Chat Quotes 2

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[00:27] machitobaye: I support
[00:27] machitobaye: Shilo/Mewtwo
[00:27] machitobaye: Shilo tops
[00:27] machitobaye: B|

LiterateHyaena (12:25:29 AM): Someone needs to recruit AA characters.
DixxyMouri (12:25:43 AM): Alcoholics Anonymous?
LiterateHyaena (12:25:55 AM): I'm gonna punch you.

killerjenx (1:06:19 AM): Matt is Jesus?
killerjenx (1:06:44 AM): …Ok, I'll go get the cross.
MysticW2002 (1:06:51 AM): …
killerjenx (1:06:56 AM): Cait, you bring the nails.
MysticW2002 (1:07:10 AM): They already tried that once.
MysticW2002 (1:07:14 AM): Didn't work so well.
killerjenx (1:07:22 AM): Third time's the charm, right?
MysticW2002 (1:07:36 AM): …this would only be the second time.
killerjenx (1:07:46 AM): Then we'll just have to do it twice.
MysticW2002 (1:07:49 AM): …
killerjenx (1:07:52 AM): …
MysticW2002 (1:08:03 AM): damn you and your logic.
killerjenx (1:08:25 AM): And that is how little Jenx got kicked out of vacation bible school.

(08:50:50 PM) caitlinneko: I wanted to be a doctor for a while idk
(08:51:30 PM) Fletchers Hat: Well now you have your chance
(08:51:44 PM) killerjenx: OH GOD KETSU THIS DOES NOT COUNT

Evangelion Omega (8:35:00 PM): hey, what would happen if someone tried to play the piano while it was autoplaying?
Ninth Blue Star (8:36:07 PM): the house explodes
Ninth Blue Star (8:36:10 PM): …I mean :|
caitlinneko (8:36:12 PM): It eats you
Ninth Blue Star (8:36:16 PM): you could play it but it would keep playing on its own
Ninth Blue Star (8:36:20 PM): so it would sounds pretty awful
Ninth Blue Star (8:36:21 PM): XD
Evangelion Omega (8:36:39 PM): kay thanks
caitlinneko (8:36:59 PM): It eats you
tsunderely (8:37:11 PM): XD
Ninth Blue Star (8:37:51 PM): the Dollsy piano WISHES it could be as cool as that piano

tsunderely (2:12:23 AM): it amuses me how fascinated this chat is with bagged milk

Muffunculus (2:15:15 AM): Ive always wanted to see someone beat someone else with a burlap bag of rice
Muffunculus (2:15:30 AM): big and heavy
Muffunculus (2:15:40 AM): with a teerrible texture

tsunderely (2:25:28 AM): I find it even more amusing that this is a horror RP where HOMG HORRIBLE THINGS happen to your character and it's ~*SERIOUS BUSINESS*~
tsunderely (2:25:35 AM): ..and OOCly we make fun of bagged milk. ):

(10:57:52 PM) lanceluver012: I'm Lance, I play Russel Tringham (Code Geass)
(10:57:59 PM) Fletchers Hat: ….
(10:58:00 PM) Fletchers Hat: FMA
(10:58:05 PM) SkyDream16: *snrk*
(10:58:05 PM) Fletchers Hat: This isn't Permanent Way chat, Lance
(10:58:06 PM) lanceluver012: … pfff
(10:58:08 PM) Fletchers Hat: YOU PLAY NASH HERE
(10:58:09 PM) Fletchers Hat: OMFG WTF
(10:58:12 PM) lanceluver012: EXCUSE MY CHAT FAIL
(10:58:15 PM) Fletchers Hat: WAY TO GO
(10:58:15 PM) lanceluver012: YES, NASH
(10:58:28 PM) lanceluver012: SHUT UP THERE'S YOU IN EVERY CHAT
(10:58:34 PM) lanceluver012: SO MUCH YOU
(10:58:43 PM) lanceluver012: SO MUCH

killerjenx (3:52:21 AM) has entered the room.
triplecooc (3:52:21 AM): are you guys suffering a tragic goldfish shortage?
killerjenx (3:52:29 AM): Wh
triplecooc (3:52:33 AM): Hi Jenx
killerjenx (3:52:36 AM): WHAT DID I JUST WALK IN ON

killerjenx (8:55:20 PM): It's hard to have sex when you're being dismembered :<

killerjenx (9:11:09 PM): ….I came back at a bad time again.
killerjenx (9:11:26 PM): Wait what am I saying
killerjenx (9:11:28 PM): This is Dollsy chat
killerjenx (9:11:32 PM): THERE IS NO GOOD TIME

Muffunculus (10:07:13 PM): >.> I like Guiness a lot
Muffunculus (10:07:20 PM): its like beer in a bottle
Muffunculus (10:07:23 PM): er

killerjenx (1:03:17 AM) has entered the room.
KuroKikoutei (1:03:18 AM): ::boogies across the bedroom in socks::
killerjenx (1:03:21 AM): …
caitlinneko (1:03:28 AM): ..xD
KuroKikoutei (1:03:29 AM): BAHAHAHA
caitlinneko (1:03:29 AM): Papa
KuroKikoutei (1:03:31 AM): PERFECT TIMING JENX
caitlinneko (1:03:34 AM): you have TERRIBLE timing
KuroKikoutei (1:03:35 AM): Boogy with me
killerjenx (1:03:36 AM): I really do have a talent for timing. XD

caitlinneko (12:06:03 AM): Tim Horton's is the name of the most popular coffee shop chain in the country
caitlinneko (12:06:14 AM): STOP THAT XD well I guess it's okay 'cause you're taking me too
x greymelancholy (12:06:17 AM): ..who would name a coffee shop Tim Horton.
x greymelancholy (12:06:20 AM): Only Canada.
caitlinneko (12:06:22 AM): … 8(
xhatxsanx (12:06:32 AM): XD CANADIA WOULD.
DixxyMouri (12:06:34 AM): mountain dew …
triplecooc (12:06:42 AM): Canada is a speical place
xhatxsanx (12:06:44 AM): Also I have a funny story about Canadia XD
caitlinneko (12:06:45 AM): All our coffee shops are named after hockey players true facts B|

x greymelancholy (12:09:51 AM): Caitlin's weapon is moe.
x greymelancholy (12:09:56 AM): And bagged milk.
caitlinneko (12:09:57 AM): *shoots you*
MysticW2002 (12:10:02 AM): She is a master of moe-fu.
caitlinneko (12:10:03 AM): *gently*
caitlinneko (12:10:06 AM): .. 8(
LiterateHyaena (12:10:09 AM): XD
triplecooc (12:10:09 AM): She lures people in with Smarties too

x greymelancholy (12:03:58 AM): At least we aren't talking about… bad things.
x greymelancholy (12:04:01 AM): Or bagged milk.
xhatxsanx (12:04:08 AM): XD
killerjenx (12:04:10 AM): Bagged milk IS a bad thing.
xhatxsanx (12:04:15 AM): lol canada
x greymelancholy (12:04:16 AM): So true.
xhatxsanx (12:04:21 AM): and their bagged milk.
kurokikoutei (12:04:29 AM): And their Caits.
xhatxsanx (12:04:32 AM): XD
caitlinneko (12:04:38 AM): >8(

caitlinneko (11:22:59 PM): brb pee and food
caitlinneko (11:23:00 PM): 8)
caitlinneko (11:23:01 PM): SHERLY
caitlinneko (11:23:05 PM): ….but with spelling
kurokikoutei (11:23:07 PM): If you get infeeeected you'll wish you had never been born, so before eeeemails your grandmother all of your porn….
MysticW2002 (11:23:08 PM): ya cthulhu f'tagn?
caitlinneko (11:23:09 PM): join me in peeing B|
caitlinneko (11:23:12 PM): brb
LiterateHyaena (11:23:12 PM): …
Muffunculus (11:23:16 PM): ….
x greymelancholy (11:23:35 PM): OKAY 8D
MysticW2002 (11:23:37 PM): …sorry, Cait. That would get most of us sent to prison.
tsunderely (11:23:40 PM): …XD
x greymelancholy (11:23:40 PM): I LOVE PEEING WITH MY FRIENDS!!!!!!!!
Muffunculus (11:23:43 PM): IA IA Cthulhu F'tagn! IA Ryleth F'tagn
x greymelancholy (11:23:44 PM): BRB!!!
caitlinneko (11:23:47 PM): I MEANT SHERLY
caitlinneko (11:23:49 PM): BRB 8DDD

caitlinneko (6:46:28 PM): There's a cat on me
Muffunculus (6:46:43 PM): there's corned beef on me

