Along with his Six Paths of Reincarnation, Mukuro possesses the Estraneo Family's Possession Bullet, which was deemed forbidden by the rest of the Mafia. When shot by the bullet, the person shot will be able to possess the body of another person. It is not the same as mind control, it allows him to completely possess a person’s body. Its use requires the user to have a strong will and an affinity for the bullet itself. He uses this in the beginning of the series, possessing Bianche, Gokudera, and Hibari. With this, Mukuro can possess the bodies of multiple people at once.

Mukuro can also “take walks” outside of his body, and can create illusions even when outside his body like this. He can talk to people, although few people will hear him.

(Continued in personality sections)


Abilities - Chrome
Chrome can mask her presence from others completely. At one point, an arcobaleno used his “sticky picture” - a map that can find anything and anyone - but he couldn't find her. The only thing his map saw was “C.D.”, for Chrome Dokuro. She can also twirl the trident like a baton. She can use Mukuro’s “Path of Hell” skill. She can use Mukuro’s “Path of the Beast” skill, to summon animals.


Abilities - Both
In order to create illusions, the first thing they must do is tap/hit the ground with their trident. (this may not be true - it may be that it only seems that way because they both favour illusions that break the ground apart. It's true that they don't need to move to create illusions.) They both use their trident for physical attacks as well as illusions.



Weakness - Both
Mukuro can only take over Chrome’s body for a short period of time.
If the trident is destroyed, Chrome’s stomach caves in (the illusions of her organs disappear) and she starts heavily internally bleeding, blood coming from her mouth and nose, and she faints and will die very quickly. Chrome’s body is apparently “special”, enough so that Mukuro can possess her even if his powers have been stripped. Mukuro’s own body is useless to him, he is bound and chained, and gagged and blindfolded, and is in some sort of tank filled with water - he can’t move at all, and is buried somewhere underneath Dollsy.


Chrome fears being useless to/failing Mukuro. She does not fear death, but dislikes pain, and also doesn’t like seeing animals (especially cats) die. Mukuro fears dying (although he will not admit this) and has a slight fear of being experimented on/needles/surgery/doctor offices, et cetera. Pain is not an issue for him, he either ignores it or has a high tolerance for it, possibly a side-effect from being tortured/beaten/experimented on when younger. He fears being weak, I think.



Mukuro was an orphan who was picked up by a mafia family - Ken, Chikusa, and Mukuro were part of the Estraneo family that created the Possession Bullet. Their Family used them as human test subjects. Other families found out about the bullet, and started killing the Estraneo members - which caused the Estraneo to conduct even more experiments, to protect themselves. They killed children like bugs. Then Mukuro killed everyone and destroyed the lab, by himself.

Mukuro first appears by having his subordinates (Ken and Chikusa) beat up people from Namimori Junior High, extracting their teeth as they go, in order of strength to get to the main character. Their main hideout right after they escape is in an abandoned bowling alley off the side of an old highway. The area is an abandoned entertainment resort called "Kokuyou Center", it is dilapidated and ignored because of a landslide years ago. Hibari Kyoya, Yamamoto Takeshi, Gokudera Hayato, et cetera come to his base - Hibari because they're disturbing Namimori's discipline by beating up students, Gokudera and the others because they took a hostage that they know. Mukuro’s favorite spot seems to be a couch on a stage in one of the buildings.

Ken, and Chikusa (as well as others) escaped from a "high security prison reserved only for the most terrible of mafia criminals" and they escaped, killing "several of the wardens and other prisoners." They went to Japan. After that, Mukuro and those two transferred into Namimori Junior High, posing as students who had been studying abroad in order to be able to find the tenth Vongola boss (Tsuna).They have been exiled from the mafia, and hate the mafia. When the main characters arrive to his base, they fight a number of assassins he has hired.

