Player's Name:
AIM/email/other contact info:
Personal LJ: (if applicable)

Version: If there is a difference between, say, a movie and book version of a character, include which version you're using here. Also include when you're taking the character from.
Age: If the character is older than they appear, mention this.

Appearance: Describe your character.

Personality: What makes your character tick? This is an important section of the application (second only to the RP sample), so make sure this is detailed.

Fears: What is your character afraid of? This is very important in a game like this. Every character doesn't have to be phobic, but everyone's afraid of something.

Weaknesses: Is your character weak against fire? Do they have weak knees? Are they slow? Put weaknesses here.

Strengths/Abilities: Can your character fight? Are they good at chess? Do they carry a gun everywhere? Include all of that here.

History: Describe what has happened to your character up until this point. While we don't expect a novel, this is a very important part of what makes up your character, so we expect two to three paragraphs in this section.

Sample RP post: This is the most important part of the application. We want to know that you can play your character, after all. Make sure this section has at least 300 words.

Please read the rules and send finished applications to dollsymods[at]gmail[dot]com with a subject of "Character Name - Character Series".

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