Evangelion Omega (7:31:01 PM): observation of the moment: Battler likes boobs
Muffunculus (7:31:12 PM): Battler Loevs boobs

LiterateHyaena (10:01:13 PM): I have a girly voice, ironically.
x greymelancholy (10:01:28 PM): Ironically? you're like the size of a fourth grader.

x greymelancholy (9:19:09 PM): …
x greymelancholy (9:19:15 PM): -nearly put her mic in her mouth.-
xhatxsanx (9:19:17 PM): well she didn't like EAT it, eat it, she just chewed on it and then LOL OOPS THE PLASTIC BROKE.
LiterateHyaena (9:19:18 PM): ………
x greymelancholy (9:19:19 PM): ..I thought it was my water glass.
x greymelancholy (9:19:22 PM): T_T
tsunderely (9:19:22 PM): XD
xhatxsanx (9:19:23 PM): XDDDDDDDD
LiterateHyaena (9:19:24 PM): *cracks up*

SkyDream16 (9:21:13 PM): …..oh wow
SkyDream16 (9:21:22 PM): I go to the IC comm's main page to post journal
SkyDream16 (9:21:27 PM): 666 Journal Entries,
Fletchers Hat (9:21:30 PM): ffffff
Fletchers Hat (9:21:33 PM): NO MORE
x greymelancholy (9:21:34 PM): OMGGGGGGGGGG
Fletchers Hat (9:21:35 PM): GAME IS CLOSED
LiterateHyaena (9:21:35 PM): XD
x greymelancholy (9:21:37 PM): XD
Fletchers Hat (9:21:37 PM): START A NEW COMMUNITY
x greymelancholy (9:21:41 PM): ):
x greymelancholy (9:21:48 PM): What WILL happen once Dollsy… you know… ends. D8
caitlinneko (9:21:49 PM): XDDD
caitlinneko (9:21:51 PM): ffft
caitlinneko (9:21:52 PM): …. 8(
x greymelancholy (9:21:53 PM): CAN WE HAVE A SEQUEL
x greymelancholy (9:21:57 PM): LIKE A CRAPPY HORROR MOVIE SEQUEL
triplecooc (9:22:00 PM): Dollsy, the Musical?
Fletchers Hat (9:22:01 PM): XD
SkyDream16 (9:22:01 PM): Will dollsy ever end?
x greymelancholy (9:22:03 PM): XD
x greymelancholy (9:22:06 PM): DOLLSY IN SPACE
Fletchers Hat (9:22:07 PM): It will eventually
SkyDream16 (9:22:07 PM): ….lulz, musical
SkyDream16 (9:22:11 PM): Sob

x greymelancholy (10:38:16 PM): I
x greymelancholy (10:38:20 PM): can't reply to Machi.
x greymelancholy (10:38:24 PM): Because I have a question.
x greymelancholy (10:38:29 PM): And Raile is not on. :|
killerjenx (10:39:39 PM): I wish Raile was on I also have a Machi tag question for him B|
DixxyMouri (10:39:55 PM): Raile needs to get on - I have to tease him about trying to kill Sanji some more
x greymelancholy (10:39:58 PM): Why is Machi so confusing.
x greymelancholy (10:40:01 PM): xD
x greymelancholy (10:40:11 PM): EVERYONE WANTS RAILE.
triplecooc (10:40:17 PM): I want Raile!
killerjenx (10:40:27 PM): Raile is the Dollsy bicycle

iknowoyashiro (5:10:01 PM) has entered the room.
MysticW2002 (5:10:04 PM): ask her who pissed in her oatmeal.
iknowoyashiro (5:10:16 PM): Oh my :o

Ninth Blue Star (12:11:49 AM): she has no vagina
omencrush (12:12:04 AM): She's wearing a flesh colored leotard
x greymelancholy (12:12:11 AM): ..what the fuck.
Ninth Blue Star (12:12:15 AM): I prefer to think she has a terrible deformity

drunkkitsune (12:25:39 AM): Cool
drunkkitsune (12:25:42 AM): Viva la vaginas
drunkkitsune (12:25:47 AM): Wait, sorry
drunkkitsune (12:25:49 AM): las vaginas
drunkkitsune (12:25:51 AM): There, fixed

Ninth Blue Star (11:41:00 PM): I wouldn't want my ovaries to explode
x greymelancholy (11:41:02 PM): ………………….
x greymelancholy (11:41:15 PM): GOD WHY IS THE CHAT ALWAYS SO AWKWARD.

Ninth Blue Star (10:17:52 PM): Cait is our resident Canadian
Ninth Blue Star (10:18:11 PM): we keep her around as a mod so we can claim to be international
fletchershat (10:18:13 PM): ……………XD
caitlinneko (10:18:16 PM): ….damnit Mel
hikaranko87 (10:18:18 PM): XD
Muffunculus (10:18:39 PM): Cait fills some sort of diversity prereq we have

caitlinneko (10:17:08 PM): I'm Caitlin, a mod, and I play Alphonse Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist), Sekai Saionji (School Days), Shilo Wallace (Repo! The Genetic Opera), Riccardo Belli (Haunting Ground) and Miku Hinasaki (Fatal Frame).
Muffunculus (10:17:27 PM): Cait, that intro wasnt c/p'd at all!
x greymelancholy (10:17:27 PM): Cait copypasta'd that. Just so you know.
hikaranko87 (10:17:28 PM): :O
fletchershat (10:17:34 PM): …XD
caitlinneko (10:17:34 PM): shut up guys
caitlinneko (10:17:36 PM): *punts you both*
fletchershat (10:17:48 PM): You would have customized it if you hadn't
caitlinneko (10:19:28 PM): oh hai my name is Cait/Caitlin/Nen/That Canadian/Moemod/Occasionally Yandere Mod, a mod, I play Al, Sekai, Shilo, Riccardo and Miku. You probably don't know at least three of those but I pride myself on that.
caitlinneko (10:19:30 PM): IS THAT BETTER?
tsunderely (10:19:36 PM): well
tsunderely (10:19:37 PM): it's a start
tsunderely (10:19:39 PM): I guess
tsunderely (10:19:39 PM): B|
ItsRainingChairs (10:19:41 PM): CAITLIN IS KAWAII DESU NE
Ninth Blue Star (10:19:48 PM): SHE'S A MOE LOLI
Muffunculus (10:19:55 PM): "occassionally yandere" more like "eternally moe"

x greymelancholy (10:39:40 PM): IT'S IMPOSSIBLE
triplecooc (10:39:42 PM): Burn it with fire
x greymelancholy (10:39:45 PM): WE SHOULD ALL JUST KILL OURSELVES
MysticW2002 (10:39:46 PM): chaos can get the one from Alisson.
caitlinneko (10:39:50 PM): LET'S
Muffunculus (10:39:55 PM): ITS USELESS ITS ALL USELESS
triplecooc (10:39:56 PM): Ace can get the one from the fire
caitlinneko (10:39:57 PM): *makes all her characters an hero*
uberacid (10:39:58 PM): AND LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER
MysticW2002 (10:39:59 PM): Not sure about the others.
caitlinneko (10:40:05 PM): *has them all become monsters to hinder everyone else*

Ninth Blue Star (11:27:45 PM): the suicide option is one
Ninth Blue Star (11:27:51 PM): then there are some more
Muffunculus (11:28:12 PM): well, I doubt the suicide end is going to happen
Muffunculus (11:28:21 PM): unless dollsy suddenly becomes REALLY unpopular
Ninth Blue Star (11:28:35 PM): if you managed to coordinate a mass suicide I'd be amazed
x greymelancholy (11:29:07 PM): Mass suicide? Just get some Kool-Aid.