Mukuro uses Hibari's then-weakness of sakura (he imported them from overseas) to weaken him, even though he says it would be no problem without the sakura. Then he breaks most of the bones in Hibari's body. When the main characters reach Mukuro, he controls his hostage and deeply stabs one of the main characters with a poisoned knife. Tsuna tried to help the hostage (Fuuta) to break Mukuro's mind control, what ended up happening is that Fuuta started bleeding from his nose and ears, and fainted from the strain. Mukuro shows off his fourth, third, and first abilities - then Hibari comes again, and he and Mukuro fight, Mukuro using the fourth state. Hibari seemingly heavily injures Mukuro, then Hibari collapses and Mukuro points a gun at his head and shoots himself with the Possession Bullet (see abilities section) - taking over the body of the girl who was stabbed by his hostage at the same time. Then he uses the girl's (Bianche's) body to nick Gokudera with Mukuro's trident, so now Mukuro can posess Gokudera's body, too. He tries to cut Reborn, but fails. Then Tsuna figures out that it's Mukuro in Bianche's body.

Gokudera chants an exorcism spell, and Mukuro-in-Bianche’s-body pretends that it has an effect, acting to be choking and that he faints. Then Mukuro takes over Gokudera’s body, later taking over Bianche’s again, then Hibari’s - which is so broken he has to switch out of it, he can’t fight with it. Then he takes over Ken, Chikusa, Gokudera, and Bianche’s bodies at once. He can use Ken’s yo-yo attacks and Gokudera’s dynamite skills these counting as their special skills) with the Second Ability. Blah blah, fighting happens, eventually thanks to the help of some weapons that basically increase Tsuna’s power and instincts and fighting ability, Mukuro is forced to use the Realm of Humans.

Long story short, Mukuro is defeated and the Vendice (Avenger) come to take him, Ken, and Chikkusa away. “They are the enforcer of the commandments in the mafia world and they trial those who cannot be trialed by the law.” A month later, we learn that Mukuro has possessed the body of a small boy and is living with a family. His “mom” calls him “Mi-kun”.

(Continued in Chrome’s History)



Chrome’s parents were snobby and rich, basically. Her name was “Nagi”, and she got into a car accident when she was trying to save a cat. She lost an eye and a couple of organs. Her parents refused to “cut up their bodies for her” (give an organ transplant). They reveal that she’s never had any friends, and that no one can ever tell what she’s thinking, and that no one cares if she lives.

She’s in the ICU, knowing she’s going to die and thinking “finally, it’ll end”. Mukuro arrives and tells her that she’s wrong, that it’s only going to continue. He is surprised that she can hear his voice, and remarks that “looks like it’s actually worth taking walks”. When she opens her eyes to look, she sees him standing in next to a lake/river with some trees, an illusion he has created. They make a sort of pact, and Mukuro prolongs Chrome’s life by making illusory organs for her. He told her that he needed her, and she accepted his offer. Then Iemitsu (Tsuna’s father) told Mukuro (who was using Chrome’s body - he didn’t create an illusion of himself, at that time while using it) that Mukuro was to become the Mist guardian, and he agreed.

Chrome first appears in the “Vongola Ring Scramble Battle”, chapter 113. (this battle is basically a one-on-one battle against an enemy, to fight for some special rings) She is given the Mist Ring - Mist being described as “The illusion that cannot be captured”. Her fight is in the school gym of Namimori Junior High. She arrives with Chikusa and Ken, and uses Mukuro’s trident to fight, like he does. She thanks Tsuna for defending her against accusations of being Mukuro, and kisses him on the cheek, explaining that it’s a greeting in other countries. (she’s probably talking about Italy)

She creates a beginner’s illusion of breaking the ground apart, and her enemy (Viper) seems to capture her with tentacles (there’s really no other way to explain it), but in reality she was on the other side of the gym and the girl who was captured had been an illusion of herself, the body actually being a crate of basketballs. She then creates fire pillars - they are such good illusions that if you believe they are real even for an instant, they will become real to you and will actually burn you. Long story short, Viper manages to make an illusion she is trapped in, and destroys her trident - her stomach caves in, she faints, and Mukuro uses his sixth skill to take over her body, creating an illusion over it so that it looks like his.

Mukuro had attempted to escape the cells of Vindice a month prior to this battle, but failed, and was thrown into an even higher security cell with neither light nor sound. He is kept in a… tube filled with water, his body is chained up.

Mukuro easily defeats Viper and grabs his ring, then he’s too exhausted to continue projecting himself onto her body, so he disappears and Chrome appears again, sleeping. A day later (the day of Hibari’s battle against the other Cloud Guardian) Chrome appears, coming out of wherever Dino and Romario were staying (it looks like a hotel or something.. it has a kitchen….), carrying a leather bag and the top part of the trident. She left without telling anyone in the room goodbye, and it seems like she didn’t talk much to Dino.

