Cherry [JSM-02C]
Fandom Saber Marionette J
Gender Female
Date of Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Aliases None
Place of Birth Japoness
Occupation Housewife
Known Relatives Lime and Bloodberry (marionettes from the same template)
Significant Other Otaru Mamiya
Known Abilities Super strength; super speed; flawless analysis of inanimate objects, marionettes, and battlefields
First Appearance One Hell of an N-Field


Cherry is rather short, with blue eyes and overly long purple hair. She wears a lot of pink in her outfit, which is reminiscent of traditional Japanese garb and yet highly eccentric, especially with the large pink bow on the back of her head and the red beads in her hair that are each about half the size of her head itself. Still, though she dresses funny there's nothing on the outside that would tell anyone the truth: Cherry is not human, but rather a highly lifelike android known as a "marionette". Underneath her skin is a complicated maze of circuitry, along with some human characteristics such as nerve endings and blood vessels. And Cherry has one thing that sets her apart from most other marionettes: A special piece of machinery called a "maiden circuit", which allows her to feel human emotions.


Cherry is the very model of a perfect Japanese housewife. She is demure, overly polite, good at cooking and cleaning, and hopelessly in love with the one who awoke her, "Master" Otaru Mamiya. Cherry isn't just a demure subservient woman, though; she's also insanely overprotective of Otaru and his other marionettes, Lime and Cherry. Even if she bickers with them most of the time, when it comes right down to it the three of them really do care about each other. Cherry would put her life on the line for any of them, no questions asked.

She's also highly imaginative… in a bad way. No matter what the situation is, Cherry often lets her imagination run away with her, turning anything into a romantic fantasy about herself and Otaru. She'll lose track of what's really going on and be lost in her own little world until somebody forcibly snaps her out of it.

And while Cherry seems like a typical woman most of the time, every so often a reminder of her true nature as an android will surface. Because she values Otaru over all else her judgment is somewhat skewed — she would sooner watch a puppy die than drop the food she has made for her love. On a related note, logical contradictions baffle her; ask her whether the phrase "This sentence is false" is true or false, and she may just have a mental breakdown.

When there's no conflict involved, though, Cherry is downright pleasant to be around. She's kind and motherly, and as long as it doesn't interfere with her programming or come above the wellbeing of Otaru and her other friends she can't stand to see someone hurt and will do her best to protect them.


Cherry is widely considered the best cook in Japoness. Aside from that, she's insanely powerful, able to lift as much as maybe fifteen men could; she's super-fast; and she has analytical abilities that are off the chart. She can read pretty much any inanimate object and determine its composition and weak points, seeing something's true makeup (for example, if it's a bomb in disguise) and where exactly she needs to strike to bring it down.


Aside from her personality weaknesses, as a marionette Cherry has certain other weaknesses. For example, plasma (which is plot-reliably common on her planet) and sudden bursts of electricity or magnetism will cause her to become sick or short out. Strangely enough, just like a human being, Cherry also requires food, water, and adequate sleep.


Cherry's main fear is losing her one true love, Otaru. She loves him more than anything and would sacrifice herself for him in a heartbeat. The prospect of losing him scares her more than anything else.

Aside from that, her maiden circuit instills typically girly fears in her. For example, she's terrified of mice for no good reason, as well as other things like bugs, snakes, and the like.


Several hundred years in the future, humanity left Earth in search of other habitable planets to ease the burden of overpopulation. One of these starships, the Mesopotamia, crash-landed on a barren planet, killing all but seven passengers. The lone female, Lorelei, had been taken captive by the Mesopotamia's AI; the only remaining survivors were men. However, they were determined to start a new life on this planet, which they dubbed Terra II. The six men cloned offspring for themselves — all male, as the females they tried to clone wound up dying in vitro — and formed six city-states which they ruled as the heads of state. To take the place of women they created androids called marionettes, though of course, they could never truly replace women. Marionettes were only machines, devoid of any human thought process or emotion.

Over the next three hundred years, though, the heads of state made an attempt to create truly sentient marionettes using "maiden circuit" technology that would replicate emotion. The city-states of Japoness and Gartlant perfected this technology, and the Shogun of Japoness and Fuhrer of Gartland each created three humanlike marionettes. In Japoness, they were named Lime, Cherry, and Bloodberry, and they were sealed away until such time as someone truly worthy of helping them "grow" was found.

That "someone" was a young man named Otaru Mamiya, a hopeless, down-on-his-luck guy who was having money trouble, and had another problem, as well: While the other men of Terra II could appreciate marionettes for what they were good for, the social climate of the planet was such that most of its inhabitants wound up homosexual. Otaru was undeniably straight, though — a major problem on a planet with no real women, only empty facsimiles. So it was fate that he awakened the three marionettes who were capable of loving him. He took them in and cared for them, helping them grow in hopes of fulfilling the shogun's ultimate plan for them….



  • Cherry's pickles are the best in all of Japoness.
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