Muffunculus (11:29:27 PM): I want the dollsy guide
x greymelancholy (11:29:38 PM): YEAH IS THERE A PLAYING GUIDE TO DOLLSY
x greymelancholy (11:29:40 PM): XD
Ninth Blue Star (11:29:47 PM): there is
Ninth Blue Star (11:29:52 PM): you cannot see it though
Ninth Blue Star (11:29:53 PM): it's mine

hikaranko87 (2:23:53 AM): … Muff…
hikaranko87 (2:23:57 AM): everytime i see your SN
hikaranko87 (2:24:11 AM) has left the room.

caitlinneko (11:52:12 PM): ONE OF THESE THINGS
caitlinneko (11:52:14 PM): IS NOT LIKE THE OTHER
caitlinneko (11:52:17 PM): ONE OF THESE THINGS
xhatxsanx (11:52:18 PM): ONE OF THESE THINGS
xhatxsanx (11:52:19 PM): IS PORN
caitlinneko (11:52:20 PM): DOES NOT BELONG
caitlinneko (11:52:23 PM): …THAT TOO

Muffunculus: because there is some on there… be warned
Muffunculus: Lilly-Akira yuri incest rape…
caitlinneko: 8D
caitlinneko: ….I see.
Muffunculus: that wasnt the response I expected

(09:59:01 PM) hikaranko87: <_< >_>
(09:59:10 PM) tiniestalchemist: ……..fffffffffff
(09:59:13 PM) SkyDream16: …..luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuulz
(09:59:20 PM) tiniestalchemist: WHAT DO YOU MEAN "FLETSUREQ"
(09:59:24 PM) hikaranko87: XD
(09:59:24 PM) SkyDream16: *watches muse die*
(09:59:34 PM) hikaranko87: ILU FLETSU
(09:59:35 PM) tiniestalchemist: but omg
(09:59:37 PM) tiniestalchemist: that is so adorable
(09:59:39 PM) tiniestalchemist: I-ilu
(09:59:42 PM) tsunderely: *clingstochris*
(09:59:42 PM) hikaranko87: XD
(09:59:51 PM) triplecooc: awwwwwww!
(09:59:54 PM) SkyDream16: Aki is laughing so badly, oh lord
(10:00:00 PM) hikaranko87: *wind~*
(10:00:10 PM) SkyDream16: He…probably knows how that feels
(10:00:10 PM) tiniestalchemist: XDDD
(10:00:17 PM) tiniestalchemist: fff
(10:00:25 PM) triplecooc: So is he cross dressing or femefied?
(10:00:29 PM) tiniestalchemist: XDDD
(10:00:30 PM) illuminatesound: Just an fyi
(10:00:33 PM) illuminatesound: HOUSE THINKS THAT'S HILARIOUS
(10:00:40 PM) SkyDream16: *snrk*
(10:00:41 PM) triplecooc: HOUSE WOULD!
(10:00:41 PM) hikaranko87: … i'm gonna say cross dressing
(10:00:46 PM) hikaranko87: BUT IT COULD GO EITHER WAY
(10:00:47 PM) tiniestalchemist: …
(10:00:50 PM) triplecooc: ….*Restrains the words*
(10:00:53 PM) tiniestalchemist: my roommate wants to know if this is a cutscene from a dating sim
(10:00:58 PM) triplecooc: lol
(10:00:58 PM) SkyDream16: ….
(10:01:00 PM) illuminatesound: XD
(10:01:02 PM) SkyDream16: *dies*
(10:01:04 PM) hikaranko87: what? XD
(10:01:06 PM) tiniestalchemist: idk |D
(10:01:07 PM) illuminatesound: waitwhat?
(10:01:09 PM) tiniestalchemist: MAYBE YOU PLAY AS ED
(10:01:12 PM) illuminatesound: PFFFFFFFFFFFFT
(10:01:15 PM) tiniestalchemist: and fletcher is one of the options
(10:01:19 PM) SkyDream16: …..
(10:01:20 PM) illuminatesound: LMAO
(10:01:21 PM) hikaranko87: FFFFFFFFFFFFF WHAT
(10:01:24 PM) tiniestalchemist: He's a bonus character you can get if you get Al's good ending
(10:01:30 PM) hikaranko87: udocalks
(10:01:34 PM) illuminatesound: LIKE
(10:01:35 PM) illuminatesound: NAO
(10:01:36 PM) illuminatesound: XD
(10:01:37 PM) SkyDream16: LMAO
(10:01:37 PM) tiniestalchemist: ffffffffffffffff
(10:01:38 PM) caitlinneko: no
(10:01:39 PM) caitlinneko: >|

caitlinneko (2:35:21 AM): My boat and I lanternkeeper phantasms, all parties to crash, in the urine, domestic violence, whether it is created by me crazy.
Muffunculus (2:35:33 AM): ….
SkyDream16 (2:35:35 AM): …
tsunderely (2:35:40 AM): lanternkeeping phantasms
Muffunculus (2:35:42 AM): okay I apparently need to sleep
caitlinneko (2:35:47 AM): Poetry.
Muffunculus (2:35:48 AM): I cant understand a word

triplecooc (10:23:06 PM): Kansas is still south
Muffunculus (10:24:12 PM): its not really south or north or east or west
killerjenx (10:24:17 PM): congrats
killerjenx (10:24:20 PM): Kansas iis limbo

greymelancholy (10:31:45 PM): I have to leave for collegeeeeee in a week.
caitlinneko (10:31:52 PM): ;;
x greymelancholy (10:32:11 PM): someone save me
x greymelancholy (10:32:11 PM): please
caitlinneko (10:32:15 PM): *saves*
x greymelancholy (10:32:16 PM): caitlin
Muffunculus (10:32:20 PM): you dont want to be saved
x greymelancholy (10:32:20 PM): is there college in canada
killerjenx (10:32:21 PM): I leave in a week and a half. I feel you there.
caitlinneko (10:32:24 PM): ……….
caitlinneko (10:32:27 PM): no Sheryl.
Muffunculus (10:32:28 PM): you want- PFFFFFFFFFFFFff
x greymelancholy (10:32:29 PM): i need a place to hide
caitlinneko (10:32:29 PM): No there isn't.
caitlinneko (10:32:30 PM): :|
Muffunculus (10:32:30 PM): BAHAHAHAHAHA
x greymelancholy (10:32:32 PM): from the government
killerjenx (10:32:33 PM): XD

killerjenx (10:39:16 PM): Also TC permission for Break to stick his arm down Watanuki's shirt?
x greymelancholy (10:39:22 PM): ..WHAT

killerjenx (1:16:54 AM): Cait if you are watching the anime let me tell you something that will ruin it for you forever
killerjenx (1:17:08 AM): Sharon's dress moves independently of the patterns on it. B|
caitlinneko (1:17:20 AM): …..Jenx
caitlinneko (1:17:24 AM): I watched Gankutsuou.
Muffunculus (1:17:26 AM): cait watch ga-
Muffunculus (1:17:29 AM): dammit

caitlinneko (1:19:32 AM): Crazy is fine.
caitlinneko (1:19:37 AM): Just don't go molesting people. B|
killerjenx (1:19:56 AM): B| TOO LATE.
killerjenx (1:19:59 AM): Wait what
caitlinneko (1:20:13 AM): ….
Muffunculus (1:20:18 AM): but molestation is the backbone of our fine society

MysticW2002 (4:58:51 PM): Retarded?
MysticW2002 (4:58:52 PM): THIS
MysticW2002 (4:58:53 PM): IS
MysticW2002 (4:58:56 PM): TWILIGHT!!!!