Then, during Hibari’s match, Chrome is running to the area where Hibari is, holding the top part of the trident, but almost gets shot and is only saved because Chikusa and Ken throw her to the ground. The next day, on the last battle, Chrome tries to get into contact with Mukuro through her mind, but “it’s like he’s turned his back”, and it feels to her as if he’s talking to someone else. She gets summoned to Namimori Junior High for the last battle. When Tsuna, Ryohei, and Yamamoto do their rally, Chrome stands by Hibari and the two of them don’t join. She says “Good luck, Boss” when they leave to go to their respective battle areas in chapter 125. The Guardians have a wristband like a watch with a small tv screen on them, and the wristband shoots them with poison that cripples them - all but Hibari fall to the ground, in pain. Chrome says “It’s hot”. The key to getting the antidote (they’ll die in half an hour if not) is to insert the ring that’s on a high tower into their wristband.




Fufufu, something like that. Next, we'll bring a new order to your town. Indeed, I agree whole-heartedly. Since I'm taking over, we don't need you. (ch62)

Kufufu, what interesting things you say. I am sitting down because there is no need to stand. Suit yourself. It's just that if you don't talk now, you may never get the chance to do so again. Hmm? You're breaking into a sweat, now? What could possibly be wrong? I was just worried about you, that's all. Come on, now, pull yourself together, yo. I had to import them form overseas. Kufufufu. You really are weak to them, aren't you? To sakura. Oho. Your face is saying, "How did he know about my weakness to sakura?" I wonder why, hm? Oh, are you thinking, if there was no sakura, you'd be fine? If so, you are dead wrong. I have seen many equal to your level in skill, and every time, I've buried them. In a place much like hell. Come, let's continue. I took him out. We'll leave him unconscious until we've gotten all the teeth. Oh? Where's Chikusa? I understand that feeling. It's taking a while to find the one we want, hm? (ch 63)

Aah. Is that Chikusa? Oho. You found the one, hmm? Don't chew on him, Ken! He's just lost consciousness. If he met the Vongola, there's no way Chikusa could have returned empty-handed unless he's found something. Let's wait for him to wake up. (ch 65)

Oh? You've awakened? The third-ranked prey proved to be quite troublesome, hm? Chikusa. So it seems. He's come with his friends to play. Please, don't panic. Our reinforcements have arrived, after all. Chikusa, you should rest for a bit. We'll leave the Vongola's neck to these people. (68)

Oh? You're here to help us, aren't you? Oh wow, we're saved~~. I honestly thought I'd never make it out of here alive~. Ex…excuse me for jumping the gun here. But I'm really grateful that you've come to rescue us. That's incredible~~ you must have come with some really strong friends, right? Eh… baby? In such a dangerous place? Hmmm… what an incredible baby~~! He couldn't be a really strong fighter, could he? So, you mean he could do something indirectly? He's being confined in one of the buildings here. I'm the one asking questions right now. The baby, you mentioned. What is he capable of doing indirectly? Kufufufu. So it would seem. Furthermore, if the baby isn't joining the line of battle, he must have something up his sleeve… Let's get the Vongola tenth boss in our hands, and find out what that is, shall we? Actually, I'm most astounded by this meeting. The Vongola ninth boss is known as a man who can see through the strengths of others as if he had God's baton in his hands. The successor he has chosen is… well, he is a much weaker boy than I expected… What is it about him… Well, whatever it is, I want that arcobaleno to show his hand first. Because, it's not likely they'll be able to put up a fight against him, right? That fake Rokudou Mukuro. (ch 70)

But, if it is the last one, they've fallen completely into our trap. Now, we're another step closer to completing our plan for the tenth Vongola boss. Now, this is a surprise. (ch 71)

I'm very happy that we could meet again. Please come forward slowly. I would like to take some time to get to know you better. Tenth boss of the Vongola. That's right. I'm the real Rokudou Mukuro. (ch 73)

