Anita Blake
Anita Blake
Fandom Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter
Gender Female
Date of Birth Month Day, Year
Age Female
Aliases The Executioner
Place of Birth St. Louis, Missouri
Occupation Animator, vampire executioner
Known Relatives Judith (stepmother), Josh (stepbrother), Flores (grandmother, deceased)
Significant Other none
Known Abilities necromancy
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Anita, a woman of mixed heritage, has the fair skin of her Germanic father but the dark, curly hair of her Latino mother. She is a petite woman, about 5'3", but is quite curvy. She is rarely seen with make-up, although she opts for mascara and red lipstick when the time calls for it. Despite her looks, her fashion sense barely made it past the 80's. She has no problem going to work in an oversized t-shirt and a pair of biker shorts, and is often seen about town in Nikes, dark jeans, and a polo with a popped collar. She rarely wears skirts and is uncomfortable in heels. Her only consistent article is her silver cross. In times of extreme danger, she'll add a charm bracelet decorated with several crosses.

Anita's work has given her many, many scars. Her left arm is covered in them and gets her many a stare when shown in public. She has a huge scar on her collarbone - the evidence of a vicious vampire attack - and a cross-shaped burn scar on her forearm.


Anita knows it's tough being a pretty, short chick in a man's world - especially when that world is full of all sorts of preternatural baddies. Anita is tough and, having lost her mother at a young age, a bit cynical. She is easily angered, hardly shy, and has a bad habit of provoking others. Anita is often frustrated when people don't see things her way. Her work with the police has forced her to endure a lot of sexism; as a result, she is often quick to assume that people who dislike her are upset because she is just as competent as any man.

Raised Catholic, Anita remains Christian. She says grace over her meals and tries to attend church as often as possible. After the pope excommunicated all animators, Anita switched her denomination to Episcopalian.

Among the vampires, Anita is known as The Executioner. She has one of the highest kill counts of any licensed executioner in the United States. She is quick to judge monsters and is more defensive with them than any human. In order to compete on their level, Anita trains in judo and kenpo, tries to maintain a strict exercise routine (though her work with the police forces her to skip on occasion), and owns an gun license. Her favorite weapon is a Browning Hi-Power, and she keeps it loaded with a few normal rounds and several silver bullets. On occasion, she sports any of the following: a Firestar, knives, a sawed-off shotgun, or a mini uzi.

Despite tough exterior, when Anita feels anxious (usually when someone is trying to kill her), she'll sleep with her favorite stuffed penguin, Sigmund. Anita has a bit of a penguin fetish, owning several themed mugs, shirts, and a stuffed collection by her bed.

Anita also has a soft spot for anyone under aged and hates when they get involved in adult matters. She will do her best to protect a child's innocence no matter who that child may be. Similarly, she is somewhat sympathetic to the weak. If she offers protection, she'll do her best to keep her word but expects to be helped in return.


With marks from Jean-Claude, Anita has a bit of an advantage. She can take a significantly greater amount of damage, and can even withstand most mental attacks. Her powers as a necromancer allow her to raise zombies and supposedly give her control over all forms of undead except ghosts and ghouls. Even so, her favorite weapons are physical. Anita never goes anywhere without her guns, and she often carries a few knives for extra protection. Her most precious method of defense, however, is her silver cross, effective against most vampires and werewolves.

Anita's necromancy gives her greater powers than a normal animator. She can raise both older and a greater number of zombies with less of a sacrifice and can act as a focus between animators. Her power is strongest after dark.


In her world, the fact that Anita is human is a great weakness. Most of the bad guys have some sort of preternatural advantage (speed, strength, hypnosis), and while Anita has the abilities are above that of an average human, they are not on par with some of the more vicious monsters. Physically, Anita's knees aren't in the best of shape, making a quick getaway sometimes difficult. If she doesn't consistently work out with weights, the scar tissue in her arm could cause a loss of mobility.


Anita's biggest fear is loss and rejection. Despite being a 25-year-old woman, she never truly got over her mother's death. In college, her fiance-at-the-time ended their engagement when his family discovered her mixed heritage. Devastated that she wasn't "white-bred" enough for him, Anita harbors a resentment toward blonde-haired, blue-eyed women as well as a fear of commitment and pre-marital sex.


Anita Catherine Blake was born to a Germanic father and a Hispanic mother. She inherited her powers as an animator (one who raises zombies) from her Vaudan grandmother. Her grandmother, fearing for Anita's soul, urged the young animator to ignore this part of herself and become a devout Catholic.

Anita first came in contact with death when her mother perished in a car crash. While making Anita slightly neurotic about seat belts, it also made her a bit cynical and leery of long legged, pretty blonde women, as that is what her father remarried. She was also rejected by a fiance in college when his family found out about her Mexican heritage.

In Anita's world, preternatural ability cannot lay dormant. Thus, after being held in place for so long, Anita's powers accidentally caused her to raise her dog from the dead at the age of 12. Similarly, in college she accidentally raised a teacher who had committed suicide. Anita's roommate moved out shortly afterward.

After graduating with a degree in Preternatural Biology, Anita was recruited by a man named Bert Vaughn to work at Animators, Inc. Bert's company temporarily raises the dead as zombies for various reasons - wills may need clarification, a zombie may be needed as a trial witness, or a family may just want closure. While Bert is supposed to handle the financial aspect and send Anita clients, she will stubbornly refuse to accept jobs she feels might be illegal.

Anita is also on call for the Regional Preternatural Investigation Team, or RPIT. RPIT is a branch of the police force assigned to solve any mystical cases. The head, Sergeant Rudolf Storr, often asks Anita for help in solving preternatural cases. Being a civilian, it's often hard for Anita to involve herself in cases not directly associated with RPIT.

Somewhere along the line, Anita decided to become a licensed vampire executioner. Vampires were recently deemed legal citizens in the United States, though they occasionally get out of control. When a grave crime has been committed (a rogue vampire committing mass murder, for example), the courts can legally order an execution. That's when Anita steps in.

Throughout her experience, Anita became acquainted with the vampire Jean-Claude, St. Louis' Master of the City. Jean-Claude quickly became obsessed with Anita, trying to seduce her in every way possible. Anita was extremely frustrated by his advances, even though he once saved her life by giving her the first vampire mark. This mark was the first step in making Anita Jean-Claude's human servant, thus making it a double-edged sword for Anita.

Eventually Anita discovers that she is no mere animator but a necromancer. Once killed-upon-sight by vampires, necromancers are said to have control over nearly all forms of the undead.


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