Ninth Blue Star (1:04:20 AM) has entered the room.
Ninth Blue Star (1:04:27 AM):
Ninth Blue Star (1:04:28 AM): :|
Ninth Blue Star (1:04:31 AM) has left the room.

Ninth Blue Star (1:07:46 AM) has entered the room.
Ninth Blue Star (1:07:50 AM): WTF GUYS
Ninth Blue Star (1:07:51 AM) has left the room.

Ninth Blue Star (1:27:18 AM): so, Raile
LiterateHyaena (1:27:19 AM): *sobs*
Ninth Blue Star (1:27:20 AM): are you trying to kill Sanji
LiterateHyaena (1:27:21 AM): Yes?
LiterateHyaena (1:27:22 AM): …
Ninth Blue Star (1:27:24 AM): :)
LiterateHyaena (1:27:25 AM): TIMING FAIL

tsunderely (4:10:13 AM) has left the room.
tsunderely (4:13:59 AM) has entered the room.
caitlinneko (4:14:05 AM): wb~
tsunderely (4:14:11 AM): thanks<3
Ninth Blue Star (4:14:12 AM): wb
tsunderely (4:14:15 AM): thanks<3
triplecooc (4:14:18 AM): Wb
tsunderely (4:14:24 AM): thanks<3
killerjenx (4:20:28 AM): wb
tsunderely (4:20:35 AM): thanks<3
killerjenx (4:20:42 AM): A CHAIN OF THEM.
tsunderely (4:20:45 AM): :o?
killerjenx (4:21:04 AM): …I-it just looks appealing on my screen.
killerjenx (4:21:11 AM): I'm a bit sad I broke the combo. :<

NeurotiKca (8:12:10 PM): I wish I could give her real cookies.
NeurotiKca (8:12:28 PM): But if I tried to bake anything my house would suck itself into a black hole just to save the world.

femmepilotx (11:24:41 PM): you want me to go to prison
caitlinneko (11:24:44 PM): Yes.
killerjenx (11:24:44 PM): Yes.

killerjenx (2:30:59 AM): …ILU please don't sic hellhounds on me.
caitlinneko (2:31:06 AM): */sics them on Papa Jenx~*
killerjenx (2:31:09 AM): GDIT
caitlinneko (2:31:15 AM): ILU2 Papa
caitlinneko (2:31:23 AM): Hellhounds are how I show my love, now
killerjenx (2:31:26 AM): I'll just… be over here… writing my UW app and getting maimed…
killerjenx (2:31:39 AM): If there's blood in your inbox Mel, you know who to blame…
Ninth Blue Star (2:31:49 AM): Cait
caitlinneko (2:31:49 AM): c:
Ninth Blue Star (2:31:51 AM): sit in the corner
caitlinneko (2:31:53 AM): …. :c
Ninth Blue Star (2:31:54 AM): until he finishes apping
caitlinneko (2:31:57 AM): I thought you'd be proouud of me
caitlinneko (2:31:58 AM): Oh okay
caitlinneko (2:32:02 AM): It's fair game afterwards?
Ninth Blue Star (2:32:04 AM): yes
Ninth Blue Star (2:32:06 AM): *patpats*
caitlinneko (2:32:06 AM): Kaaay
killerjenx (2:32:07 AM): …
caitlinneko (2:32:10 AM): *sits quietly* c:
killerjenx (2:32:13 AM): *never finishes apping*
caitlinneko (2:32:15 AM): …. :c
killerjenx (2:32:17 AM): *EVER*
Ninth Blue Star (2:32:21 AM): if his reserve expires
Ninth Blue Star (2:32:25 AM): you may also sic him
caitlinneko (2:32:32 AM): ….it expired this morning. :o
killerjenx (2:32:34 AM): …
Ninth Blue Star (2:32:37 AM): …
Ninth Blue Star (2:32:39 AM): KILL HIM
caitlinneko (2:32:44 AM): *SICS THE HOUNDS*
killerjenx (2:32:45 AM): AAAAAAAAAAAAA
killerjenx (2:32:48 AM) has left the room.

killerjenx (2:39:32 AM): "They rejected my app, but my viscera got in."

MysticW2002 (6:27:16 PM): Let us instead storm the tavern.
MysticW2002 (6:27:40 PM) has left the room.

iknowoyashiro (8:06:33 PM): I'm going to kill her guys. Don't tell.
caitlinneko (8:07:12 PM): … :(
iknowoyashiro (8:07:18 PM): :(
caitlinneko (8:07:25 PM): *takes glasses and sits in a corner*
iknowoyashiro (8:07:43 PM): I can't handle the competition in being moe.
caitlinneko (8:08:20 PM): …oh, I see, Sam.
caitlinneko (8:08:30 PM): I-I didn't mean to make you have to compete Sam D:
caitlinneko (8:08:39 PM): *offs herself to make it better*
iknowoyashiro (8:08:45 PM): :(
iknowoyashiro (8:08:51 PM): That….made it worse caitlin :(
caitlinneko (8:08:56 PM): what how
iknowoyashiro (8:08:57 PM): Your suicide was….too moe :(
caitlinneko (8:09:01 PM): ..oh.
caitlinneko (8:09:03 PM): Sorry.
caitlinneko (8:09:06 PM): I didn't mean to.
iknowoyashiro (8:09:08 PM): :'(
iknowoyashiro (8:09:11 PM): Of course you didn't.

Muffunculus: we should make some sort of Dollsy Pervs Committee though… you know, just to protect our interests
Muffunculus: no wait! Dollsyhouse-Committee of Understanding Pervs
Muffunculus: D-CUP!

AikoKazayama (9:24:33 PM): …what
MysticW2002 (9:24:39 PM): …the
iknowoyashiro (9:24:51 PM): hell. :|

iknowoyashiro (8:52:25 PM): Oh, what is this disgustingly adorable chat 8|

iknowoyashiro: When you love something…
iknowoyashiro: let it die :)
iknowoyashiro: …
iknowoyashiro: Wait I got that wrong didn't I
caitlinneko: No
caitlinneko: No, I think you got it… perfectly right.
caitlinneko: c:
iknowoyashiro: :)
Ninth Blue Star: *INSPIRING MUSIC*

LiterateHyaena (8:18:20 PM): :o
caitlinneko (8:18:25 PM): :o
Ninth Blue Star (8:18:28 PM): :o
Infinity Pikachu (8:18:46 PM): :o
caitlinneko (8:21:43 PM): :o
Muffunculus (8:21:49 PM): :o
Infinity Pikachu (8:22:06 PM): :o
caitlinneko (8:22:48 PM): … don't break the combo, Muff!
caitlinneko (8:22:49 PM): B|
Ninth Blue Star (8:22:54 PM): CAIT >|
caitlinneko (8:22:57 PM): >8D
Ninth Blue Star (8:23:04 PM): *LEAVES IN FURY*
Ninth Blue Star (8:23:05 PM) has left the room.