Kufufufu, what will you do now, tenth boss of the Vongola? Oh? Kuahahaha, you surprise me, as always. Oh, you'd better watch your back… it's dangerous, yo. Oh…? The one to break the mind control was "most likely to be him". He predicted that accurately. Now, see, you've gone too far. It looks like he's suffering from a clash of wills. I believe he hasn't slept at all in these past ten days. Come to think of it, he was the first to fall into our hands. We came to Japan in order to find the whereabouts of the Vongola tenth boss, but we didn't have a specific location. Then, we heard a rumour that Fuuta-kun here was able to recognize the tenth boss and caught him, but he invoked the "omertá" (accent to the right - a mafia vow of silence) and refused to talk. Furthermore, he closed off his heart, and subsequently lost his ranking abilities. Our plan was a huge success. The Vongola is standing before me right now. Toys… I suppose. Do you really think you can go hand-to-hand directly against me? What's… the matter? Very good arcobaleno! That's exactly it. Oh? You see it, do you? It's this aura, rather. The aura of hand-to-hand fighting skill emitted by the fourth state, the state of shura. Do you know of the six paths of reincarnation? My body has already been through all six paths to Hades in my previous lives, and it has all been carved into my memory. The six journeys through Hades have gained me six fighting skills. You're in no position to talk, cursed baby of the arcobaleno. Now then, shall I show you my next skill? (ch74)

Let us begin. Kufufu, not bad. So you saw through it, arcobaleno. Yes. That's the first state, the state of hell. A skill to break one's mind through an endless nightmare. Kufufu. But, I would like to ovserve the two of you for a little while more. I have seen the connection between you. So, the arcobaleno now serve the Vongola as mentors, eh? Kufufu, I see. That's unique too. However, is the teacher not going to fight? I don't mind even if I have to fight the two of you at once. Oh? Now that's the reply of a true, traditional mafia member. Oho, what a beautiful trusting relationship. Interesting. That's fine with me. Those are genuine poisonous snakes. If you don't believe me, try getting bitten by one. This skill is from the third state, the state of animals. A person driven to death is able to summon living creatures. Come now, your student's life is in danger. Is that okay? What's this? One after another from the outfield? What is Chikusa doing down there, hm…? I see. What's this? How frightening. But, please don't get int he way of the Vongola and me right now. For one thing, you shouldn't even be standing. How many bones in your body have I broken? Kufufu. Interesting things you say. Wouldn't it be better if we made a pact? No choice, then. Let's dispose of you first. It'll all be over in an instant! I see. That's how it is, then. If he wasn't injured, the outcome of our duel might be questionable. This is a waste of time. I'm going to finish you off quickly. Kufufu. Come, kneel before me once again. Oh? There's no need for a medical team. Because, there will be no one left alive here. Kufufufu. Arrivederci (goodbye). (ch 75)

Finally… we've defeated Mukuro. Lend me your shoulder, won't you…? What's wrong? Tsuna, lend me your shoulder, too… Sorry about this, Hayato… Oh my! What's with me…!! What have I done… I wonder! What are you saying? It's me. And so, we meet again. Kufufu. There are still things I have to do. So, I have returned from the depths of hell. Let me handle it, okay? You really surprise me. This is a first. No human has ever been able to sense with one look, when I am possessing another… you truly are absolutely fascinating. Kufufufu. So, you’ve noticed. Yes, this possession is due to that special bullet. It cannot be compared to mind control. It’s not control, but complete possession — from the top of his head to his toes, they’re all in my power. In other words, this body… is mine. Because it belongs to me… that’s enough talking. Come, it’s your turned to be possessed next. Kufufufu. It’s not an objective, but a means. Once I have the young mafia boss in my hands, my vengeance can begin. That’s exactly right. For example, if I were to do this. It’s like saying, “I will possess this one”. Oho? This body can’t be used any more. He could actually fight with this body. What a frightening man, Hibari Kyoya… You better worry about your own life, arcobaleno! (ch 76)

