Fandom Axis Powers Hetalia
Gender Male
Date of Birth July 4, 1776
Age about 230
Aliases Alfred F. Jones, USA
Place of Birth Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Occupation country
Known Relatives England (…brother/father/thing), France (uh idek), Canada (brother)
Significant Other none
Known Abilities super strength, awesomeness
First Appearance This Title Claimed in the Name of the Queen



America looks young because he is, though not quite as young as most would expect. He's got blond hair and blue eyes, along with half-wireframe glasses (Texas) that have never prevented him from flying a plane, as is evidenced by his favorite bomber jacket that he wears just about anywhere he can get away with it (there's a 50 on the back; three guesses as to why). In meetings he prefers to be as casual as he can get away with, often in just a business shirt, tie, and slacks, but normally he can be found in a T-shirt and jeans. He likes bright, primary colors best.


America is loud, outgoing, often oblivious, and has a definite hero complex. In short, he's like a giant stereotype of America, as he reflects the country as a whole. A fun guy to be around in short doses, he does tend to grow annoying if you're around him too much. This isn't something he's usually aware of, though, and thus he can be--tiring. But he really does mean well, even if he doesn't always go about things properly.

Always wanting to be the one in charge, America is quick to use his considerable strength to get his way, leading meetings, military excursions, and anything he's allowed to take control of. He, as far as he is concerned, is awesome, and everyone else should think so, too. He tends to think his way is the only right way, and so his meddling in the affairs of others can make things worse and often give him new enemies. Right now, though, as the only remaining superpower, he's quite on top of the world, and thinks himself rather invincible.

He loves technology (especially from Japan), hamburgers, and awesome planes, and he has a tendency to be a bit out there at times, conversing with aliens while simultaneously denying the existence of fairies and unicorns. But, if you can get used to him, you might like him. Maybe.


America is a nation, and as such is very difficult to kill--impossible by conventional means, really, although as he spends time in Dollsy this ability will fade until he can be killed as a normal person would (and, regardless, he can be injured/knocked out like a regular person). As the most powerful nation currently in the world, he has superhuman strength, being capable of dragging around cars for hours and swinging around buffalos like ragdolls. He's also got a lot of experience fighting in comparison to a normal person, and always carries a gun or two, plus ammunition.

He can also stomach just about anything, as a result of growing up with England's terrible cooking.


America is terrified of the supernatural, and while he may actually have some sort of inclination toward it, being raised by England, this really only serves to make him more vulnerable to them. He prefers to deny their existence entirely, and just doesn't know how to deal with them. His forceful personality can also get him into trouble; thinking he's invincible hasn't really won him many friends.


America is absolutely terrified of ghosts and the supernatural--he loses all sense of restraint and dignity and goes running for the nearest person to cling to when he sees one, or even when he simply sees a horror movie. He also fears losing as much as he hates it, especially when it comes to losing his status as a world power. He doesn't like being alone, either, although he can usually prevent that simply by forcing his way into relationships.


America is a nation, and so his history is roughly that of the actual nation of the United States. He began as a colony of England's, popping into existance in time to be fought over and eventually won by England (he felt bad for England, and so chose him over France). He adored England as a child, but as England was rather busy being an empire and taking over things and ruling them, he didn't get to see England much. As a result, he spent a lot of his childhood alone or with his brother Canada. He wanted nothing more than to be as strong as England, but as he did eventually grow stronger, England only tightened his control over the colony.

Fed up with the treatment, America declared independence in 1776. England was having none of this, and so began the American revolutionary war. America did win this, although it was a hard-won battle, and America was free to be his own country. He grew quickly, using manifest destiny as an excuse to kick the Native Americans out of their land grow his way across the continent, wanting to make it clear to the Pacific Ocean. However, during this time, the conflict between slave and free states reached its boiling point, and the American civil war started. This was a very bloody time in American history, but eventually the union one out over the confederacy and America was united again.

Once America did finish expanding to the Pacific Ocean he turned towards industrialization, and so the industrial revolution began. This, unfortunately, went a little too well for America, and he was soon producing more than anyone could buy. This led to the stock market crash and the great depression, which he wouldn't be lifted out of until World War I. He was late to get into this war, being in one of his isolationist moods and preferring to let Europe deal with its own issues, but when the Zimmerman Telegram and the sinking of the RMS Lusitania occurred he did get involved, galloping to the rescue and being a hero, as he was wont to do.

He was late to get into World War II as well, but when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor he was quick to join in (of course, as there was a lot of support from the citizens of America even before that, he had been hopping about impatiently to get involved even before this). He helped the Allies defeat Germany and then dealt with Japan in what is still debated over as to whether it was really necessary: two atomic bombs. Still, it was what a hero had to do, as far as he was concerned.

After that, America found a new thing to be a hero over: communism. This led him into conflict with the only remaining superpower aside from himself: Russia, currently the USSR. He and Russia didn't so much fight directly as they went and fought each other through other, smaller countries, hence this time period being known as a cold war. Eventually America outlasted Russia, who, due to issues within the Soviet Union, crumbled. America stood as the only superpower, and is to the present day. He's currently involving himself in the middle east, looking for terrorists after the events of 9/11 made him paranoid. He underwent a period of really being hated by the world, but he has a new boss now and--well, he's always optimistic, but he's more optimistic than usual.


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  • America is friends with an alien and a whale!
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