MysticW2002 (5:14:00 PM) has entered the room.
caitlinneko (5:20:31 PM): Yes!
caitlinneko (5:20:33 PM): *cleans Matt*
MysticW2002 (5:20:56 PM): *meeps*
triplecooc (5:21:43 PM): *Helps scrub him*
caitlinneko (5:21:53 PM): c:
MysticW2002 (5:22:01 PM): #o.o#
caitlinneko (5:22:19 PM): :o
MysticW2002 (5:22:31 PM): *squeaks*
triplecooc (5:22:58 PM): *Hands him a towel*
MysticW2002 (5:23:28 PM): *dries off, covers up* …okay, I'll bite. What's the occasion?
caitlinneko (5:23:37 PM): Everyone exploded.
MysticW2002 (5:23:57 PM): Ahh

MysticW2002 (5:57:28 PM): So you're not too far behind.
caitlinneko (5:57:32 PM): Yes she is
caitlinneko (5:57:45 PM): She's missed two years of Dollsy
iknowoyashiro (5:57:48 PM): W-what
iknowoyashiro (5:57:55 PM): I knew I shouldn't have taken that nyquill

Muffunculus (9:45:39 PM): Don't be deceived
Muffunculus (9:45:47 PM): theres no such thing as the lolipocalypse

MysticW2002: …I'mma be disappointed if that doesn't make it to the quotes page. XD
drunkkitsune: Well dont look at me XD I never touch that page

caitlinneko (12:38:49 AM): Wild Infy appears!
Infinity Pikachu (12:39:15 AM): *Pixelated pokemon cry :o*
caitlinneko (12:39:20 AM): *lays the smack down B|*
Infinity Pikachu (12:40:07 AM): *wails, starts flashing a red health bar*
caitlinneko (12:40:42 AM): *throws pokeball at Infy*
Infinity Pikachu (12:52:07 AM): *wiggle wiggle ping*
Infinity Pikachu (12:52:18 AM): *Wild INFY has been caught! Give nickname? Y/N*
caitlinneko (12:53:06 AM): Y!
caitlinneko (12:53:08 AM): hmmm
caitlinneko (12:53:21 AM): INFLUFFLES would be the obvious choice
caitlinneko (12:53:27 AM): what do you guys think :|

drunkkitsune (8:51:24 PM) has entered the room.
triplecooc (8:52:20 PM): MARK
caitlinneko (8:52:30 PM): MARK
drunkkitsune (8:53:07 PM): MARK
drunkkitsune (8:53:13 PM): … oh wait

caitlinneko (8:19:47 PM) has entered the room.
vdrake77 (8:19:49 PM): But seriously: If I ever find a womb just lying around, I'll send it to you, Infy.
caitlinneko (8:20:00 PM): …… god damnit, you guys.
tsunderely (8:20:57 PM): You have awesome timing, Cait.
triplecooc (8:21:09 PM): Cait gets it from her papa
caitlinneko (8:21:27 PM): It's obviously a family trait. :(

tsunderely (12:00:43 AM): i'd hope no one would love you like edward does
tsunderely (12:00:49 AM): because personally, i think that'd be pretty creepy

triplecooc has left the room.
NeurotiKca has left the room.
Infinity Pikachu has left the room.
iRLYthMostXTREME has left the room.
Muffunculus: >.>
Muffunculus: seems like Ive been left alone with a sleeping Mio
Muffunculus: good thing I am a perfectly trustworthy individual!

madbombastic (1:39:37 AM): this is excitingly insane. XD;

illuminatesound (2:31:37 AM): T

(21:26:22) drunkkitsune has entered the room.
illuminatesound (21:26:27): MARK.
tsunderely (21:26:28): Mark<3333
drunkkitsune (21:26:31): Hey <3
drunkkitsune (21:26:36): *ahem*
(21:26:44) drunkkitsune has left the room.
twilth (21:26:45): HI MARK 8D
twilth (21:26:47): …
illuminatesound (21:26:48): XDDDDDDDDD
twilth (21:26:50): I killed him

caitlinneko (12:33:56 AM): Screw the rules, I have moe

Mark: Raile gets a hand rolled up in a window. You'll never hear the end of this. Lose 30 minutes.

drunkkitsune (22:43:30): Mio rolls around in some wildflowers on the side of the road. Everyone else is weirded out.

drunkkitsune (22:47:09): Caitlin's leg falls asleep. "Pins and needles! Pins and needles!"

drunkkitsune (22:55:35): Caitlin gets a thign burn on the hot leather seats.

drunkkitsune (22:56:10): Caitlin asks a weird question during "Would you rather?", taking things too far again.

drunkkitsune (22:57:36): A breath-holding competition is held while going through a tunnel and Mio passes out.

drunkkitsune (22:59:26): Raile gets a small fruit candy stuck up a nostril.

drunkkitsune (23:00:30): Raile claims to have seen Big Foot in the distance.
drunkkitsune (23:00:38): Seriously.

drunkkitsune (23:02:26): Caitlin's left arm gets sunburned.

[19:35] drunkkitsune: Caps Is Cruise Control for Chris
[19:35] drunkkitsune: HEY
[19:35] ElementalShark86: I read that as Capes.
[19:35] drunkkitsune: I CAN SAY GUYS IF I WANT =|
[19:35] drunkkitsune: RIGHT GUYS?
[19:35] ElementalShark86: I really need to stop reading about comics.
[19:35] killerjenx: Capes = Chriis
[19:35] triplecooc: If that's Mark it sounds weird and your voice changes to Chris's in my head whenever you say it
[19:35] ElementalShark86: …Obviously, Chris is a superhero.
[19:35] killerjenx: …*removes Chris' orgas and replaces them with fabric*
[19:36] triplecooc: Obviously she is
[19:36] ElementalShark86: I KNOW YOUR TRUE IDENTITY.
[19:36] drunkkitsune: Well
[19:36] drunkkitsune: I am Jesus. :|
[19:36] killerjenx: OHSHI-
[19:36] drunkkitsune: Your face is Jesus
[19:36] triplecooc: She's half of Jesus
[19:36] drunkkitsune: I am
[19:36] drunkkitsune: Caitlin is the other half.
[19:36] drunkkitsune: Together we are Jesus
[19:36] ElementalShark86: It's all becoming clear now!
[19:37] drunkkitsune: ~*~JESUS GLOW~*~
[19:37] triplecooc: *Holds the spotlight on Chris*
[19:37] drunkkitsune: … technically speaking, aren't you on the clock?
[19:37] drunkkitsune: You're getting paid to call yourself Jesus
[19:37] drunkkitsune: … and glow
[19:37] drunkkitsune: Technically speaking
[19:37] drunkkitsune: I'm on a fifteen minute break. :|b
[19:37] triplecooc: Mark and Chris
[19:37] drunkkitsune: See, thats nowhere near as cool as getting paid to say your jesus and glow
[19:37] triplecooc: you are sitting right next to eachother
[19:37] drunkkitsune: I AM STILL GETTING PAID
[19:38] drunkkitsune: But you guys
[19:38] drunkkitsune: can't hear the conversation D:
[19:38] drunkkitsune: I FIND THAT SAD
[19:38] triplecooc: this is ture
[19:38] drunkkitsune: AND THUS IT IS TYPED
[19:38] triplecooc: true
[19:38] drunkkitsune: FOR SAYING I WAS JESUS
[19:38] drunkkitsune: AND I MIGHT GET CRUCIFIED
[19:38] drunkkitsune: OR AT LEAST
[19:38] triplecooc: right there in the bookstore?
[19:38] ElementalShark86: …Wait, you mean you're not Jesus.
[19:38] triplecooc: Death by bible
[19:38] drunkkitsune: No
[19:39] drunkkitsune: I am Jesus
[19:39] triplecooc: no, she is
[19:39] ElementalShark86: Okay, good.
[19:39] triplecooc: she just has to hide her idenity
[19:39] drunkkitsune: But these people…they won't understand
[19:39] triplecooc: because the world does not understand
[19:39] drunkkitsune: THEY CAN'T SEE THE LIGHT.
[19:39] triplecooc: *In your head*
[19:39] drunkkitsune: Jesus with boobs is too much for them to comprehend
[19:39] drunkkitsune: Amen
[19:39] triplecooc: And thus spoke our Lady and Savior?
[19:40] drunkkitsune: Yes
[19:40] drunkkitsune: Amen
[19:40] drunkkitsune: \o/
[19:40] drunkkitsune: \o\
[19:40] drunkkitsune: /o/
[19:40] drunkkitsune: \o/
[19:40] triplecooc: *Snickering* Amen
[19:40] triplecooc: and then she danced
[19:40] drunkkitsune: And all was good
[19:40] drunkkitsune: Amen.
[19:40] drunkkitsune: And she spoke unto Dollsy Chat and said:
[19:40] drunkkitsune: DANCE, FOOLS.
[19:41] triplecooc: LOL
[19:41] drunkkitsune: And so they danced
[19:41] drunkkitsune: And all was well.
[19:41] drunkkitsune: The word of the Jesus!Chris
[19:41] drunkkitsune: Amen.
[19:41] triplecooc: lol
[19:42] ElementalShark86: I read that as Jesus Chris.
[19:42] ElementalShark86: And then I wondered if anyone names their kid Jesus.
[19:43] triplecooc: Many people
[19:43] ElementalShark86: It might make for a very interesting childhood.
[19:43] drunkkitsune: Well, only Mexicans
[19:43] drunkkitsune: And technically
[19:43] triplecooc: yeah
[19:43] drunkkitsune: It's hay-seuss
[19:44] triplecooc: Which is equally easy to make fun of
[19:44] drunkkitsune: which is what people said to dr. seuss
[19:44] drunkkitsune: so mexicans
[19:44] drunkkitsune: must have thought he was Jesus
[19:44] drunkkitsune: And yay did he give unto us fish: one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish.
[19:44] drunkkitsune: And the people ate, and it was good.
[19:44] drunkkitsune: Amen.
[19:45] MysticW2002: =|
[19:45] drunkkitsune: ^^;;; Should we stop blaspheming now, matt?
[19:45] drunkkitsune: also…make someone put this in quotes XD
[19:45] drunkkitsune: or I will be sad
[19:45] ElementalShark86: Sure, I'll go do it.
[19:45] drunkkitsune: Woohoo!
[19:45] MysticW2002: And let us pray, oh brothers, unto our lord. Yea, verily, oh feline upon whose cranium rests that most holy of haberdashers…
[19:47] drunkkitsune: *SNORTLAUGHOHGOD*
[19:47] MysticW2002: Don't worry about blaspheming around me. XD
[19:47] drunkkitsune: That was awesome XD
[19:47] iRLYthMostXTREME: has joined the chat
[19:47] MysticW2002: *takes a bow*
[19:48] iRLYthMostXTREME: *claps*
[19:48] drunkkitsune: And lo, Jesus!Chris said unto Dollsy Chat:
[19:49] MysticW2002: So, are any of you going to join my church?
[19:49] MysticW2002: =|
[19:49] iRLYthMostXTREME: You have a church?
[19:49] MysticW2002: Yes.
[19:49] iRLYthMostXTREME: :o
[19:49] drunkkitsune: Do not fear, for though I must return to serve the espresso of the Lord, I will return.
[19:49] drunkkitsune: The word of the Jesus!Chris
[19:49] drunkkitsune: Amen.
[19:49] MysticW2002: The Holy Sepulcher of the Most High Haberdasher.