The second state, the state of hungry ghosts… A skill to steal the abilities of others. Kufufufu. If possible, I would rather capture you unharmed. It’ll be better if you just surrender yourself. Oho. As for you… You should worry about yourself! That can’t be all, arcobaleno. I’ve found you now! Kufufufu. The teacher is getting impatient. Having your student driven to a desperate and dangerous situation… has made you illogical! Come, we've talked more than enough. Let’s end this. This always happens. If the body has been broken, it still can’t move. Looks like Chikusa can still… move a little, hm? Kufufu. It’s fine. Because I… can’t feel any pain at all. Incorrect. Since I’ve possessed him, this body is mine. I can break or kill this body at my whim. Do you have time to worry about others? You’re facing certain doom yourself… as interesting a boy as you are, you were never cut out to join the mafia. Kufufu. During the fight with the birds, you were ready to stab yourself in order to save your girlfriend, weren’t you? ….Let’s go with that, then. It’s because of that naivety that I will possess you. Is this okay? If your friends are injured any further… stop escaping and start cooperating like a good boy. Give yourself to the contract. So you’re really wavering. Wherever you go, this world has no place for people like you. You are not suited to be the Vongola tenth boss. Kufufufu. Even the home tutor has given up, eh? Or is it, “I can’t run away because of my friends”…? Oho. That was unexpected. But let’s hear it at a more leisurely pace after I possess you. After you bury your friends with your own hands. This is the end. Vongola! What are you doing?! (ch 77)

Oh, I see… arcobaleno, this is your doing, isn’t it?! Kufufu…. How interesting. Here I was wondering what you were going to show me right at the end, but it’s just your pet with wings? You guys are really unique. Kuahahaha! I can’t put up with your games forever. This little break is over. Finish it up. As for this eyesore… This’ll do! Even at the end, you guys are just so amusing. Keh! Not going to happen, yo. What I said about collecting your body unharmed? Forget that. Are you going to make it? You got him with the bombs. My, my. He’s seriously injured now. There doesn’t seem to be any effects from the bullet. Even the special bullet has failed, eh? That’s all, then… The finale came too quickly, in the end. Come, let’s possess this body while It still has breath. Oho… at a time like this, you still have spirit in your eyes? But, it’s still time to end the show. If you die here, it’ll be problematic for me! (ch 78)

That aura on your forehead… I see… you were hit by the special bullet, after all. But, you seemed to be a lot more fired up in the fight with Lancia earlier… Pfft. All I see is a person who’s lost his fighting will or a spirit which has sunk into despair. Either way, you are not a match for my skills. Not so fast. Impossible… he couldn't see the illusions of the State of Hell before… Oho, I’m sure you haven’t forgotten about one little thing, right? This is still your friend’s body. Can you really strike at me? Kufufu. Just as I thought you can’t make a move at all. You really make a good sandbag! Guh… my body is… Intuition, you say? You’re kidding me. Shit… Putting on airs now, are we? Pft. Your sense for battle has improved markedly. I’ll give you that. But, you’re pushing your luck if you think this is all it takes. Out of the six battle skills I posses, there’s still one I haven’t shown you, remember? Exactly. This world that we’re living in is the state of humans. Furthermore, among the six states, it is the ugliest and most dangerous world. I am not being cynical. Because I hate this world, I hate this skill the most.. If possible, I would rather not have used it… The state of humans is truly the ugliest state. Do you see it? When a fighter emits and aura from their fighting spirit… it represents a burst of their fighting spirit. In other words… their strength! You and I… The difference in strength between us is insurmountable. Kuhahahaha! How fragile you are. Did you intend for this to be a warm-up exercise? What?! His aura exploded…? Kufufufufu. I am going to have some goddamn fun with you. (ch 79)

You’re like a cat that tries to make itself look big my bristling it’s fur. But even if you change the appearance of your aura, there’s no meaning to it. Oh… what an interesting thing you say. Then will you… Show it to me?! ‘It’s hot…! The aura is emitting heat?!’ That means those gloves are like hot iron… He disappeared? No way! When did…?! What ws that…? What did he just do…? Kufufu… KUHAHAHAHA.! All of this is a delightful miscalculation. If I can get your body, I won’t even need to gather resources to cause a conflict within the mafia because I can barge directly into the Family. Kufufu… No way… I’m not petty like that. I plan to possess the VIPs from all over the world soon. Then I’ll conrol them and change this ugly world into a pure and beautiful sea of blood. A world war… does that sound too fake? But the first has got to be the mafia… the annihilation of the mafia. Oh, I don’t plan to talk any further. You will become ap art of me when I’m in my ultimate form. Just watch! From behind again?! Kufufufu. So this is the tenth Vongola. The man who defeated me… Kill me. If I were to be caught by you mafia, I would rather die. You’re risking your life if you take things so easily. Oh, I know your strange skill is due to the power of the flame on your hands. If I seal your arms, there’s nothing to be afraid of. Do you know why I had so many assassins target you? It as so I could possess you after you draw out your abilities. Good work. You may… rest now! Look at where I’ve thrown you. Kufufu… there’s no way you can defend yourself in mid-air. You’ll die because of that ridiculous kindness of yours. What?! Firing the flame backwards?! What!? (ch 80)

