Fandom Naruto
Gender Male
Date of Birth Month Day, Year
Age 30
Place of Birth Suunakagure
Occupation Shinobi, Politician, Teacher
Known Abilities Wind Techniques, Dealing with children that act like adults and adults that act like children
First Appearance Undignified Entrance, Act 1

Baki never smiles. Never. But screaming and flailing seems to come easy these days.


He’s a rather large person, broad shouldered and six feet tall. His military uniform, a green-tan jounin vest with the particular pointed shoulders of Suuna. He has a broad nose, narrow, dark eyes, and thick lips, which along with his darker skin give him a rougher appearance. Due to an accident in his past that took his left eye, he covers a multitude of old scars with his characteristic facial drape. He proudly wears his Suuna headband. Under the head wrap and the forehead protector, he has shortly trimmed auburn hair. He’s often seen with a stern expression or an unhappy scowl. In posture, he can often be very stiff, insisting on a ‘professional’ stance. In battle, however, he spreads his arms and legs, into a more hunched and agile posture.


Due to Suunagakure’s admittedly superficial politicians, Baki always tries to maintain poise and dignity. Due to his military training, he can think quickly under pressure, and has no qualms taking over command of a group of nin. However, he tends to get flustered easily, and can be melodramatic, which can build up into an outburst. Around politicians, he talks slowly to hold their attention, but may raise his voice if he works himself up.
Socially, he’s highly conservative, and can be offended if persons of either gender are openly lewd or wear extremely revealing clothing. Economically, he follows the typical liberal pattern of the Suuna majority. In military issues, he is a much needed moderate, and will attempt to be diplomatic before aggressive. Around his students, he was almost paternal, stern, yet sometimes kind. Overall, he is a polite individual that often takes things too seriously, but is highly loyal to his village and its members.


He can make nearly invisible blades of wind that can easily cut through flesh, bone and oftentimes metal with little or no resistance. He’s also very apt in close quarters combat, with high physical strength. With his wind ability, he is capable of creating dirt devils or tornadoes, which are highly destructive in combination to the open spaces of the dessert or the rockier canyons. He can plot military ploys quickly, respond to ambushes and lead sieges.


He’s not very good in water. Despite the fact he can swim (Though not very well) AND walk on water, he generally frets when wet or over deep water. He’s blind on his left side, and thus is less able to detect attacks from there. Will often take attacks with his body in order to counter, gaining wounds. Fire tends to mix poorly with his wind techniques. Like explosively poorly. He’s known to have meltdowns when overstressed, especially when his comrade’s safety is in danger.


Losing control of a military situation. Shukaku going on a rampage within the village, or any village. Gaara gaining the ire of Suuna’s Council. Each of the Sand siblings going through puberty. Having his face mask forcibly removed, or losing another eye. Drowning. Mist nin in general. Akatsuki’s ploys. His students dying.


Born into a more casual Clan of Suunagakure of wind users with little political might, Baki was a quiet child that grew up witnessing a war. When he was ten, the Third Kazekage disappeared, and he bore witness, though did not understand until later, the events that unfolded on the world stage. Mist nin were seen as the unseen enemy that abducted the leader, even though no statement was ever given, no ransom or demands to be paid. Before he even reached his teen years, he was briefly deployed as troop support, though it was late in the war, and did not have to be deployed for long. But it was there that he met and learned of Suuna’s rising military and political stars, Karura of Sabako and her companion, who would eventually become the fourth Kazekage. He fought alongside them on several occasions, beginning the longstanding relation he had with both of them.

After the war, he developed a reputation as a young competent fighter, attending the shinobi world’s first Chuunin exams, and passed. (He was an elder student at the time) It was a few years later that he was in a particularly horrific mission that cost him his eye. An ambush within the hidden village of grass took his squad by surprise, seriously injuring most of its members and killing two. Baki was severely injured, losing an eye and, temporarily, the use of his left arm. However, he trained vigoursly to try and overcome the handicap.
During peacetime, he became a very prominent character on the political scene, prodded by the couple known then as Suuna’s power duo.

Karura and the soon to be fourth Kazekage were both ruthless and compromising, able to make squabbling clans of Suuna come together and agree, or else face the political and social power they wielded. Eventually the two rose in power high enough for Karura’s fiancé to claim the title of Fourth Kazekage. It was a quite a feat considering the council’s hesitancy to give it out, since that would be signalling to the world that Suuna officially considered the Third dead, or else non-returning . They both possessed a good deal and trust in Baki, and pushed for his position near the council, where he met Chiyo.

She was a well knowing Elder who had been around since the First Kazekage’s reign, whom Baki developed a fondness for, despite her abrasive speeches and stoutly conservative beliefs. (Karura often argued passionately with her, in a not so friendly rivalry.)

Eventually, wanting to unite the village in order to be able to compete with Konoha, the Fourth and Karura planned for a three man squad that would be taught the three of Suuna’s most prominent fighting styles (Puppeteering, Earth use, Wind use) Baki was invited to become the future teacher for such a squad, and he agreed.

On the outside, the relationship between Karura and Baki was between that of professionals, and good friends. To Baki, however, he suffered from repressed romantic feelings he had developed since he was fifteen. Karura was both an older woman (He was eighteen when she died) and married, and only thought of him as a dear comrade. So he kept his affection contained, letting it manifest only as a doting friend and with steadfast loyalty.

Eventually the unanticipated happened, in a single night The Kazekage’s wife was murdered under order of the Kazekage himself, and the murderer, Chiyo, abruptly foresworn any further involvement in the village affairs.

And so it went. From the outside, while training young Kankuro and Temari, as agreed, Baki witnessed the home life of his Kazekage quickly deteriorate. The father eventually became murderous against his young son, Karura’s grief crazed brother killed himself attempting to drag the son along with him, and the son, Gaara was marked as a failed experiment.

Baki, in his own way, would not allow it.
Despite the fact that the Kazekage insisted his duty to the imagined squad did not have to be fulfilled, he agreed to train Gaara, taking him in and attempting to fashion out of the three the idyllic representation Karura had in mind.

In some final irony, he had another duty: being the last link Chiyo had to Suuna. He would visit her each week, bringing news until she asked to no longer hear it.

Time passed, and the three siblings would develop, dealing with Gaara’s bloodlust and with the increasingly erratic orders of their Kazekage. After the Chuunin exam incident, however, their lives took a turn up.

Currently Baki functions as a member of Suuna’s council, mostly for his military strategy, but also to help bridge the gap between the Fifth Kazekage Gaara and the Elders. In this, he functions almost as a negotiator. He also keeps track of all three of his ex-students, doting on them in almost a fatherly nature.


To be added as Baki furthers his quest to survive the Dollsyhouse



-Baki enjoys the occasional wind surfing and other beach sports.
-Baki does not mind swearing or gore (though he will be bothered by unnessecary violence) but generally frowns upon lewd behavior.

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