Infinity Pikachu (11:31:15 PM): XDD The phantasms are losers. >B|
tsunderely (11:31:25 PM): They are >:c
Infinity Pikachu (11:31:30 PM): >:cccc
tsunderely (11:32:01 PM): /kicks them out >:c
thephantasms8D (11:32:11 PM) has entered the room.
thephantasms8D (11:32:13 PM): >:c!
thephantasms8D (11:32:16 PM): *DENIED*
tsunderely (11:32:20 PM): …..

thephantasms8D (11:43:29 PM): *AND SO YOU FELT LIKE DROPPIN' IN*
thephantasms8D (11:43:34 PM): *AND JUST EXPECT ME TO BE FREE*
thephantasms8D (11:43:41 PM): *WELL NOW I'M SAVIN' ALL MY LOVIN'*
thephantasms8D (11:43:48 PM): *FOR SOMEONE WHO'S LOVIN' ME *
Infinity Pikachu (11:44:00 PM): FUCK YEAH SINGING PHANTASMS
caitlinneko (11:44:02 PM): oh god that singing
Infinity Pikachu (11:44:10 PM): \o/
triplecooc (11:44:20 PM): Oh god that singing
triplecooc (11:44:33 PM): …..they could make a barber shop quartet
Infinity Pikachu (11:44:42 PM): SINGING PHANTASMS, BITCHES
caitlinneko (11:44:44 PM): sobbbbb
thephantasms8D (11:45:03 PM): *FAMOUS~*

literatehyaena (9:03:00 PM): *SAVES CANCER MAN*
tsunderely (9:03:09 PM): *THIS*
caitlinneko (9:03:21 PM): *HELPS*
killerjenx (9:03:30 PM): what nice humanitarians you are. Now he's free to roam the house and kill us all.
literatehyaena (9:03:38 PM): … but he was so SAD.

Rainspirit: hwhy umust 7ou ruin my happ6 P(

killerjenx (9:32:29 PM): I don't know… I justthink about it and the lettes appear.
triplecooc (9:32:38 PM): But not all of them
killerjenx (9:32:42 PM): I think maybe Allison has unleashed my hidden psychic powers.
killerjenx (9:32:52 PM): ….They can't spell very well apparently.

allison is salty (7:57:05 PM): ….*SEWED THEM BACK ON

caitlinneko (7:51:12 PM): *sets you on fire anyway*
caitlinneko (7:51:14 PM): *gently*
triplecooc (7:52:00 PM): *Burns*
triplecooc (7:52:02 PM): *Gently*
triplecooc (7:52:14 PM): *provides soft romantic lighting for the entire house*

caitlinneko (6:54:12 PM): well
caitlinneko (6:54:18 PM): I'm going out
caitlinneko (6:54:21 PM): to spit the dice
caitlinneko (6:54:34 PM): … spite*

evangelionomega (9:58:18 PM): sadly, I have no Italian. I'm Irish
evangelionomega (9:58:25 PM): part Irish anyway
caitlinneko (9:58:27 PM): oooh :o
caitlinneko (9:58:30 PM): I'm British!
caitlinneko (9:58:32 PM): *oppresses you*
evangelionomega (9:58:38 PM): :|

literatehyaena (10:00:45 PM) has entered the room.
literatehyaena (10:00:48 PM): … chat?
caitlinneko (10:00:55 PM): *PUNTS YOU HERE TOO*
evangelionomega (10:01:02 PM): *PUNT*
triplecooc (10:01:08 PM): *PICKS RAILE UP AND PUTS HIM IN BED*
caitlinneko (10:01:13 PM): TC
literatehyaena (10:01:14 PM): …. what the hell, mass punting.
caitlinneko (10:01:18 PM): YOU'RE MISSING A LETTER

the9thspiral (4:27:42 PM): *drags out of your corners*
triplecooc (4:28:02 PM): *Dragged, eeep*
literatehyaena (4:28:16 PM): I'd bite you, but you're new and that seems kinda rude.
the9thspiral (4:28:35 PM): I've been immunized, it's a-okay.

killerjenx (2:41:33 AM): Every time you feel yourself slipping, just look at the heart-locket that Daddy gave you!
killerjenx (2:41:44 AM): I have faith in you! Remember that!
caitlinneko (2:42:04 AM): O-okay daddy! I won't let you down!!
killerjenx (2:42:40 AM): (Also if you let me down I have faith in my belt, so you'd better remember it.)
caitlinneko (2:43:04 AM): (I-I will! I won't forget at all!)
killerjenx (2:43:14 AM): Good! That's the daughter I'm proud of~
caitlinneko (2:43:19 AM): Y-yay! \o/

tsunderely (2:28:13 AM): You know, Jenx. I'm not sure I approve of this.
tsunderely (2:28:18 AM): I mean, you know what happens to moeblobs.
killerjenx (2:28:25 AM): Pedobear?
caitlinneko (2:28:29 AM): U-um, wh-what happens to us?
killerjenx (2:28:31 AM): That's ok, that's already happened to Cait.
tsunderely (2:28:35 AM): …Well, yes, sometimes, but.
caitlinneko (2:28:37 AM): Mmhmm, it did!
tsunderely (2:28:40 AM): That's not what I was referring to.
caitlinneko (2:28:45 AM): He was actually really nice!!
tsunderely (2:30:16 AM): I was referring to the fact that they either snap and turn yanderu and then a bad end happens. Though they're occassionally known to turn tsundere and just settle for throwing desks at people. Either way.
caitlinneko (2:31:07 AM): I-I won't throw any desks, you don't have to worry!