Long time no see. Looks like you’ve gotten even stronger. (ch 112)

It won’t end… it’ll keep returning. Oh? You can hear my voice? Kufufufu. Looks like it’s actually worth taking walks. You and me. We may be alike. Nagi.. Nagi… I need you. Well done, my dear Chrome. You can rest a little. (ch 115)

Kufufu. Kufufufu. Kufufu. It seems like you’ve been putting on a brave face a lot. You insignificant Mafioso. Long time no see. I’ve returned… from the ends of samsara (cycle of rebirth). Kufufufu. The information of special assassination unit Varia that Vongola take so much pride in seems to be limited after all. I exist here, as you can see. Oh? I’m not nice enough to lose against a spell caster who is made of illusions. Just who is an illusion? So… what will you do now, arcobaleno? If you slack off, it’ll be a… stab. How effeminate. Kuhahaha! A greedy arcobaleno? How amusing. I won’t lose against you in terms of avarice. In hell… Kufufu… No wonder the jail of Vindice is called the Iron Wall… it’s not that simple. Let’s split up and flee separately. If I’m alone, I can do something, but if you guys are around, you’ll be in the way… Fine. I will protet and be responsivle for Kakimoto Chikusa and Jyoushima Ken who’re still on the loose. Kufufu… you’re interesting… I’ve had all my skills taken away from me. I can only stay out here for a short period of time. …I don’t mind. Got you! Fall and wander. (116)

So, I need to connect these two rings into one, correct? You are aware of it, aren’t you? Returning an illusion with an illusion means you’ve completely lost control of all of your senses. Now, shall we see this so-called power? Well? Kuhahahaha! So, arcobaleno, how do you like my world?! There’s only one reason for your defeat. Your opponent was me. Pitying the enemy in a situation like this… you’re such a nice guy as always, Sawada Tsunayoshi. No need to worry …is what I say. The baby escaped. It seems he had saved extra energy in order to flee from the beginning… He’s a shrewd arcobaleno. Goodness, you really are the dark side of the mafia, Xanxus. The horrible schemes you are plotting strike even me with awe. Well, I don’t plan to stick my nose into that since I’m not really a good guy after all. Except one thing… you shouldn’t toy around with the other heir candidate who is smaller and weaker. You should be just as cautious as him. I have no intention of allying myself with the mafia. The reason why I became the guardian of mist was because it would make it easier for me to possess your body,Sawada Tsunayoshi. I’m a little… tired… this girl… (117)



Kufufufufu. Kufufufufufufu. Lo nego. (no). Il mio nome e’ Chrome. (My name is Chrome) (ch 113)

You don’t believe me. You defended me. Thank you, Boss. It’s a greeting. It’s not something you decide. Boss. Am I not qualified to be the guardian of the Mist? I want to battle as the guardian of mist, but… if you don’t approve, then I’ll do as you say… Thank you. No. I don’t need to do something like that. I’m going. Who are you talking to? I’m over here… (114)

Whomever it may be against, I won’t lose. No. Noooooo! Mu…sama…. ‘Strange… I can hear everything. I’m.. going to die… somehow I feel at ease… finally… it’ll end… who’re you? W-who’re you? What are you? Mukuro-sama… Mukuro…sama… I wanted to be your strength… (115)

…Boss. Whichever. Ken and Chikusa went somewhere, so… (118)

…I think so. I’m not getting a response at all… it’s like he’s turned his back. Mukuro-sama… seems like… he’s talking to someone else. I’m… sorry. I’m… going now. I’ve been summoned. (124)

About Illusions

“An illusion is basically just controlling the part of the brain that administers the five senses”.

Illusions are not only sight, they are also touch and sound. For example, a person can use illusions to create the image of a peaceful school at night, when really loud fighting is going on and things are being blown up and the ground is shaking, and all that. Normal-level illusionists cannot create an illusion over the entire school this way though, they need multiple people to help cover all the areas.

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