NeurotiKca (12:09:46 AM): …also a moose probably DID bite my sister, which explains why I've never met her :<
NeurotiKca (12:09:59 AM): …also I should be asleep.
literatehyaena (12:11:55 AM): … what, did it bite her in the womb or something?
killerjenx (12:12:09 AM): …womb meese.
NeurotiKca (12:12:36 AM): No, no. I'm just.
NeurotiKca (12:12:44 AM): I should be asleep.
triplecooc (12:14:32 AM): …….
triplecooc (12:14:37 AM): Guys…what the hell

vdrake77 (5:00:61 PM): SIR.

vdrake77 (5:03:06 PM): "No, run into the flames! Safety is in the middle of the smoke!"

illuminatesound (5:11:21 PM): brb
KuroKikoutei (5:11:35 PM): Oki c:
drunkkitsune (5:11:39 PM) has left the room.
illuminatesound (5:11:44 PM) has left the room.
KuroKikoutei (5:11:51 PM): That is asking
KuroKikoutei (5:11:56 PM): For sooo many naughty jokes

killerjenx (3:08:26 PM): Good afternoon, Dolls~
MysticW2002 (3:09:07 PM): I'm not a doll. I'm an action figure. =|
killerjenx (3:11:08 PM): Well we don't play at The Actionfigureyhouse, so cope. B|

NeurotiKca (6:12:33 PM): I almost forgot we had a wiki :<
caitlinneko (6:12:43 PM): It's only for chatquotes :| Obviously
iRLYthMostXTREME (6:12:44 PM): I've never really looked at it much
killerjenx (6:17:21 PM): Yeah, it's pretty muc just for chat quotes.
iRLYthMostXTREME (6:17:36 PM): ohhh
iRLYthMostXTREME (6:17:41 PM): well it has a purpose then?
iRLYthMostXTREME (6:17:42 PM): it's happy
NeurotiKca (6:18:46 PM): …okay, that wasn't a surprise :<

beats rush hour (9:32:34 PM): …Wait.
beats rush hour (9:32:39 PM): He is the walrus?
MysticW2002 (9:32:42 PM): *where's my buckit?*
caitlinneko (9:32:49 PM): Koo koo katchoo.

MysticW2002 (9:15:33 PM): Name: I Am. Age: I Am. Gender: I Am. Description: He Is. Abilities: He Is. History: He Was. RP Sample: On the Seventh Day, He rested.

caitlinneko (11:25:27 PM): guys
caitlinneko (11:25:34 PM): I am going to MacGyver a way out of dollsy
DixxyMouri (11:25:49 PM): shit she's got a popsicle stick and a rubber band
caitlinneko (11:25:51 PM): using the piano, a can of soup, a theater corpse and the burning man.
Infinity Pikachu (11:25:54 PM): With a straw, three toothpicks, a package of marshmallows, and fifteen paperclips?
Infinity Pikachu (11:25:55 PM): XD Aha
kuuderely (11:25:57 PM): XD
caitlinneko (11:26:00 PM): Nope. I am going more advanced than that.
Infinity Pikachu (11:26:06 PM): :o *GASP*
DixxyMouri (11:26:10 PM): Crazy Glue
caitlinneko (11:26:14 PM): also they were out of the bendy straws in the drawer.
Infinity Pikachu (11:26:17 PM): awww
kuuderely (11:26:18 PM): does this mean we're separating Machi from the piano again
caitlinneko (11:26:21 PM): yes
Infinity Pikachu (11:26:24 PM): poor Machi :<
kuuderely (11:26:26 PM): s-so cruel. ;_;
kuuderely (11:26:29 PM): I know. ;_;
caitlinneko (11:26:32 PM): unless Machi wants to be part of the escape apparatus


caitlinneko (11:30:48 PM): also, I always rub the oranges before peeling them. To ~soften~ them
killerjenx (11:31:06 PM): I… I suppose I could ~rub my orange~….

killerjenx (11:33:47 PM): GOD DAMN THIS WEBBY WHITE STUFF
kuuderely (12:35:03 AM): i take it the outside of the oranges are winning.
killerjenx (12:35:18 AM): IT'S A NOBLE FIGHT, MIO. SHUT UP.

caitlinneko (12:55:01 AM): guys I need a volunteer
NeurotiKca (12:55:07 AM): *handraise?*
caitlinneko (12:55:13 AM): OKAY ARASHI
caitlinneko (12:55:17 AM): Just
caitlinneko (12:55:24 AM): climb into the giant metallic idol thing
caitlinneko (12:55:27 AM): and ignore the fire I'm setting
NeurotiKca (12:55:40 AM): *climbs in?*
caitlinneko (12:55:56 AM): *starts a fire beneath it c:*
NeurotiKca (12:55:57 AM): Is okay. I'm made of asbestos :>

iRLYthMostXTREME (4:12:41 PM): I get to do all the surgical procedures
iRLYthMostXTREME (4:12:43 PM): You can just
iRLYthMostXTREME (4:12:47 PM): give it medicine
killerjenx (4:12:52 PM): XD But Cait has done phantasm surgeries!
iRLYthMostXTREME (4:13:07 PM): And thaaat's why I should be doing the surgeries

killerjenx (6:39:13 PM): THE TEA IS GETTING ITS REVENGE.

Infinity Pikachu (8:19:18 PM): Ceiling Hellhound is watching you and hoping to masticate~

killerjenx (12:53:52 AM): I'VE BEEN HAD!
killerjenx (12:53:55 AM): DXXY, SAVE ME!
DixxyMouri (12:54:23 AM) has left the room.
killerjenx (12:54:28 AM): ….
killerjenx (12:54:34 AM): Worst rescue EVER. =|

killerjenx (1:47:22 AM): It's ok
killerjenx (1:47:30 AM): He's safe from pedo at Dollsy. Probably.
killerjenx (1:47:37 AM): Unless the phantasms swing that way.
Infinity Pikachu (1:48:16 AM): Shhhh, the phantasms swing every way. They're like a lasso that drags in the unwary and fucks them up.
Infinity Pikachu (1:48:56 AM): They love their Yukimi, and their Alphonse, and their…. XD
tsunderely (1:49:04 AM): they love Machi*
tsunderely (1:49:09 AM): fixed that for you.
Infinity Pikachu (1:49:11 AM): XD Yes, and their Machi
tsunderely (1:49:12 AM): that's burnyman that loves al.
killerjenx (1:49:14 AM): The Phantasms are polyamorous!
Infinity Pikachu (1:49:19 AM): Yup~
Infinity Pikachu (1:49:27 AM): Omnomnom multiple experiments…..
Infinity Pikachu (1:49:40 AM): They also love their Trucy. :3

ElementalShark86 (4:33:16 PM): Back!
ElementalShark86 (4:38:47 PM) has left the room.

NeurotiKca (4:37:06 PM): Cait stop that you're going to hurt someone.
caitlinneko (4:38:48 PM): :c
NeurotiKca (4:39:09 PM): Hurting people is MY job!
NeurotiKca (4:39:17 PM): Y-you wouldn't want me to get fired!
NeurotiKca (4:39:19 PM): …right?
killerjenx (4:39:31 PM): ….
NeurotiKca (4:40:19 PM): …r-right? :<
killerjenx (4:44:45 PM): /crickets
NeurotiKca (4:45:54 PM): … :< Oh well.

caitlinneko (7:06:49 PM): I didn't realise it was both of you! :c
caitlinneko (7:06:52 PM): I am sorry Mark :c
illuminatesound (7:06:52 PM): I know
illuminatesound (7:06:56 PM): That's what I just told him. XDD
ElementalShark86 (7:07:02 PM): Obviously they are a split personality.
caitlinneko (7:07:08 PM): ILU BOTH THE MOSTEST
illuminatesound (7:07:09 PM): we are Chark.
caitlinneko (7:07:11 PM): they are, Steph
caitlinneko (7:07:15 PM): Chark is a scary thing
illuminatesound (7:07:18 PM): :|b
caitlinneko (7:07:30 PM): Half my bestest friend/awesome big brother, and half my other Jesus!half
illuminatesound (7:07:40 PM): XDDDD
caitlinneko (7:07:44 PM): CHRIS IS MY BETTER HALF she can make wine

caitlinneko (8:42:29 PM): Steph…
caitlinneko (8:42:34 PM): I have a very important question…
caitlinneko (8:42:40 PM): *drops down on one knee*
caitlinneko (8:42:48 PM): Steph… Wil you…
caitlinneko (8:42:50 PM): Will you…
caitlinneko (8:42:53 PM): Forgive me? ;_;
ElementalShark86 (8:43:12 PM): …Yes.
caitlinneko (8:43:15 PM): \o/!!!
ElementalShark86 (8:43:19 PM): Be my…friend!
caitlinneko (8:43:38 PM): Friends! Until death do us part for more time than just a trip to the attic? c:
ElementalShark86 (8:44:00 PM): Yes, exactly!

[12:56] iRLYthMostXTREME: no, I'm saying you're made of yarn
[12:56] illuminatesound: …oh
[12:56] illuminatesound: well
[12:56] illuminatesound: that's ok then
[12:56] iRLYthMostXTREME: :D

NeurotiKca (11:00:23 PM): Oh ho. Well. If you are a new person, I am Patchy and I play Arashi.

killerjenx (1:51:05 AM): COME BACK MARK
killerjenx (1:51:12 AM): I WASN'T GONNA HURT YOU ALL THAT BAD
DarkEnchantrez (1:51:15 AM): MARK IS HIDING FROM YOU
killerjenx (1:52:50 AM): ;_;
killerjenx (1:52:55 AM): But I love him.
DarkEnchantrez (1:53:21 AM): It's okay Jenx. If you love something
DarkEnchantrez (1:53:26 AM): you must let it go
killerjenx (1:53:45 AM): *lets him go*
killerjenx (1:53:49 AM): *off a 20 story building*

NeurotiKca (4:32:12 PM): *makes it both day and night damnit :<*
triplecooc (4:33:06 PM): Arashi you just made Twilight
caitlinneko (4:33:33 PM): FFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUU
NeurotiKca (4:33:39 PM): …asdf.
Infinity Pikachu (4:33:43 PM): QUICK BURN HER IT'S THE ONLY WAY
caitlinneko (4:33:47 PM): *SETS HER ON FIRE*
triplecooc (4:33:48 PM): QUICK QUICK
caitlinneko (4:33:53 PM): SORRY ARASHI
Infinity Pikachu (4:33:57 PM): *HUSTLES IN GASOLINE*
triplecooc (4:33:58 PM): *throws accelerant on*
caitlinneko (4:34:02 PM): I'LL SEE YOU IN THE AFTERLIFE???
caitlinneko (4:34:03 PM): ;_;
Infinity Pikachu (4:34:03 PM): \o/ TEAMWORK~

machitobaye (10:22:58 PM): …what the HELL is a butt-monkey?

Infinity Pikachu (11:33:24 PM): I'M SRY2SAY ANON
Infinity Pikachu (11:33:29 PM): BUT GOD IS OOC IN HIS OWN DAMNED CANON
Infinity Pikachu (11:33:51 PM): Just look at the Old vs. New Testament shit; he's had a huge characterization shift
aitradeahalin (11:34:02 PM): Yup.
tsunderely (11:34:12 PM): that was
tsunderely (11:34:15 PM): character development!!
Infinity Pikachu (11:34:19 PM): Oh?
Infinity Pikachu (11:34:25 PM): fffff R U SURE
tsunderely (11:34:28 PM): yes
Infinity Pikachu (11:34:34 PM): THAT SEEMS PRETTY ABRUPT TO ME 8-|
tsunderely (11:34:34 PM): GOD DID DOUCHEY THINGS
tsunderely (11:34:40 PM): and then he realized "ohai that was a dick move"
tsunderely (11:34:42 PM): WELL INFY
tsunderely (11:34:50 PM): AND KILLING A FUCKTON OF PEOPLE
triplecooc (11:34:52 PM): …*Cough*
triplecooc (11:35:01 PM): well you know
Infinity Pikachu (11:35:02 PM): I OBJECT
Infinity Pikachu (11:35:09 PM): THERE WAS NO EMO SCENE
triplecooc (11:35:11 PM): they had to make him kinder and gentler in the sequel
Infinity Pikachu (11:35:13 PM): IN WHICH HE LAMENTED BEING A DICK
tsunderely (11:35:28 PM): kind of like how super heroes become super heroes due to some great tragedy much of the time
tsunderely (11:35:48 PM): GOD KEEPS HIS EMO TO HIMSELF
Infinity Pikachu (11:35:49 PM): XD Oh? Who was the first one, then?
Infinity Pikachu (11:35:53 PM): BUT BUT
twilth (11:35:59 PM): Then there was what happened with Job
Infinity Pikachu (11:36:00 PM): IT'S NOT A GOOD STORY WITHOUT EMO
twilth (11:36:05 PM): HE WAS SUCH A DICK IN THAT STORY
Infinity Pikachu (11:36:06 PM): ohhh :O
tsunderely (11:36:10 PM): …okay well the truth is infy
tsunderely (11:36:12 PM): there was a scene in there like that
Infinity Pikachu (11:36:14 PM): HE SRSLY WAS 8-|
aitradeahalin (11:36:16 PM): BUT I CAN TELL YOU IN PM IF YOU WANT.
tsunderely (11:36:18 PM): but they didn't think it made him seem badass enough
tsunderely (11:36:18 PM): so
tsunderely (11:36:21 PM): they cut it out
tsunderely (11:36:22 PM):
Infinity Pikachu (11:36:23 PM): XD IT DOESN'T MATTER
PM Triple C: Infinity Pikachu (11:36:26 PM): Waaaaaaaaat =(
tsunderely (11:39:17 PM): YEAH BUT

MysticW2002 (10:50:35 PM): …AIM sucks sometimes. =|
machitobaye (10:50:37 PM): … :| I'm whoring out myself for funding.

chloeisangenius (2:00:48 AM): it's like a meat party in your mouth.

ElementalShark86 (11:01:17 PM): …Really I can't actually app Emilio Juarez, all he does is look pretty and Woobie-tastic and then die with a mysterious liver.

[23:34] ElementalShark86: I just look at my reasoning and think "…Wow, this is like a Jenga tower of logic."

ElementalShark86 11:59 pm
I think this is Dollsy to the end, really.
caitlinneko 11:59 pm
CONGRATS GUYS you got a bad end.
iRLYthMostXTREME 12:00 am

triplecooc 12:00 am
Allison you missed the ending
iRLYthMostXTREME 12:00 am
caitlinneko 12:01 am
oh god I feel so bad for Allison now
drunkkitsune 12:01 am
I feel bad but by the same token this is hilarious

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